North Sea Water in My Veins: The Pre-Christian Spirituality of the Low Countries : Almqvist, Imelda By

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So grateful to find this book. I was curious about my ancestors and their beliefs, and this book opened my eyes to such rich culture and heritage. Thank you!

I am a heathen witch of Friesian heritage and I have been looking for a book like this for years. It is easy to read and full of information. Although I have studied Norse myths and Anglo Saxon magic, the information this book fills in so many of the gaps. Thank you so much Imelda Almqvist for writing this book!! Nothing to dislike, it took my breath away upon first reading a bit of it. So much so I ordered a copy for a friend of mine. The knowledge and the way this book makes you feel is astounding. Thank you Imelda for your book, your inspiration and your engaging form of writing. I recommend this book highly to anyone interested in pre Christian spirituality in general, of the low lands in principle. One not to miss. While some of the deities and spirits will be familiar to you, many will not be. Some spirits mentioned are tied to a specific area, season or a natural feature such as a river or mountain. The sheer number of spirits held in this book’s pages, reflects the Low Countries’ positioning between Britain, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, as well as all the many tribes and cultures who made the area their home. If you are excited by spiritual traditions you’ll love it and it may even set you on your own quest to discover !

North Sea Water in My Veins is a quest for the reconstruction of an indigenous or native spirituality of the Low Countries and covers pre Christian material from the Netherlands, Belgium and the region just across the German border. Seeking out and documenting ancient gods and goddesses, practices and traditions, this book asks the question: is there enough material for such a reconstruction? The conclusion is a resounding yes! North Sea Water in My Veins: The Pre-Christian Spirituality of the Low Countries : Almqvist, Imelda