Never: A Novel By Ken Follett


The new must read epic from master storyteller Ken Follett: than a thriller, its an action packed, globe spanning drama set in the present day.

A compelling story, and only too realistic. Lawrence H. Summers, former U.S. Treasury Secretary

Every catastrophe begins with a little problem that doesnt get fixed. So says Pauline Green, president of the United States, in Folletts nerve racking drama of international tension.

A shrinking oasis in the Sahara Desert; a stolen US Army drone; an uninhabited Japanese island; and one countrys secret stash of deadly chemical poisons: all these play roles in a relentlessly escalating crisis.

Struggling to prevent the outbreak of world war are a young woman intelligence officer; a spy working undercover with jihadists; a brilliant Chinese spymaster; and Pauline herself, beleaguered by a populist rival for the next president election.

Never is an extraordinary novel, full of heroines and villains, false prophets and elite warriors, jaded politicians and opportunistic revolutionaries. It brims with cautionary wisdom for our times, and a delivers a visceral, heart pounding read that transports readers to the brink of the unimaginable. Never: A Novel

Ken Follett ç 5 review

Like many of us, Follett has a scenario in his head which doesn't bode well for the future of the human race. I'm a fifties child and grew up during the Cold War, I recall the 'One in Five' talks given at my grammar school about how to survive a nuclear bomb. Well, things have moved on a bit over sixty years and I admire the author's nerve in taking on such a huge task. I don't have any objection to the (slightly feeble) love stories but I did get fed up with the descriptions of what people were wearing editors please note that apart from Abdul's boots this was mostly irrelevant padding. The strength of this book is in the dialogue between China, North and South Korea and the USA and including the factual descriptions of just what nuclear war will do. This reminds me of Nevill Shute's 'On the Beach' only very up to date and much much worse. And horribly real. A very good read. Never: A Novel I was really enjoying the and worried about it ending soon, as I'd already been reading for ages and was thrilled, when I checked, to see that I was only 39% of the way through. So it’s a good long read! And when I finished the book, I was so dismayed that I seriously considered going back to the beginning and starting all over the again.It's essentially how the world could come to full scale nuclear war – all in incremental stages, which at the beginning are so small as to make it seem impossible that that's where it started. The book is highly credible, offers a great (and apparently very authentic) sense of place – in fact several places, as the majority of the action is set in China and West & North Africa (I have lived in Africa). As a result, there are interesting insights into those places' cultures and regimes, which also seem very authentic.The writing is fluent, the story credible. And although Follet is, let's face it, an older writer, he doesn't fall into the common trap of writing one dimension characters or handling female characters in a certain way. I genuinely loved it, and this was my first Follett. Never: A Novel I have read tens of Ken Follet novels and was very excited by the prospect of this new book. I read it quickly as I was quite taken by the subject. But after turning the last page, I felt disappointed. Without giving up any spoil, i find the book has a weak structure and is not very credible. It starts in Africa but the link between the African migrant crisis and the final conflict is not clear at all. We spend maybe a third of the beginning of the book in Africa with interesting caracters and developments and then the rest of the book has no connection to the African beginning and goes to Korea, China and the US ! this makes no sense. Then the US/China/Korea story is not really convincing. Retaliating or escalating is the key dilemna but the balance between the 2 is not well laid out. As the book comes to its end, the credibility vanishes and the reader feals cheated. Never: A Novel

The four main characters are perfect and ,therefore ,predictable which turns the book into a “gum chewing” read.I found myself skipping passages as I knew the outcome …eg “super woman” USA president has errant husband ,typical teenage daughter posing all the well churned nuclear questions…West Wing characters without the slick dialogue. Basically the main plot hypothesises how two world powers, USA and China might slide towards nuclear war.I found it incredible that this subject was dealt with ,even on a fictional basis, without the mention of U.K./Europe and only minor references to Russia…bizarre! There is ,what can only be described as a “ side story”, that has no links and little relevance to the main thread.I’m not even sure if it’s ended or will there be a follow up …which I won’t read.Quality and content not even close to Pillars of the Earth etc. Never: A Novel This was my first book by this fairly famous author, and I gotta say, he spins a real good yarn. If only he had left out the generous sprinkling of Woke isms. I reduced one star due to that. That is generous. I likely should have trimmed two stars. Let me illustrate. I'll Never: A Novel After reading all Ken Follet's novels I was rather disappointed in this book. Too many of the characters are poorly drawn especially most of the female characters. Too many superficial national stereotypes are included. All second in commands are invariably right and their superiors portrayed as stupid. Even the principal Chinese character is married to an actress mirroring the current Chinese President and his singer wife. Several loose ends suggest a forthcoming sequel lets hope for better. Never: A Novel No podía ser más actual el tema, Never: A Novel pero lo leí de tapa a tapa con avidez. Tiene ratos en los que no avanza o el lector se pierde. Definitivamente hay paja, el autor podría haber quitado, facilmente 200 páginas que no contribuyen ^para nada^ a la historia; se descarrila con las historias románticas Never: A Novel