My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 ) By S. Doyle

My Crazy Ex-Superhero is the wonderfully written conclusion to the Just Call Me Jane duet. Picking up where we left off in Book 1 (and yes you must read the first book Dating the Superhero), Jane is left after her harrowing incident mad at Logan and not knowing where she fits in any longer. Her world was turned upside-down by Logan's father and now she's not sure what to do.

And good old Logan, despite his family's woes, is as cocksure as ever and insists on being Jane's shadow despite her wanting to be as far away from him as possible. I loved how she wanted to be mad at him but couldn't resist his smile or his accent or his bravado. They have a true connection and Logan just needs to remind her of that very important point.

The ongoing mystery of who wants Jane exposed and used as some sort of experiment comes to a very surprising and satisfying ending and I was left completely gobsmacked. There are a few twists and turns and some added kink that was perfectly placed! Stephanie Doyle knows how to combine the right amount of heat with witty banter really well and with characters that have great spirit, there is no way not to fall for each and every one of them!

I would love more from this crew since it was a true pleasure to read from beginning to end. I can only hope the author decides to continue this story-line.

I love this author's writing style and am thrilled to give this latest work a huge 5 stars! My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 ) 4.5 stars! The conclusion to the Just Call Me Jane Duet was fantastic! Logan and Jane have such great chemistry and it was great for me I waited until both parts were available so I could read them back-to-back!

The ending was a total surprise, and I enjoyed it. I do hope there are more books, maybe not necessarily centered around Logan and Jane, but I would love to know more about other characters, like Logan's sister and mother, and Jane's best friend, and many others.

If you've never read S. Doyle you have no idea on what you're missing out on! I can't wait for this series to be available in paperback so I can put it on my shelf! My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 ) Ok, I definitely liked this second book in the series better than the first one...not that the first one wasn’t good. It was. It just felt a little young for me. I am a looooong way from my college days. This one focused less on the college life details, and more on world building. I’m eager to read the next one, though I’m hoping that someone will proofread it before it goes to print. This one wasn’t quite as full of mistakes as the first one (not sure anything could be), but there were still plenty. I just wish I understood precisely where it’s all going wrong. My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 ) Loved it!

My Crazy Ex-Superhero picks up where the first part, Dating The Superhero ends. Jane gets rescued from being kidnapped, but you will not suspect who the rescuer is. He is just as strong as Jane! Well, something bad happens during the rescue, and the police chief and the department think Jane is responsible for a murder.

Jane has trust issues with Logan and he has a heck of a time convincing Jane that he is innocent. He was never part of his father’s nefarious plans. Still. Jane is embarrassed and humiliated by the fact she was abducted, naked and shackled. It’s not every day a girl gets carted away right after having punched her V-card. Ugh.

My Crazy Ex-Superhero is a fun read with a perfect blend of romance, plot twists, and sexy goodness. I never guessed who Mr. X was until the end. I hope we find out more about Mr. X, H.G. and Jane, and Logan. This is a refreshing take on the college romance.

My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 ) This was a fun duet! My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 )


Ever make love to a superhero? No? I highly recommend it.

However, it doesn’t come without some risk.

Jane believes I’ve betrayed her. I can’t blame her given the circumstances. However, I must make her listen to me. She’s in trouble from a powerful person she can’t imagine exists.

Forgiveness. Maybe I need it – I’m no angel. But if you’ve ever connected to something as powerful as the sun, you know you would do anything to get that back.

To get her back.


Logan was my first boyfriend. My first lover. My first heartbreak.

He says I’m in trouble but how can I believe him. How can I believe anyone? The police have turned against me. My friends have their own secrets.

And yes, there is someone out there… watching me. What does he want? I don’t know.

Really… it’s just another day in my crazy messed up life. My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 )

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This was just okay for me. I enjoy the author's writing style, but I felt the duet could easily have been 1 book. Story line a bit drawn out and while unique, pretty predictable actually. My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 ) Better than the first.

That's all I got. My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 ) DNF. This series just wasn't what I wanted, through nearly no fault of its own. My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 ) Mostly Dual POV for Jane and Logan. Jane believes Logan betrayed her, the rest of the world believes that Jane killed Logan's father. Now Jane gets turned away from working for the local PD leaving her a directionless super hero, with her friends all returning to their previous lives without her. Jane doesn't want to believe the worst of Logan but the evidence is pretty strong. However, once Logan realizes someone is out to hurt Jane, will our Super hero let herself have a guardian she doesn's trust. Who is the mysterious watcher? Who is Jane's Father? This was an excellent wrap up to the duet. Nothing was easy, nothing should be when you're early twenties and still figuring who and especially in Jane's case, what you are. Supergirl & smallville & buffy fans would love this (without the demons). My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 )