Narwhals School of Awesomeness: Book 6 : Clanton, Ben By Ben Clanton


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My 9 year old son is autistic and a page filled with words is overwhelming, he shuts down and can’t read. We had read through the dr. Suess books which he likes but this is brilliant… he loves it and wants to read it. He finds it funny. It has a group of fish that all say a different word that has the same meaning. Really recommend for those who have trouble reading as a bit of a boost. It’s all in capital letters. 978-0755500079 My daughter loves this series, so got her this latest one for her birthday (8). Fun pictures that are great for copying, cute characters, and funny adventures. 978-0755500079 My kids (4&7) love the Narwhal & Jelly books so I had to buy this as soon as it was available. They read it everyday for a month. 978-0755500079