Mr. One-Night Stand By Rachael Stewart

5☆ Sizzling Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

MR ONE-NIGHT STAND is part of the new Mills and Boon Dare series and I LOVED It!
It's Hot, Cheeky, Sexy, Fiery, Steamy, with a good dash of Romance and Characters that are not to be messed with!

Marcus is a powerful businessman who knows exactly what he wants and usually gets it. Feeling frustrated at the thought of being stood up by his new business partner he hangs around to see if they will show.

When Jennifer struts in, not knowing who she is meeting, she spots Marcus and something stirs inside her, mentally undressing him with her eyes she lures him in.
All Jennifer wants is one night of crazy. No names, no real talk, just wild, no-holds-barred sex.
Marcus is Happy to oblige!

Marcus doesn't bank on meeting a sexy stranger, he never imagines that it would lead to one hell of a night of steamy, passionate fun.
But it's just one night right?

I mean he wasn't to know the women he just had the best night with was his new business partner Jennifer!

We all know it never works out when you start mixing business with pleasure.
But what if the rules were No Strings attached. Just pure desire and fun?

Marcus and Jennifer's desire for one and other bubbles to the surface, it's clearly obvious this isn't going to just be a one night stand.
Both Marcus and Jennifer both have their flaws and issues. Neither will let their guard down, but one things for certain their attraction is like a magnet, powerful and strong.

I loved both Jennifer and Marcus, both deeply flawed, have issues with family, have commitment issues, but just cant keep away from each other.
It was so lovely to watch their relationship unravel. They certainly make a powerhouse couple!
I loved their sassy banter, Jennifer is a force to be reckoned with, she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take charge, inside and out of the bedroom!

MR ONE-NIGHT STAND is a Steamy, Hot, Fun, Passionate story about relationships, Lust and desire, Working Relationships, Family Drama and a whole lot of sexy fun.
The Characters are so well written and believable, I was rooting for the both of them from the start.
The plot is enthralling, exciting, and flows along perfectly, be prepared to get very hot under the collar! As things get steamy very quickly.

If you enjoy your Romances with a sizzling hot erotic twist then you will absolutely love MR ONE-NIGHT STAND!
I can't wait to read more of Rachael's Dare books!

Thank you to Mills and Boon for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

My Review is also on my Blog Website :- Rachael Stewart Rachael Stewart hits the ground running with her debut Dare introducing us to a couple who can deny it all they like, but business and pleasure can go together rather quite well. was work. Sex was sex. Never should the two be mixed.”

With a good mix of sweet and spicy and a likeable power-couple who are as down-to-earth and relatable as they are wealthy and at the top of their game in business, who takes the lead is twisted on its head on more than one occasion as lines are blurred and Jennifer and Marcus go from strangers who share a night of passion, to finding themselves business partners.

Maybe it’s that you’re forbidden territory now...”

If you’re looking for a steamy contemporary romance fix between two people who are equally hungry for one another but who also soon realise there’s no weakness in leaning on one another, then Mr One-Night Stand certainly ticks those boxes. I’ll be reserving my seat for Mr. Temptation in the summer.

This kind of fun is worth fighting for.”

Copy received courtesy of via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion.
Rachael Stewart Favorite Quote:

Crack? It wasn’t a bad way to put it. He certainly felt as if someone had ripped him apart and put him back together all wrong.

My Review:

Sizzle and snap, this lascivious story had my Kindle throwing off sparks. It was lust at first sight and this couple was a five-alarm fire hazard. I could skip any plans of cardio for the day as this tale had me gasping for breath, elevated my heart rate, and doubled my laundry. It could best be coined as an out of office unromance as neither party was willing to have anything to do with the other once they realized they would be working together. Yet neither could seem to concentrate. The premise wasn’t unique but the storylines were entertaining with frequent lashings of salacious inner musings. It was a quick, easy to follow and umm, highly sensual read. Certainly not one I would recommend for my elderly mother’s church ladies book club. Keep cool libations handy and ceiling fans set on high.
Rachael Stewart My review on

I love reading the Dare books so much that I simply can’t get enough of them!

If you think that you know all about Mills and Boon think again!

You know the old saying don’t mix business with pleasure. But can it really be avoided?

Marcus Wright is waiting for Tony Andrews to discuss business as Tony has sold Marcus half of his business. Tony was supposed to bring Jennifer Hayes to talk about Marcus being a business partner, but Mr Andrews didn’t appear.

