Naughty or Nice By Alexa Riley

Alexa Riley É 2 Read

Claudia Chambers has gotten herself into a situation she can’t get out of. Her brother is mixed up in the local mafia and now she’s indebted to the town gangster. One day when the big boss shows up on her doorstep and tells her she’s the incentive for his new client, she knows she has no choice.

Brian Carter trusts his instincts, and the day he sees Claudia he knows that she’s the one. When he realizes she’s caught up in something too dark for her innocent soul, it’s time for him to come in and protect what’s his.

Warning: This steamy Christmas treat will have you wondering what side you want more… Naughty or nice? Get festive and heat up your house with this hot little read. Naughty or Nice

It was ok. Safe read! Epilogue with 4 kids. Hero had a Vasectomy. I didn’t like that lol English She's LIVE!!

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English Another hit from Alexa Riley. A great Christmas read with no ow/om drama.

-no cheating
-no ow/om drama
-no violence of a sexual nature
-virgin heroine and long celibate hero
-great epilogue English Safe and christmassy.
The story of Brian and Claudia started in book 'Hungry For More' by Alexa Riley, i.e. the day before Thanksgiving :)

There’s a throb in my chest and for a moment it feels like something just happened—something big. Who was that woman and what has she done to me?

English Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone Novella
POV: First Person - Dual

Claudia Chambers knew she had no way out when her brother used her as a favor in order to climb up the rank. She was expecting someone sleazy but Brian Carter was anything but, and he turned out to be more than a “job”.

I was looking for a short Christmas read in between the Holidays. This book was short but unfortunately it was lacking the Christmas spirit I was looking for. I also didn’t feel much connection with either the characters. This could possibly be due to the hero previously appeared in another book and I haven’t read that one.

A deep, dark desire I’d never felt before sparked inside of me and it’s getting worse. My mind is coming up with dirty things he could do to me and how he could use me for his pleasure.

What I like about this one is that it wasn’t so sweet. The heroine was a virgin (or course lol!) but she wasn’t totally innocent.

Naughty or Nice would appeal to readers looking for a short sexy story in time for the Holidays.

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Claudia is forced, err asked to do a favor for her older brother and meets Brian at this time. Brian is instantly intrigued and curious about her, yet her attitude is one of no trespassing. Doing what he needs to in order to have contact with her, not realizing the position that points her in, he informs the head guy, the one who controls her brother who in turn has too much power over her, he'll only deal with Claudia.

As the bad guy has a lot riding on the project with Brian's company going through, he informs Claudia she will do whatever she needs to to ensure that happens. Claudia knows she should be insulted, but there's a pull to Brian, one she's never experienced before and she hopes he can be trusted.

While Brian and Claudia get to know each other, and the former is already planning their HEA, it becomes clear to him just how dangerous some people are in her life and begins taking steps to keep her safe.

Can Brian save Claudia from the life she's been forced into after losing her beloved grandmother? How far will her brother go to get what he wants and to please his boss? What does that boss have in mind for Claudia? Will Brian and Claudia get their forever?

One-click now and follow along as two people meet and must forge their own path toward a HEA. On a side note, I look forward to the story on Lars that will be told by Abby Knox.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.** English I've been waiting for Brian's story since I finished Hungry For More. Finally, I read it.

The story is about Brian and Claudia.

He's Sage's brother and Jensen's best friend and business partner from Hungry For More.

The day before Thanksgiving, he's supposed to meet and give the building plan to Aaron Slate. Instead, he met her. It was love at first sight but she tried to fight it.

Her brother's the right-hand man of Aaron Slate and they're not good people. He doesn't even care about her. They told her to agree to whatever Brian wants or they'll do something to the animal shelter where she volunteers.

She agreed to have dinner with him. She can't fight her feelings anymore but what will happen if her brother comes to get her?

The story's good. I just didn't like part of it because of my personal preference but I loved the epilogue.


English Classic Alexa Riley holiday story with everything you could possibly want.

Claudia is living in the house left to her and her brother Mark by her much beloved grandmother. But her brother is mixed up with some bad people and now she’s involved too. Told that she needs to keep Brian happy however he wants, it goes against everything in her but she doesn’t want to disappear and knows that a possibility if she doesn’t do as she’s told. But her feelings for Brian aren’t make believe, as hard as it is for her to accept she’s fallen hard and fast for him but how will he react when he discovers the truth and will she make it out alive?

Brian always goes off his gut instinct and from the moment he saw Claudia he knew she was made just for him. He will take her anyway that he can get her even doing business with the local gangster. But once he learns more about how she’s living he will do all it takes to keep her safe and protect her from even her own brother. Finding her gone he goes in search of his true love, but will he make it time before he loses her forever?

Loved this great short read and of course AR never disappoints, possessive alpha male, sassy heroine and a little bit of drama add it lots of hot sex and you get a perfect read. English

Naughty Or Nice es el tipico libro de Alexa Riley, pero me gusto especialmente que la pareja protagonista fuera mas tierna de lo que nos tienen acostumbradas estas autoras.

No es de mis favoritas, pero es rapida y dulce de leer.

2 Estrellas! English I’m not sure what happened here, but it wasn’t what I expected. I grabbed this one from KU while looking for a quick smutty Christmas read. AR are my go too girls for quick smutty fun, but this one was super light on that component. Sadly, it was also light on Christmas theming. I thought that would be more of a focus. It was still an enjoyable short read.

What I enjoyed:
It was insta everything!
It’s in line with traditional AR titles.
And, was a super quick read.

3 Smut Scale Stars English