Neo Tarot: A fresh approach to self-care, healing & empowerment By Jerico Mandybur


Buy Neo Tarot: A fresh approach to self-care, healing & empowerment 1 by Jerico Mandybur (ISBN: 9781784882372) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Neo Tarot: A fresh approach to self-care, healing & empowerment


Lindo e profundo. Um tarot artístico. Com trabalho estético abstrato. Não é um tarot para quem está iniciando. Uma variação para quem já domina a leitura e que vai demandar mais estudos, profundos e complexos. Jerico Mandybur A fantastic deck and book. Beautiful, insightful and inclusive. Each card has a self care recommendation in the full color book. My only qualm is that the book is attached to the box. Jerico Mandybur This deck is so underrated and it's the only deck in my collection I can say I wish people had. The book! There is advice and self care recommendations for each card. Lots of helpful info here. Jerico Mandybur Overall, quite a nice investment and an eye catching display for the shelves. I like the minimalist yet mystique design of the packaging, the cards and the book. Although I do find that the cards are quite big for my hands so I struggle quite a lot while shuffling them. Jerico Mandybur Gorgeous & modern deck! Absolutely love it. Only wish the book was not attached to the box set, was able to detach it though doing so slightly damaged the backcover Jerico Mandybur

I love this deck, it is fresh and modern. The card stock is a little stiff which makes riffle shuffling difficult, it will take some time to break them in I love the illustrations and the book is beautifully written and offers a new perspective in using the tarot for Jerico Mandybur I was drawn to the images of these cards but was hesitant about placing an order because of the negative feedback about the book being fixed to the box. I eventually decided to give it a try regardless and I’m so pleased to report that the book is ok longer stuck down….I Jerico Mandybur Love it! Guide book is amazing! Cards are beautiful 😍 Jerico Mandybur bought as a gift for a friend, now want to buy one for myself! it's such a lovely tarot deck and book, and the new ways to interpret the readings are refreshing. Jerico Mandybur hi, I am new to tarot reading and I watched few videos on youtube to see which ones where best to buy for beginners and this deck was recommended a lot, and to be honest I am not shocked. this deck is amazing, I am in love with it, the book is really easy to understand!!! Jerico Mandybur