Never Have I Ever Dated the Bad Boy (Never Ever Love, #3) By Juliet Bardsley

“Friendship is about balance.”

“It’s okay to not be perfect all the time. Maybe step out of your comfort zone.”

“Motorcycle, musician, and you quote Shakespeare? It seems the world’s wrong about you, Liam Harwick.” I shrugged.
“Bad boy of many talents.”

“It’s not what we do that we regret, it’s what we don’t do.”

Another cute, sweet, short book in the Never Ever Love series. Good girl meets the bad boy. Both Liam and Paige have their own reputations at school, but does their reputations really show who they are? 4.75 stars. Juliet Bardsley This is the fastest, deep filled, romance entwined book I've read in a while. Yes it was short. Yet in the story you had a boy, with a bad boy persona who left a school to take care of his dying father. He meets a girl who's perfect in every way her family wants. He gives her, her power back to be able to take her life planned out for her back. The last ingredient is the love that he does it with. It's a high school book but it was so much more. I really enjoyed it. Juliet Bardsley This novel had all the feels!

This novel is another triumph by Juliet Bardsley, and I had my reservations about this novel because controlling parents are sometimes a lot for me to handle (one of my big triggers in books), but this novel was perfect! I loved the transformations of all the characters, bad boy to standup gentleman, good girl finding herself, controlling parent seeing the error of their ways, etc. I seriously loved this book, and dare I say it, this novel is my favorite of the Never Ever Love series! Juliet Bardsley G-rated, YA, multicultural romance. Juliet Bardsley Never have I ever....

>>>It’s just a few spoilers in this review; not many... I don’t think 🤔 ****<<<

Well, this book was a short and fast read, which I kind of like though. I read this in one day.... it still was good; it sucked that Liam ost both his parents from the same thing... but at least Liam had Paige there to get him through everything. Plus, her father accepting him and realizing he’s not the bad boy that everybody (students and teachers) think he is.... plus explaining to her father about what happened freshman year was also a plus in his and Paige relationship...

If it wasn’t for Liam I swear Paige would’ve let her father control everything about her life... if she didn’t learn to put her foot down and go for what she actually wants.... a lot of times in books and even real-life kids have to go for what They want and stop trying to please their parents because you wouldn’t be happy if you don’t follow your dreams. Especially if you got controlling parents; sheesh but at least her father wasn’t that bad, and he understood his behavior after the concert... & apologize.. the Shelly chick wanted to see Paige, but the joke was on her because in the end she still ended up with Liam... I hope that Paige best friend (Michaela) end up with a book next that would be awesome..... Juliet Bardsley


Read Never Have I Ever Dated the Bad Boy (Never Ever Love, #3)

How can the wrong guy be so right?

Paige Locklear has prided herself on her perfection: first chair violinist, straight A student, well-behaved daughter of Cedar Oaks High's principal. The last thing she needs at the end of her senior year is to get distracted. Enter Liam Harwick.

For his entire life, Liam's been known as Cedar Oaks' resident bad boy. Rumor has it he's been kicked out of more schools than he can count and has a penchant for all things mischief. But when he meets Paige Locklear, a different, sweeter side of Liam is exposed. But can others see past his reputation?

Paige and Liam couldn't be any different; the good girl isn't supposed to fall for the bad boy. But you know what they say about opposites attracting ...

This is book 3 in the Never Ever Love series by Juliet Bardsley. Each book in the series is short (novella-length), sweet, swoon-worthy, and can be read in any order! Never Have I Ever Dated the Bad Boy (Never Ever Love, #3)

Cute! Juliet Bardsley Simple love story

Simple teenage love story. Clean and fairly straightforward. Very short and quite uneventful. Glad I am reading it for “free” as a part of kindle unlimited membership as not a page turner. It is the third in the series but none of the books really connect, they are simply all independent stories that all take place at the same high school. Juliet Bardsley I received a free copy of this book however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
This is the third book in the series, however it is completely stand alone (although the series is so great why wouldn't you want to read the first two?!), and again features on the teenage angst of high schoolers. This time it's the turn of the principals daughter and the resident 'bad boy' - or is he? Guess you'll have to read to find out - yes I really am that mean! 😉 Juliet Bardsley Amazing, better than the last book. My favourite of the series!
I may have said that of the last book but oh well, why are these books so good! 😍

It’s the good girl meets the bad boy. Or are they what they seem to be?
I loved the perfect girl, Paige and bad boy, Liam. Both have their reputations at school, but what if they aren’t as they appear underneath it all?
You’ll love these two just as I did
I don’t want to give anything away, but you won’t regret picking this book up!

This series really has helped me feel so much better when I need it most, so if you need a good laugh and a few romantic and fluffiness to brighten your day, this is the series for you! Easily read it in less than 2 hours!

Highly recommend it! Juliet Bardsley I really enjoyed Paige & Liam's story. This was a newer author to me. Good characters. Very enjoyable read. I'm voluntarily leaving an honest review for a cop-y of the book via booksprout. Juliet Bardsley