Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2) By Callie Hart

Wow another steamer!!! I loved reading Sera’s little backstories/flashbacks!! They were very captivating. And this ending just killed me! Ughhhh such a good cliffhanger! Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2) Fix is perfectly imperfect and I fell even more in love with him with this book. His character is so sexy, intriguing, and exciting. His personality is electric and is reflected in each scene of this story. His expressions, his words, his behavior, his actions, his everything was set to tease all of my senses. I feel like every time I think I’m getting to know him, what makes him tick, his true motivations, I then realize that there is so much more to learn about this man. His mysteriousness and his darkness only add to how sexy he is and I can’t get enough of him!

Every hit of Felix Marcosa that I took left me higher than I’d ever been before, and the come down, though considerable, was completely worth it. - Sera

This book picks up right where the last one ended. Sera is more aware of her dire circumstances than ever and quickly realizes that the only person standing in the way of her and certain death is Fix. He’s quickly owning every piece of her. And although she gives a token fight, she knows that they are an eventuality. Despite the things he does, she can’t help but reflect on how perfect he is in her eyes. His flaws only draw her closer. His essence only leaves her hungry for more of him.

He was a deity amongst mere mortal men. Every line of him was carved out with precision and purpose - the embodiment of perfection. - Sera

The chemistry between these characters was phenomenally illustrated. I could feel the potency of their connection and the fact that their lives were in danger only intensified that feeling. The author created a world that was both terrifying and incredibly alluring. While I wouldn’t want to be caught up in a similar situation, I could definitely see the appeal. Fix is an amazing character and I’m finding that the more that I learn about Sera, the more comfortable she seems in her own skin, the more she comes to accept Fix for exactly who he is, the more I’m loving her as well.

”It’s yours,” he murmered. “My face. My mouth. My hands. My body. My cock. All of it. If you want it, it’s all yours. Feel free to use the fuck out of me.” - Fix

Fix and Sera’s story is far from over. They’ve got a fight on their hands, both literally and figuratively. Fix is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her and discover who intends her harm. And with the introduction of one of my favorite Callie Hart characters of all time (actually one of my favorite characters overall of all time), I can’t imagine where this story is going, but I know it’s going to be one heck of a thrill.

My 5-star review of Dirty

Release: May 24, 2018 | Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 4 | Book Two - Dirty Nasty Freaks Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2)

The best part of this was Fix. Seriously he’s a hot damn man.

Why does this series always ends up in a cliffhanger?
Dude, when things were finally getting interesting the book end it.

I honestly prefer the first one, things were more mysterious and funnier.
This one were just Fix being Fix (witch I have absolutely no problem with), and the really great sex scenes.
We find out more about Fix in this book witch I enjoy it. We see him being his badass self.
This book was almost entirely just of Fix POV, Sera didn’t have so many of her own POV in this one has she did the first.

And I most definitely need the final book to be release soon, for I have question and I have absolutely no idea what the answers might be. Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2) 4,5. Excelente! Livro que prende atenção desde o início! Aguardando ansiosamente a conclusão! Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2) 4 stars

This book picks up right where book 1 leaves off, so if you have not read Dirty , do not read this one (also if you have not read the first book, this review will contain spoilers).

When we left off, Sera just found out that Since Fix is now totally in protector mode, he decides that he needs to keep Sera safe at all costs, so he is now completely committed to helping her As things start to get more intense with respect to the danger they are both in, their attraction to each other seems to become almost combustible. But will they be able to find out who is after them? And even if they do, how can a priest-turned-hitman and a woman with a tragic past trying to live a normal life ever find their HEA?

What I liked:
--- Learning more about the MCs and their backgrounds; makes a little more sense now that we know
--- Nonstop action in this one from the get-go
--- While I have not read the other series, the end of this book intersects with the Blood & Roses ( ) series' H, so even though the author says you don't have to read it to enjoy the next book in this trilogy, I already have it so I will check it out
--- Steamy goodness - scorching hot! And not just the sex scenes themselves - they are practically inhaling each other when fully dressed - the chemistry is off the charts!

