Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy (Zet Mystery Case, #4) By Scott Peters


A mummy curse or…

What a surprise. A mummy has cursed Zet and his family, but there no such thing as a mummy or a curse right? Dive into this incredible story as we attempt to solve the mysteries. English 3.5
I chose this for my spooky middle grade October reading challenge prompt. I found it to be a light, fun, quick read. This is perfect for kids who like mysteries or ancient Egypt, or both! It's clear the author has extensive knowledge on Egyptian history which he wove in seamlessly. The story moved along at a steady pace, and the characters were all very likeable. Where Zet was willing to jump right in and go after the problem, his sister, Kat did a good job balancing him out with her more thoughtful approach to solving the mystery. This is a series, but I have not read any of the other books. There were a couple references to Zet, Kat, and Hui (their best friend), solving previous mysteries together, but I thought this seemed to stand well enough on its own. English I thoroughly enjoy reading these type of children books, for they always teach my children an important life lesson in a simple and easy way that they can understand. It's important for children today to have morals, and the only way that they will obtain them is if they are taught from a young age. English The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy
by Scott Peters

As I sat down to write this review, I was happy to see that one of the other reviews references Nancy Drew, which was exactly what I’d been thinking too after finishing this book. My mother’s Nancy Drew books were around the house when I was a kid and I read them all. The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy by Scott Peters strikes me as the same type of an engaging, age appropriate mystery, which kept my attention without me straining to hearken back to my twelve-year-old self. There are interesting characters and an interesting story line, even a taste of ancient history. If I had a grandson or granddaughter of that age, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book or to a parent to read to a younger child.

I liked this little book.
English Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy by Scott Peters is a fun mystery book set in Egypt. Even though it is #4 in a series, this book can definitely be read as a stand alone. For starters, I love that this book was set in Egypt with Egyptian main characters. I feel like books set in other countries are not found often enough in children's books. I love how ancient Egyptian lore was woven into the story, especially regarding the power of the gods/goddesses. Zet and his sister were great main characters. I loved how they have a supportive relationship, even if they didn't always agree. This can be a great message for children who read it. The only downside is that this book is said to be written for middle grade. In my opinion, it would serve better as an elementary grade book, both due to length and reading complexity. English

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A really solid plot that feels a bit like a Scooby Doo adventure about a mummy roaming around the cool ancient Egyptian setting. Great children’s historical detective mystery series. English When I was seven or so years old, I read a Donald Duck mystery so captivating that it made me wanna write a similar story myself. Those two paragraphs were my first work of fiction.
Now, you might ask, what's the connection between this little anecdote and Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy? And so I answer that, obviously enough, it's a novel that can make children of the age group it's targeted at to fall in love with reading; for some of them, it will inspire them to write. I think that's the best praise I can offer for this book.
In more detail, the storyline is what it should be, considering the intended audience: packed with action and a little bit scary, but strictly within the appropriate confines of the audience's age. It's very funny, too, and pretty original in its conception, as it's a mummy story actually set in its rightful historical context, that is, ancient Egypt.
The structure is short and simple, easy to follow, on the sentence- as well as the chapter level. There are hints along the way to help the reader piece together what's going on and feel the reward (though leaving still enough mystery).
The narrative style, explicitly asking questions aloud, helps the audience formulate the points of narrative interest, subtly directing their attention. At the same time, however, it's respectful toward its young readers and doesn't shy away from using some more elaborate words here and there, which will tickle the reader's curiosity. Not to mention, it will teach them a thing or two about history and other cultures.
The characters are easy to relate to (from a young reader's perspective) and although the context is ancient and the story from the realm of fantasy, the children's predicaments are characteristically modern (such as the grown-ups not taking them seriously).
All in all, a very competent book for its genre, and highly recommended for its intended audience. English
The wonderful tone of the telling...

No need to start with Kid Detective Zet Book 1 if you jump into the series here. It appears that each adventure is a stand-alone, much the way you can read any Nancy Drew mystery without starting at The Secret of the Old Clock. The author is in his element here, with a writing style that is straightforward and exactly right for his intended audience, creating main characters (Zed, of course, and his good friend and his sister as sidekicks), and secondary characters with a seasoned flair. Aside from the mystery itself, which is solid in the Scooby-Doo tradition of discovering that things that appear supernatural are often due to the machinations of greedy humans, there is appropriate humor for this book's intended audience, particularly in the sixth chapter dealing with mummy secrets, wherein the priest allows Zet and Merit to view his handiwork. I digress, only because I find this splendid. Fun facts: mummies take several days to create; first, the body is washed and purified; second, the organs are removed, and... here's where macabre humor is presented precisely right so that young readers will be grossed out rather than scared. We push this long instrument up the nose and stir it around. Do you know why? To mash up the brain and pick it out of the nostrils. Eeew is right, Zet! And then beyond the adventure and the wonderful tone of the telling throughout, we come to the heart of why this book and undoubtedly the whole Zet series works so well. It is so apparent that the author not only knows a lot about Egypt, there is a deep and abiding love for the Egyptian land and culture which allows one to immerse themselves in the story thanks to the descriptive details which highlight his knowledge and help us picture things wonderfully.

English The story is meant to teach children about Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and their stories. It was great fun reading about it and it was educative and entertaining. English This book reminds me a lot of the books I read as a kid with a few exceptions. The books I read as a kid were generally set in America or England and there's a mummy at a museum that starts the tale. I've only read this book in the series, but I looked at the other books. They are all about Egypt with one huge difference than the books I read.

These books are actually SET in Egpyt with Egyptian characters, which I thought was really cool. The book is entertaining, but it's also educational at the same time with Egyptian history and culture. I think this would be a great read for kids that like mystery and both for kids that love history or hate it. If they hate history, this book would be like your mum sneaking veggies in your mac and cheese. One day, they will be asked something about Egypt later in life and remember this book, so it all works out in the end. English

Something scary is happening in ancient Egypt . . . Discover the bone-chilling secrets in this spooky mystery!
When 12-year-old Zet comes face-to-face with a whispering mummy, Zet’s eyes practically pop out of his head. Goosebumps race down his neck. Why is a mummy haunting his front door? What does the scary monster want? Zet quickly joins forces with his 11-year-old sister Kat and best friend Hui. The three kids need to unwind this spine-tingling mystery fast, because there’s a zany rumor that they're cursed. If they don't, their world might just come unraveled! Clues send them tiptoeing through the hotspots of ancient Egypt--running into hieroglyphics covered tombs and frantically paddling up and down the Nile on a wild mummy chase. They soon suspect this will be their spookiest mystery ever!

Readers will appreciate this fun, smart, exciting step up from Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House and R.L. Stine's Goosebumps as it lends itself to being read by kids moving beyond chapter books. The short chapters provide easy wins for middle school readers and makes it perfect for school reading lists. Fans of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Indiana Jones will be right at home. This is a middle-grade book for boys, a middle-grade book for girls. Popular in kids book clubs and homeschooling. An action oriented tale that's a great way to introduce middle-school youngsters to the world of ancient Egypt. A big hit in our library, can't keep it on the shelf. Don't miss this must-read! - E. Crow, Librarian

Mummies. Curses. Clues to unravel...Scott Peters has done it again. ~ S.D. Brown, author of The Lake Quilt Mystery

~ Perfect for all kids ages 9-12 (Lexile: 490-570)

Excellent 'Indiana Jones' style mystery. - Top Reviewer

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