Noche de amor con el jeque By Lucy Monroe

Angele ansiaba consumar su relación con el príncipe heredero Zahir tras casarse con él. Inocentemente, anhelaba que su prometido la esperara, como ella lo esperaba a él. Pero unas comprometedoras fotografías sacadas por unos paparazis acabaron con sus sueños de juventud. Angele no estaba dispuesta a convertirse en la mujer de Zahir por obligación, ni someterse a un matrimonio sin amor. Romper…pero no sin imponer una condición. Noche de amor con el jeque

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3 ⭐⭐⭐ - OK decent reads.
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But that had been before today, when she’d received a packet of pictures of Zahir in the mail.

The next photo showed Zahir kissing the same busty blonde, though this time she was wearing a tiny bikini as they lounged beside a private pool.

Zahir did not think this woman was a child. No, Elsa Bosch was everything a man was looking for in a lover. Extravagantly beautiful, voluptuous, experienced. Angele winced at her own assessment, knowing she was none of those things.

She’d been waiting ten years. Ten years. A decade in which she’d never dated, not even attending her high-school prom because she’d considered herself taken. She’d had male friends in college, but none that she’d allowed to see her as anything but a study-buddy.

Unlike her own father, Zahir had been discreet in his relationship with Elsa Bosch. But the fact was: he’d had one.

These photos showed a great deal of skin, but even more passion. And happiness. Zahir’s happiness.

“I will not lie. Our association was measured in years, not days.”

To watch Zahir find joy in the arms of other women as her father had done over and over again? Angele wasn’t about to go that route.

He had foolishly allowed his emotions to get involved. So, when he’d discovered he was not her only lover, he had been hurt. And he was still angry with himself for being that vulnerable.

“You are telling me…that you loved her.”

“It does not matter. Ms. Bosch and I are finished.” “But you loved her, didn’t you?” “That is not something I’m ever going to discuss with you.”

Of course, Elsa would not have been untouched when Zahir began seeing her; his former mistress would have had liaisons with other men.

“And I am not the one regretting that choice.” “You would be if Elsa hadn’t slept around. You’d be wishing you could marry her right now.”

“I misjudged the character of two important women in my life.”

“There was a time when you were nothing but pleased to be my intended.” “It’s going to sound trite, but I grew up.”

Angele saw no evidence that Zahir’s feelings toward her had grown romantically. She didn’t consider his courtship in that light. It was a politically expedient tactic that might be working, but wasn’t fooling her where it counted.
Noche de amor con el jeque It all basically boils down to this: do I believe that the H really loves the h? Not so much. He was a cold fish, and no matter how much the h is supposedly a grownup, I was embarrassed, and I mean really EMBARRASSED for her for the pathetic mental gymnastics she did to convince herself that the H had loved her all along. Noche de amor con el jeque For Duty's Sake was a well done HP. We finally get Zahir the Crown Prince story.
Angele and Zahir have been arranged to be married by royal contract since she was 13 but Zahir has never made any move to formalize it or even get engaged. Angele grew up in USA, because her mother could no longer handle her husband's philandering. Angele when she learnt the truth decided that she didn't want to live a life like her mother's so when she receives a letter with pictures of Zahir with another woman she decided to do just that.
She goes to Amir and Grace's(previous book) wedding but refuses to become a part of it and she point-blank tells Zahir that she knows of his past relationship and even when he says its over, she tells him that she doesn't want him compelled by duty to marry him and asks him for a wedding night. Zahir in his arrogance believes that Angele being a virgin is just afraid whether they would be compatible and once he proves it will let go off that idea. But Angele sticks to her guns and makes a quick exit to US(defying everyone). Zahir is livid really. I liked Angele, she loved Zahir since she was a teenager and she did try and let him go.