Rachael Stewart is certainly a very talented author one that I highly recommend to everyone.

Marcus meets by chance Jennifer Hayes. With high sexual attraction between Marcus and Jennifer, Marcus decided to take Jennifer home to his place. Jennifer Hayes had no idea she was having hot passionate sex with her to be business partner.

When Miss Jennifer Hayes is confronted with the truth that the gorgeous man Marcus Wright, who she just had a passionate night with is going to be working with her, will Miss Hayes find it embarrassing after having a one night stand with Mr One Night Stand?

There was so much more than this part that surprised me and I do like surprises.

Do you dare to read it? Dare books are my favourite by mills and boon they are written by women, for women that are hot, sexy romances, featuring strong women who know exactly what they want, in and out of the bedroom. Rachael Stewart 4 - You're worth the risk... Stars!

Nothing pleases me more than discovering a new author, and Mr. One-Night Stand added Rachael Stewart to my list of M&B go-to authors to keep an eye out for going forwards.

She wanted one night of crazy. No names, no real talk, just wild, no-holds-barred sex…

With the perfect balance of sexy times, story-line and character background, Jennnifer and Marcus’s coming together ticked all of my quickie-romance reading boxes. They were both likeable, both with their own quirks, and both had strong personalities which added to the spice in their bedroom and boardroom escapades, making it a great all-round read.

The funny thing about rules… They’re all the more fun when they get broken…

The next book in the series; Mr. Temptation is due for release in June, and I will be at the head of the queue to get my hands on it.

ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
Rachael Stewart

One night only.

Just think of the possibilities…

The second she sees Mr. Oh-So-Delicious, Jennifer Hayes knows she needs one night of crazy. No names, no strings, no rules. Except that Jennifer’s naughty one-nighter is actually Marcus Wright—her new business partner! Now they’re mixing business with all kinds of pleasure. But when it comes to falling in love, her sexy Mr. Wright is either Mr. Wrong or the best mistake of her life… Mr. One-Night Stand

Mr. One-Night Stand is author Rachael Stewart’s debut novel for Harlequin/Mills & Boon’s DARE. Oh my I’ll be adding a whole bunch of new books to my TBR pile. This is the first book I’ve read from the DARE imprint and I’m extremely impressed. I’ll definitely be checking out the other authors and Rachael Stewart is now an auto buy for me!!

Marcus Wright is a successful businessman. He’s worked his entire life to ensure he’s gotten everything he’s wanted. He never mixes business with pleasure…

Jennifer Hayes is a successful businesswoman. She’s been stretched to the limit lately with a business partner who has left her carrying the work load… So when she sees a gorgeous man across the room, she decides to have some fun for just one night only…

Oh wow! This couple’s chemistry was over the top, just explosive! I really liked Marcus and Jennifer from the start. The fact that Jennifer is a strong, confident and successful woman was refreshing. Marcus was drool worthy and I may have drooled just a little… who am I kidding… I drooled a lot! I liked how they affected each other and how they were able to confide in each other their pasts. Their attempts at trying to keep it professional as their feelings continue to grow were real and I felt their struggles. They truly were a great couple and the ending was absolutely perfect!

Rachael Stewart is such a wonderful writer and I ended up reading this cover to cover in one night, then rereading my favorite parts the next night! A fantastic, hot and sexy story that I really enjoyed, and had a hard time putting down. I have to admit I don’t normally read contemporary romance, mostly historical. But this book has helped change my mind. I will definitely be making more space on my TBR pile for anything Ms. Stewart writes from now on! I highly recommend this book and look forward to exploring more from this author and the Dare imprint. Rachael Stewart

Great book after the first couple of chapters
3 stars

After the demise of Mills & Boon’s previous sexy line, Blaze, I’ve been looking for something to take its place. While the Dare line raised my hopes - none of the books really knocked my socks off. or captured my attention fully. As I started to read this book I feared that this was more of the same.

And I felt that way for the first couple of chapters. The writing was good but for some reason I find that the Dare line like the opening scene of meeting to really be drawn out. I need a book to really be fast and snappy right off the bat to catch my attention and make me excited for what’s to come. Two chapters of the couple flirting at the bar and then meeting and having over-explained banter is just too slow for me.

The first sex scene came and I admit I was surprised - it was sexy and nicely explicit with a bit of fairly dirty language thrown in. Now this is what the Blaze line excelled at and this book brought me right back to those gems. There were a good number of sex scenes throughout the book - all very much part of the bigger story and not gratuitous.

