Neuronal Dynamics: From Single Neurons to Networks and Models of Cognition By Wulfram Gerstner

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What happens in our brain when we make a decision? What triggers a neuron to send out a signal? What is the neural code? This textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students provides a thorough and up to date introduction to the fields of computational and theoretical neuroscience. It covers classical topics, including the Hodgkin Huxley equations and Hopfield model, as well as modern developments in the field such as generalized linear models and decision theory. Concepts are introduced using clear step by step explanations suitable for readers with only a basic knowledge of differential equations and probabilities, and are richly illustrated by figures and worked out examples. End of chapter summaries and classroom tested exercises make the book ideal for courses or for self study. The authors also give pointers to the literature and an extensive bibliography, which will prove invaluable to readers interested in further study. Neuronal Dynamics: From Single Neurons to Networks and Models of Cognition

Really well explained and covers a lot of ground, this book feels like it is a must have. Wulfram Gerstner The book accompanies the MOOC Neural Dynamics, which is an excellent course in itself.Even though the book is available online for free on the neuronal dynamics website, I decided to buy it anyway and I didn't regret the purchase. It is not an undergraduate text, as advertised.As far as prerequisites go, you may need to brush up on your differential equations and your signal and systems theory. The accompanying Python code and additional pen and paper exercises make this book suitable for self study. Wulfram Gerstner Loving this book already, great insight. Was well packaged from seller and was promptly delivery A++ Wulfram Gerstner This textbook by Wulfram Gerstner and others is a wonderful introduction to neuroscience. The book is divided into four parts: foundations of neuronal dynamics, generalized integrate and fire models, networks of neurons and population activity and dynamics of cognition. There are 20 chapters in all. The text is very lucid. There are many diagrams. Examples and advanced mathematics are explained in lightly shaded boxes. Each chapter ends with a summary and exercises. Wulfram Gerstner Es un libro de referencia para aquellos interesados en la neurociencia y en el modelado neuronal. Es muy fácil de seguir y, además, los autores ofrecen videos (accesibles libremente) con explicaciones de conceptos del libro. Wulfram Gerstner