My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1) By Gaelen Foley

I liked the hero Max a lot. The subplot kept me turning the pages when I disliked the heroine, Daphne. The problem that I had with her is her talking about exploitation of women, controlling her own life, and equal partnership in marriage. I don't like glaring 20th century feminism in HR. None of these are attitudes and values that are consistent with the early 19th century. If I want to read about 20th century feminist ideals in a romance, I'll read contemporary chick lit. If it were not for the really strong subplot and appeal of Max, I would have given this an even lower rating. I can't get past a HR heroine spouting off concepts about women and marital relationships that were not accepted! It is true that Mary Wollstonecraft wrote her masterpiece of feminist theory in the 18th century, but it was not until the 1970 s that her writings got mainstream acceptance. Women of the early 19th century would have discounted Mary W's theories because they found her lifestyle choices immoral. So, Daphne's feminist ideas were glaringly anachronistic and inspired my dislike. I don't like gratuitous anachronisms in HR.

Also there is less period detail and language than the Knight Miscellany series (I loved it). There is a noticeable difference between this book published by Avon and the publisher of The Knight series. Avon should let Foley do or write the way that she did for the last series under the other publisher. My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1) My Wicked Marquess is the first book I have read written by Gaelen Foley. I am really impressed with this authors writing style. She puts you right there in the story!! Its like you can see the scenes play out in your minds eye. She is not overboard with her description just enough to make the reader picture it.

The Honorable Miss Daphne Starling daughter of Viscount Starling is the 5th young lady on a list given to the Max The Marquess of Rotherstone; of eligible young ladies to be his bride.

Max at age 13 was sent away to become a trained Warrior for the Order of St. Michaels. This order has been fighting against The Cult Prometheans for 600 years. This is a very interesting storyline. I like the way the author unfolds the history of these 2 revival groups. The Order is fighting for good and the other is fighting for world domination and power. This is an interesting concept in a Historical Romance. But It Works.

Daphne at times is irritating. She comes across spoiled. But she has a kind heart towards the orphans she helps. Sometimes she acts immature for a 20 year old. I think her character should have been younger maybe 17 or 18. She should know her duty is to marry well. Especially in her case her father has lost his fortune. But she seems to think everything is centered around her. Max is wonderful from the beginning to the end of the story. Max is smart handsome rich and sexy. A real Alpha Male. He is always kind and very loving to Daphne.

What I really loved about reading this story is all the many conflicts are managed in and Intelligent Way and quickly. I was impressed with how the storyline ended and the next begins. Its not quite a Cliffhanger but it leaves you wanting to read the next book in the series. Which I have already downloaded. Oh and once the marriage happens the sex in this story is pretty Hot and Sensual. There growing love between Max and Daphne is believable.
I Highly Recommend My Wicked Marquess!!

Reading Progress My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1) The plot was pretty good. The characters somewhat engaging, but a trifle dimwitted. I liked Carissa, and enjoyed the three young 'agents'
BUT, the heroine was a little too 'ditzy'! About to read the next book in the series hope the characters have matured.
I appreciated the explanation of the existence of the evil Prometheus club, that took a lot of investigation, as well as imagination! My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1) This is the first of seven stories of the men involved in the secret society of the Order of St Michael who protect the English Govt and people. Called the Inferno Club to discourage drawing interest to themselves, these men are a daring group of trained assassins and spies. This is Max 's story.
He is a leader of a team of 3 men and he is decisive and authoritative. Only now in secular life theses qualities won't help him get the wife of his choosing if he's not careful. One cannot conquer a wife like you would an enemy!!
Max's charming and decisive ways help to draw his intended bride, Daphne. But at the same time repels her. Then there is his little secret of the Inferno Club that causes friction between them as honesty is not his policy, but one that she demands.
We are introduced to his teammates and other future stories. It wets your appetite for the next tale.
Excellent writing in attention to details, settings and character strengths and weaknesses.
Can't wait to read the rest of series!! My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1) If I could give this one zero stars, I would. It was truly awful. I thought I was getting a historical romance, after all, that is what the glowing back cover synopsis described and the book spine did say historical romance. False advertising in both cases. To be fair, while the hero's involvement with a secret society is mentioned on the back cover, one gets the impression that our hero is done with that now and ready to get on with his life starting with restoring his family's good name and convincing our heroine that he really is marriage material and absolutely perfect for her. As it turns out. not so much.

The good vs evil plot line was too involved and took up way to much of the story. And if that wasn't bad enough, it was incredibly boring. The ending of the book made it very clear that this thread game will continue through the other books forthcoming in this series.

In an effort to minimize wasted time and money, I am going to quit while I am behind and skip the rest of the series and quite possible, this author entirely in the future. My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1)

To restore family honor the Marquess of Rotherstone faces his most dangerous missionfinding the perfect bride.To Londons aristocracy, the Inferno Club is a scandalous society of men no proper young lady would acknowledge. But though they are publicly notorious for pursuing all manner of debauchery, in private they are warriors who would do anything to protect king and country. The Marquess of Rotherstone has decided its time to restore the familys good name. But as a member of the Inferno Club, he knows there is only one way to redeem himself in Societys eyes: marry a lady of impeccable beauty and breeding, whose reputation is, above all, spotless.Someone quite unlike Daphne Starling. True, shes temptingly lovely, but a jilted suitor has nearly ruined her reputation. Still, Max cannot resist her allureor the challenge of proving Londons gossips wrong. He would do anything to win her hand. and show that even a wicked marquess can make a perfect husband. My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1)


I don't understand the negative reviews at all! My Wicked Marquess is a fantastic novel! It's a brilliant mix of steamy romance with suspense filled peril and mystery. The history of the Inferno Club is fascinating and worth worth the wait and the cliff hanger ending makes me glad that I can get the next book straight away! Yes there are a lot of unnecessary hyphens but they are a publishing/technical fault and by no means ruin the plot or effect the read. A great book for any Regency romance lover as it's got that extra something! My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1) I found Daphne, our heroine rather weak. I felt that she sang the same song over and over again just in different ways throughout the book. She was just annoying. As intelligent as she was, she did not read the situation even after Max apprehended the spy. She still insisted on what she wanted. This was just a common theme with her. If the idea was to portray her as a strong independent woman, then i think it backfired becuase she just could not think of another reasons why Max was closed off. I have read several of Gaelens books but this one i almost put becuase of the heroine. I like the plot but Daphne, I feel was not well developed. My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1) Max,
A little unbelievable in his exploits but a very likeable character nonetheless. His lady and he are well matched. I look forward to other books in this collection.
Michaela My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1) Not the best book I've read recently but the lack of research was glaringly obvious. I have to admit, I would be highly amused to see wild turkeys roaming the English countryside in Regency times. My opinion of the book overall? Meh. Felt like the author was writing to a template and the inclusion of the 'Order Vs Prometheans' side plot added little to the overall experience. Disappointing My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1) prompt delivery and ideal condition My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club Book 1)

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