For me, the book really started to pick up steam when the initial meeting and hookup were out of the way. That’s when we really got to know our two main characters - Jennifer and Marcus - and they really got to know each other. From this point, I loved their interactions and their banter. They were always coming from slightly different angles and it was fun to watch two strong people essentially want the same things but not be sure how to go about getting them. Having said that, the pair were honest with each other and I liked how there was no faux drama or misunderstandings used to keep the pair apart.

I also liked the setting of the book - the business aspect. It was done in such a way that made it seem real but still left enough out so it wouldn’t overshadow the romance.

And as I mentioned, I really liked the writing style of Rachael Stewart. After those first couple of chapters, the writing really flowed, pulled me in and really made me want to keep reading to find out what happened. There were enough different aspects to the story that kept you entertained and kept you interested right to the very end. But speaking of the end - I get so disappointed when there’s no epilogue. I love an epilogue and feel it really rounds out a story.

I really didn’t know how to rate this story. The first two chapters notwithstanding, it really was a good read. I enjoyed the story, liked the characters, it was well-written and had a good plot. But I have to rate it as a whole, which is why I gave it 3 stars. Still definitely worth a look and I’ll be keen to read more from Ms. Stewart.

Rachael Stewart Hold on...

*glugs glass of water*

Ahhh, that’s better - apologises, my mouth was as dry as the Sahara Desert there. I literally had to peel my tongue off the roof of my mouth *snorts*

Wowzer! That was one smokin’ hot read *wafts top*

Mr One-Night Stand is the debut Mills & Boon Dare release from author Rachael Stewart. I have discovered some great authors since the Dare imprint release last year. Ms Stewart is my newest addition, if Mr ONS is anything to go by.

Jennifer Hayes is a woman very much in control: both professionally and personally. Always putting the needs of others before her own, but everyone needs a night off. And, Mr I’d-Climb-That-Man-Like-A-Tree proves to be a welcome distraction for the evening. I repeat, very welcome... *winks*

Marcus Wright is a man with a firm set of rules, including never mixing business with pleasure. These have stood him in good stead, both professionally and personally (<- go figure!) in his life so far. Keeping a tight rein on his emotions means less chance of him repeating history. Intrigued? You should be...

So, as you can guess, that rule is about to get a sudden re-write *smirks*

Jennifer and Marcus are electric together. You know what I mean. That uncomfortable feeling you’d have if you got stuck in the same room as these two. Where you could swear you heard the likes of Barry White or Marvin Gaye in the background *giggles*.

I swear I could smell the pheromones coming off the pages. So much so, I was starting to get drunk off it. Over-share? Hmm *shrugs*, pretty much, but it’s me!

Also, side note - beds are so over-rated...

You all know how much of a sap I am by now, so it’ll come as no great surprise that I shed a tear or two once the MCs backstories were revealed. Then an event hits Marcus which touched an especially raw nerve with me. Whaaa? It’s been said that crying can be cathartic, you know? *whistles*

Anyhoo, I was hooked right till the very end and left wanting more.

#DoYouDare to pick up Mr One-Night Stand? Go on, you know you want to... *winks* Rachael Stewart It was fantastic, I loved the power dynamic between the couple. Jennifer was very much in control most of the time. She is bloody hot and she knows it *fans self* but she is also very aware of Marcus and the effect she has on him. She is sexy and confident and smart, she knows what she wants and yeah, she's going to get it.

The blurb of this one led me to think that a lot less was going to happen than what actually did - and so it was a very pleasant surprise to read the full story. I liked the way it all panned out, I liked the lust and the steadily growing feelings, the way that the story was so much more than I expected.

I know it's Mills & Boon and it's romance, and that Dare is the most erotic of all of their series, but wow. Mr One-Night Stand is seriously sexy, steamy, and sensual. It's sex positive and feminist and it is definitely one of my favourite romances because of that. It's a book I will definitely reread, and an author I will definitely seek out more of.

I wish that I'd had the foresight to have the ingredients for a vodka martini ready at hand, as I was certainly craving one after the first chapter. I did end up snacking on olives though. Rachael Stewart I've been reading a couple of DARE books each month, so I was really happy to get an early copy of this one. It's sexy and fun - of course. And I love a good office romance where both the hero and the heroine have something to lose. But I think what I liked best was the way the author handled very real the family issues, including alcoholism, while still keeping the tone hot. Great read! Rachael Stewart

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