Zahir was arrogant and raised to be a king. He never had the luxury of choice and he never promised Angele anything, in his mind she was that 13 year old and that young 18 year old later, to try anything with her would have been wrong so what he did was not really wrong. The book was a nice Monroe.
And I liked her for laying down conditions of marriage.
Enjoyable. Noche de amor con el jeque Not up to Lucy Monroe's usual standards.

Several unresolved issues: the heroine's parents' relationship for one as well as a pretty abrupt ending.

Nice twist where the heroine actually admits she loves the H while still maintaining her dignity. She did the same with One Night Heir to better affect. Noche de amor con el jeque Doesn't matter if it's a royal contract, if you are engaged, for gods sake stay celibate! Noche de amor con el jeque


I don't read too many Harlequin romance novels, but every once in awhile the mood strikes. I was in such a mood when I decided to pick this one up. 'For Duty's Sake' did not disappoint. It was exactly what I needed to put a smile on my face.

The story centers on Angele, a young lady expected to marry the Crown Prince Zahir. Raised in the United States, Angele has become accustomed to living independently. However, she saves herself for the man that she will one day wed.

In fact, Angele looks forward to being Zahir's wife, even if the arrangement between their families was made when she was merely a girl. She has loved him from a distance, only interacting with him briefly on the rare social events that bring their families together. Zahir is an honorable man and she is anxiously waiting for the day when he will make their engagement official.

However, as the years pass without a proposal from Zahir, Angele begins to realize that he may not feel the same for her. More than anything, she does not want to live in a loveless marriage. She has experienced the disappointment and heartbreak of her parents' marriage, as a result of her father's philandering ways. She refuses to end up like her mother, tied to a man that flaunts his numerous affairs.

That is one of the primary reasons why she finds Zahir so attractive. He is known for his integrity and convictions. Angele could not imagine that Zahir would ever be the kind of man to dishonor his wife with adulterous affairs.

When Angele receives a package with photos of Zahir and a beautiful German actress, she is shocked. It is clear that the two know each other intimately. More upsetting, is the realization that he has never once looked at her the way that he is looking at the other woman.

Not wanting to create a scandal, Angele pays the price that the blackmailer demands. Regardless of her anger, she does not want Zahir and his family to suffer the effects of the scandal that would surely follow if the photos were made public. Her heart is broken and her dreams shattered.

Angele knows that she cannot marry Zahir now. Although they were never officially engaged, the agreement between their families had been in place for years and it was mutually understood that they would marry. She is resolved to break the contract, but she is unwilling to let go of her dream entirely.

After spending years fantasizing about making love to Zahir, Angele knows that her life will lead her elsewhere. She is determined to set him free, refusing to trap him in an unhappy arranged marriage. She requests just one night with Zahir, so she can experience what she had denied herself for so many years.

After a very passionate night together, Angele plans to leave Zahir behind. He, on the other hand, has other plans. Zahir has no intention of letting Angele go. What she viewed as a beautiful parting gift, he assumed would be the first of many nights between him and his soon-to-be wife.

Like most Harlequin romances, this book moved pretty quickly and everything tied up nicely at the end. It was a short, satisfying read. Despite the fast-pace of the story, I felt a strong connection to the characters and the storyline. It was predictable, but I loved it anyway. This was just the type of straightforward, feel-good romance that I needed.

Check out more of my reviews at Noche de amor con el jeque Angele and Zahir were promised to be married from the time she was 13. At 18 she decided she was an adult and tried to kiss Zahir, but he didn't want anything to do with her while she was still a kid. At 23, her world is shattered. Zahir's picture was printed in a gossip rag with his mistress Elsa. Angele always thought he was such an honorable man and was waiting for her. Add to that, a mass of pictures showed up for her showing him with Elsa, he's happy and the time frame is years. The pictures were blackmail and Angele agreed to pay it.

A few years before she'd found out that her father was a serial cheater, and that's why her parents didn't live together. She was shattered and moved out and refused to have any contact with her father. When that happened she decided she would never live her mother's life. Married to a man who cheated on her but staying together because of duty. So now she knows how Zahir is, she's decided to break the not real engagement. Zahir can be happy and marry who he wants to, not the person he was forced to marry.

