New Beginnings (Vet Volunteers, #13) By Laurie Halse Anderson

See the first book in the series for a full review. Laurie Halse Anderson I'm not so sure It was amazing fits, but I really loved this book and love is above like so must be more than four stars. now the big question; do I shelve this in my personal library or pass it along to another reader?

New Beginnings happen throughout the book for the humans and many of the animal characters. Jules is nervous and shy around people; she's much more comfortable around animals. Her twin brother, on the other hand, makes friends easily. Throughout the story life in the Darrow's new town seems bleak for Jules. However, her love for her new bunny helps everyone enjoy some high kicks. Cuddles, aka Chewie, reminds me of our house rabbits.

A few great things about this book. We learn about bunny care, feeding newborn kittens, keeping streams clean, and much more. Good lessons are learned throughout this story for humans, animals, and the environment.

My one sticking point (And I have this difficulty when authors choose to use real places in their stories), the Darrows move from Pittsburgh across the state to Ambler. The way Ambler is described in the book it sounds like a small town. In fact, Ambler is 16 miles from Philadelphia and well populated; not rural at all. It's one of the busiest train stations along the SEPTA R5 route. The local businesses are mostly family run so that is accurate. Two streams run through town: one goes through a neighborhood the other goes through Ambler Borough Park. Both dump into Wissahickon Creek which is wooded and many people go there to run or hike or bike. I'm thinking they are cleaning up the stream that goes through the park. I am certain there is more that one Maggie in the Wissahickon School District.

Other than that one sticking point-which is specific to my reading style-I loved this book. It was a good read! The main characters are 12 years old so I would say this is an easy read for adults and young adults, a fun read for tweens, and maybe challenging for young readers. Laurie Halse Anderson Laurie Halse Anderson's name on the front made me pick up this title, and I wasn't disappointed. It's very well written for an entry in a middle grade series for animal lovers, and I will recommend the series to those who have grown out of the Puppy Place and Kitty Corner books. Laurie Halse Anderson


An all-new, original book featuring two new Vet Volunteers!

Meet Jules and Josh, the new twins in town! While Josh adapts quickly to Ambler, Jules accidentally makes an enemy of Maggie. Hoping a pet will help her feel better, Jules adopts the class rabbit, Chewie, but things go downhill when there are complications with Chewie's spay surgery. With Dr. Mac out on a call, it's up to Jules to work with Maggie to help the rabbit - and maybe even prove that she and Josh are worthy of becoming Vet Volunteers.

This brand-new book in the beloved Vet Volunteers series brings all the kids together for another exciting animal adventure! New Beginnings (Vet Volunteers, #13)

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