New Lies (The Survivors Book Sixteen) By Nathan Hystad

Another home run

This has been one of the most engrossing set of books to date . The characters jump out of the pages as well as the different worlds with their very different inhabitants. You can’t go wrong if you are a lover of space novels! New Lies (The Survivors Book Sixteen) Are all lies bad?

What a great book and enjoyed the plotting. It was great to see the different story lines with Jules, Dean and Magnus in one problem while Dean and Sergio go after finding Regnig. New Lies (The Survivors Book Sixteen) New Lies

Loved every minute can't wait for the next book. These books keeps you wanting more and are so interesting, thanks. New Lies (The Survivors Book Sixteen) New starships with the latest tech were being built and a new training center is turning out crew to fly them. The new vessels were warships to defend the Alliance from enemies foreign and domestic. On the maiden voyage of the first ship off the line, with Jules on command, the first wormhole generated opened in the wrong place and it was a trap! Jules and crew barely escaped, but one visitor from the Alliance's newest member was captured.

With the usual mayhem, Dean Parker is caught in a web of misfortune with nothing less than the Alliance at risk! The usual fantastic characters weave their way through traps, fights, near death and battles. The storyline is as twisty and amazing as ever, telling the tales of the Survivors. I love this series! I love the characters! I love the ongoing story! This is a great read! New Lies (The Survivors Book Sixteen)



New Lies (The Survivors Book Sixteen)