More Than a Game By Phil Jackson

Our entire family were season ticket holders when Phil Jackson was a coach in the CBA! We loved reading about his rise to fame in his career! We hope there will be an update in the years to come. It was well written and very interesting to anyone who loves the world of and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback For the love of the game. For the live of the game. Phil Jackson at his best. Thanks Charley and Phil and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback Insightful.but vague at times also.still a good read.a lot of the jargon lost me at times, but was fine once I saw the glossary. and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback THIS BOOK SHARES MANY INSIGHTS INTO THE LAKERS CHAMPIONSHIP RUN,AND ALSO THE CHAMPION CHICAGO BULLS, AND PHIL'S VIEW OF MANY OF THE PLAYERS, TEAMS AND COACHES IN THE NBA. FOR THE NBA FAN, ITS ALWAYS INTERESTING TO HEAR WHAT THE COACH IS THINKING, VERSES WHAT YOU READ IN and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback I enjoy basketball but my knowledge of the players and game is moderate. If I were a basketball fanatic or a die hard Lakers fan, I'd probably give this book five stars. But for me, it was just too detailed about players and events, and didn't hold my interest. I found and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback


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***MET PHIL JACKSON IN CHICAGO & MET MICHAEL JORDON ON THE SAME NIGHT***MY HEART WAS BEATING SO FAST, I COULD BARELY BREATHE***IT WAS MORE THAN A GAME THAT NIGHT***IT WAS A FANTASY NIGHT***IT WAS ON MY DAUGHTER'S LIST OF THINGS SHE WANTED TO DO BEFORE SHE DIED WAS TO SEE and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback The book meanders around several themes Phil's youth in the game, the Triangle Offense, Phil's coaching career prior to the Bulls, his Lakers first coaching season, and Charley's experiences throughout. While these are each interesting topics, the format of alternating and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback I was referred to this book because of its emphasis on teamwork and selflessness. Well done. I am a diehard Pistons fan and still think Phil whined too much when they were chasing us. His philosophy on what the Triangle emphasizes, sharing and movement are foundational. and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback Lessons in Leadership from the legendary Phil Jackson. Fabulous read on what it takes to lead some of the greatest athletes. Be true to your philosophy and always aspire to improve. and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback FANTASTIC BOOK the story of LIFE and COACHING WAY of PHIL JACKSON and His best FRIEND Charley ROSEN. This is a book of FRIENDSHIP, of LOVE addressed to BASKETBALL, this is a very credible source of information concerned NBA and profi Basketball, this is a book of and 1 more , Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

More than a Gamecovers the years that followthe onefeatured in the ESPN documentary series The Last Dance.

After leaving the Bulls at the end of the 1997 1998 seasonthe year featured in the new ESPN documentary series The Last DancePhil Jackson had one year off and started to write this booktogether with his old friend, fellow player and coach, the basketball novelist Charley Rosen. Then Phil took the LA Lakers coaching job, Rosen followed him there, and by the time they finished writing this book it was 2000 and Phil had won yet another NBA championship, the first of five he would win with his new team.
In MorethanaGame, Jackson and Rosen look backward to their origins as players and coaches, forward to the future of thegame of basketball, and linger in the moving target of the presentlavishing page after page on the Triangle Offense and all the ways it reveals the essence of thegameof basketball they both love so much. This is Jackson in his prime, transitioning from the Bulls to the Lakers, a master of the art of winning, who would go on to claimNBA championships, eleven,thanany other coach in NBA history. As he writes in MorethanaGameof his newest championship team: We won because our fundamentals were sound, because Shaq was so dominant and Kobe was so creative, but we also won because we developed a certain confidence in our ability to win. More Than a Game