Woh Mera Hai / وہ میرا ہے By Nemrah Ahmed

Little funny very little detective kind of story

یہ کہانی نمرہ کے شروعاتی دور کی ہے تو۔۔۔ Fiction, Spirituality Meh. Fiction, Spirituality A novel filled with comedy and mystery
Very different from what I expected
Nice ending Fiction, Spirituality Was really funny.... Good fora short story ☺ Fiction, Spirituality A good short read👌 Fiction, Spirituality


-_- Fiction, Spirituality ہائے رے زندگی!! حقیقت کی زندگی سے بہت دور ہے سب..... Fiction, Spirituality FUNEEEE Fiction, Spirituality This one is for Nimra Ahmed, what 'Aisa bhi hota hai' is for Umera Ahmed - that is their effort at a pure romantic comedy. No philosophy, no mystery, no gut-wrenching scenes, no pain-inducing feelings.

This is about a judgemental girl, who is visiting her relatives and has a particular notion of her cousins. Then she falls for the neighbour. For reasons best left unsaid (or else I will run it for readers), she and her cousin follow the neighbour. What follows is really hilarious, tongue-in-cheek dialogues and narration.

Simply brilliant.
Fiction, Spirituality It was funny (sort of), I liked the detective work but the ending was somewhat lame. Fiction, Spirituality

Nemrah Ahmed Ø 4 Summary

Woh Mera Hai / وہ میرا ہے