Zahir is an anti-emotional dip. He lies a lot by telling half truths. There's no love in him for Angele, merely an ability to trust her with all his secrets. He has a secret sexual tendency to like tying his women up during sex. He's never been able to do it before because as Crown Prince, he couldn't have any scandal attached to his name. But Angele will never tell anyone. That's what he sees in her.

I was really impressed with Angele. She loved Zahir even though she didn't know anything really about him. But she wanted him to be happy and she tried her best to make sure he got it. Meanwhile she stuck up for herself. Unfortunately after she swears off Zahir, and he does nothing truly caring to get her back, she winds up pregnant and now has to marry him.

The two are together for duty's sake, just like the title says, and she'll convince herself that he loves her, and he'll be happy that she does everything he wants. He's got a woman who he trusts to never tell his secrets, and she can delude herself into thinking that he really loves her. And the book ends.

The writing style was good, I usually love most Lucy Monroe books. But this was a mess. I needed something to believe in with this book and I didn't get that.

Every time I try to read this book again I just find more and more things that point to the lack of love. Noche de amor con el jeque Liked this book for most parts but the ending could have been so much better.
**.With spoilers**And that epilogue is kinda lame and serves no purpose - instead of putting away the spectre of the blackmail pictures, the epilogue brings the pictures right back in.

I have no issues with either mc.
I buy the claim that the H didn’t really cheat. An engagement contract drawn up when she’s 13 and he’s 24! How can it be realistically expected that the guy will remain celibate till the wedding? So he thinks himself in love with one of his long term lovers - he’s human. He does end it and intends to marry the h ultimately.
Yes, he doesn’t push for the wedding but then neither does anyone else in either family. As I see a typical arranged marriage, it's the families that decide when it's time to move along things and put out formal announcements and decide the wedding date, and not up to the engaged couple unless they have fallen in love and push for a wedding date. He continues seeing her as a child and treats her with respect and formality. Consciously or otherwise, he keeps a distance. So he’s enjoying his freedom while she’s pining away. And as that’s the crux of the story and the angst creator, I’m not fussing.

I like the h - she’s strong and calm. To be in love with someone who doesn’t return your feelings but knows about yours and probably pities you? That sounds terrible. But she’s open and unapologetic about it and doesn’t let him take advantage of her feelings and that makes her admirable imo. She walks away from the engagement (much against his wishes) when she realizes that he’d probably never love her and she didn’t want a marriage like her parents where her father serially cheated and shamed her mother. But not before she gets a 'wedding night' out of him - enough of the virginity!

She gives in - gracefully- only when she realizes she’s pregnant. So the engagement is back on. He does a correct but emotionless wooing and she’s equally cool in her response.
I liked the story till here.

The problem thereon? He remains distant and unemotional. He leaves the development or even the (reluctant) revelation of his feelings too late. He should have been writhing and frothing with his feelings to make me happy but he’s one 'cool shake'.
The ending is botched up with too long a conversation with the ow and then she’s not diminished effectively or satisfyingly. Even when she tells the h that 'he was always yours'. Dramatic but huh? Lady, did he ever get that memo?
And did he just call the ow Aziz? Now? In front of the h? And the h feels so special every time he calls her that! In a sarcastic way or not but I think the author slipped here.
And the h’s abiding love and understanding begins to grate now. Guys, some fireworks are okay. Few measly tears won't do.
I won't even begin on the cultural bloopers.

Could have been a 4 but is a 3.15* overall. Noche de amor con el jeque Hero was a pig. I hated him and I couldn't get over it. I felt the h's pain when she found out. It was awful. Noche de amor con el jeque

An all time favourite, one that I've read half a dozen times. Angele, the h, is a woman after my heart.
Noche de amor con el jeque