What I didn't like as much:
--- Felix still seems over the top about Sera for someone who is a hardened hit man... he is almost cheesy about it which feels inconsistent with the rest of his character's personality
--- Something is not adding up about Monica; I am obviously very sympathetic with respect to what she has been through (that we learn about in this book), but something feels off about her
--- Still some outstanding issues - not sure if they get resolved but for now, they feel like plot holes
--- I think I have an idea about who done it , but I hope I am wrong bc as it stands right now, it would make this story kind of weak unless there is much more that I don't know yet (so I didn't deduct stars for this; just putting it out there)

I liked this book better than the first, maybe because we learn more about the characters and get some more background...? At any rate, this one held my interest so much that I read it in one sitting. I am going to read the Blood & Roses series so I know more about Zeth before finishing this trilogy.

Plot --- 4/5
Main Characters --- 4/5
Supporting Cast --- 3.5/5
Steam Level* --- 4/5
Violence --- yes and with possible triggers
Language --- yes
POV ---Dual

*Note that steam level is not a rating so much as a how hot was it: 0/5 - clean; 1/5 - mild (nothing descriptive); 2/5 - 3rd base action/1 home run; 3/5 - now we're getting somewhere (a couple of full-on steamy scenes); 4/5 - yes please! (erotica territory); 5/5 - they did EVERYTHING in this one, y'all Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2)

“When you’re with me, you’re not vulnerable. When you’re with me, you are safe. When you’re with me, you will never be alone. And as for your heart, Sera Lafferty…I’ll make it beat so fast you’ll never feel it ache.”

Sera Lafferty isn’t insane.
She’s always made the smart decisions.
She has a career. A loving sister. The carefully mapped out, peaceful life in Seattle that she’s craved since childhood. So why, then, does she suddenly find herself on a scavenger hunt, traveling across the country with a stranger? And not just any stranger. A maddeningly sexy hitman, who’s been paid to end her life.

His past is shrouded in secrets, and his eyes are filled with ghosts. Sera knows she should head back to Seattle, to sever all ties with her handsome man in black. But leaving him might not just hurt Sera in the end. It might end up getting her killed.

Fix Marcosa damn well knows better.
He’s been focused on his goals ever since the fateful day he swore to avenge his friend’s brutal attack. Booze. Drugs. Violence. Sex. Nothing has distracted him from his mission. But Sera is more potent than alcohol, more addicting than any opiate. She makes the fury in his blood sing. And her body? Her body is utter perfection, and he just can’t keep his hands off it. Or his mouth for that matter.

Fix is determined.

Screw the money. Screw the consequences, and screw anybody stupid enough to stand in his way.

He isn’t going to end Sera Lafferty’s life.

He’s damn well going to save it. Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2)

4.5 Stars!

Without interruption in the timeline, Felix Marcosa and Sera Lafferty continue their journey but Sera has many questions for him now that she knows the truth. Though Fix has delicate information, it isn’t enough as they discover dead ends and new layers that complicate their circumstances.

“This is what happens when you go looking for death instead of running in the opposite direction. You find it. Or, inevitably, it finds you.”

Prepared to make sacrifices for Sera, Fix is determined to take the search all the way to the end. During this time, more is revealed about his past and how it’s connected to his business partner. Simultaneously, the stark reality of Sera’s childhood begins to surface and underscores her need to defend herself.

“I will never break you, Sera Lafferty. What would be the point? That fiery defiance that burns inside you? I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I adore it. I worship it.”

Told in dual POV, Fix and Sera develop added dimension as they relate to each other and how they deal with threats. While Fix exudes a cocksure attitude, filthy mouth and smart-ass comments, he will also go to great lengths to protect what is his. Sera is a force of her own, and while she’s never met someone like Fix before, she doesn’t hold back no matter the consequences. Together, their chemistry is combustible and I love the push/pull dynamic they share.

“I’m beginning to think you might be a little obsessed with my ass,” I fired back. “Damn right I am. I’ve seen plenty of assholes, and yours is by far the loveliest.”

This series harkens back to signature Callie Hart with flawed but relatable characters and a narrative that continues to build complex layers. I absolutely adore Fix and his everything that flows from his sinfully erotic tongue. As for Sera, she is quietly complicated but that’s what makes her stronger and admirable.

Nasty is full of edgy, heart pumping action, dark humor and sex appeal. I highly recommend and look forward to see how the story continues, especially with that ending.

Dirty Nasty Freaks series:

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Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2) This is book two of the series and I have to be honest and say that there were parts I was quite frustrated with.

The positive stuff was that the sex was through the roof HOT! I don’t think anyone can beat our hero in the dirty talker category! Man, can he talk dirty! Whew!!! The relationship that developed between our couple was wonderful and I was hooked for that reason!

The frustration came in for me when I wasn’t getting any answers from the first book; all I was getting was more questions building up. The thing is that the developments that kept coming were on new tangents. It felt like the story line wasn’t consistent... just more and more new directions.. To top it all off, the story ended abruptly and at 82%! This is a very big peeve of mine!

Will I still read the third book? Yep. I’m all in. I just hope we get some answers. Honestly, book two felt like a filler book to me... Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2) ★4.5★
“I’m not going to ask you to collar the monster inside you, because I already know it, and it’s a part of you,”

Nasty is the second book in the Dirty Nasty Freaks Series. After the massive cliffy in Dirty, I could not get my hands on this book fast enough! Fix and Sera find themselves in a massive dilemma as the truth has been revealed. Despite the circumstances, Fix and Sera cannot deny the passion that exists between them. As Sera's life is in danger, Fix is determined to keep her safe. No matter the cost.
“My face. My mouth. My hands. My body. My cock. All of it. If you want it, it’s all yours. Feel free to use the fuck out of me.”
Told in dual POV, Nasty brings a smoking hot sexy read full of action and a very intricate plot. Told through flashbacks from the past and a heart-stopping present, the terrors and atrocities that Sera endured are thoroughly explored. And yet, Fix will do anything to protect Sera and keep her safe. The banter between the two keeps the tempo of the read on a constant drive forward as both find peace together.

Overall, I highly recommend Nasty to anyone who enjoys a dark romance full of many twists and turns. Be forewarned, there is another major cliffy, however, the presence of a very special character will certainly bring more intrigue to the plot. With complex characters and non-stop action, one thing is certain, Callie Hart never disappoints!

***Dirty Nasty Freaks***

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Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2) This story was so strong that I couldn't put it down. Callie Hart has a nack for bringing strong characters to the forefront and she definitely did that with Sera. She is a hardass female with a past that not everyone could survive, but she did. Fix is an amazingly complex dominant male. The attraction between Sera and Fix radiates extreme heat from every page and the sex scenes explode in fiery passion scorching the reader with their intensity.
This steady to fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps the adrenaline pumping with lots of suspense, action, drama and passion. Between the chemistry that Sera and Fix have and the mystery that was building in the story I so enjoyed reading this book.
Overall, this was a great read that I highly recommend. This series just gets better and better. I will definitely be reading the next books in this series.

In short:
Hero 5/5 | Heroine 5/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 5/5 | Writing Style 4/5 | Steam 5/5 | Romance 4/5 | Angst-Suspense 5/5 | Darkness 3/5 | Humor 2/5 | Secondary Characters 5/5 | Drama-Conflict 5/5 | Mystery 4/5 | Twists 5/5 | Pacing Fast | Action 5/5

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2) 4.5 stars - I absolutely loved this second book in the Dirty Nasty Freaks Series. Sera and Felix/Fix are amazing characters and I can't wait to read the last part of their story.

“This is it, Sera. I care about you, and I fucking want you more than I’ve fucking wanted anything in my life.

“I’m the boy who fell for you from afar, Sera. I should have done the right thing and walked away. I’ve never had a problem walking away from anything in my whole damn life, but I was weak. I could not walk away from you.

Nasty (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #2)


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