Monster Girl Under My Bed (Master of the Monsterverse, #2) By Jamie Hawke

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What's better than a monster girl? Two monster girls! Or three, maybe. Four? Sure!

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. First things first, all the insanity at Big Bear was handled, but it was only the beginning of our troubles.

So here I am, finding myself on a f#ucking QUEST! Something about bad things happening if we fail? Searching out a hidden magical item. Near death. The usual.

Mostly, though, it's about having a damn good time with my monster girls. Both in and out of the bedroom.

Here's my journey. There's no way you could possibly enjoy it as much as I do, but I hope my telling of it can at least convey some of the amazingness that is my new life.

WARNING: Monster ladies, adult situations, and violence abound. Monster Girl Under My Bed (Master of the Monsterverse, #2)

Best monster girls yet

This is rapidly becoming my favorite genre. I have to admit the revelation of the girls is a new and very successful twist. Jamie Hawke I really enjoyed the narrative unity of this novel and the increase in metonymy ideas presented to create more depth to the story that were lacking in the first book.

I believe it is worth reading through the first to get to the narrative presented within the second. It may or may not be a series I continue down the line... but for now my interest has not been held. We will see how the author introduces even more complex plot going forward in the next volume. Jamie Hawke Fun Read

Ferris continues to have fun and adventures with his summoned monster girls. They have a goal to find an artifact that would enable them to transport to the monster world. Sex and adventures ensure with intrigue and interdimensional politics thrown in. I like the action, humor, and love/lust. I look forward to the next book. Jamie Hawke So far quite good

For me, I normally evaluate a series every 5 volumes/episodes so I its too soon to say more than already have So far quite good Jamie Hawke Nope. DNF at 45%
The plot goes nowhere. Some not sexy mother daughter competition was bad enough.
The last straw is when the MC starts bragging to his douchey friends about how he banged each of his girls, how and where. Nope, that's where I bow out to find some classier Monster girl harem book. Jamie Hawke

Great edition to the series

Monsters under the bed and in it which means it’s full of fun, fighting and other such things. The MC continues to evolve along with his harem and it’s done at a sensible pace.

Well written, especially liked the wee Scottish bits (Scotch indeed 😡), so look forward to plenty more of the same, plus more pics of the girls.

Enjoy 😁 Jamie Hawke Better and Better

The first book strained just a tad to fit all the characters , action, and plot into a streamlined forward movement. This book is far more polished in how it treats everything, expanding plot, relationships, and characters in impressive ways. It will be very interesting to see where we go from here. Recommended (19+) Jamie Hawke I enjoyed it

I look forward to reading the next 2 books. I liked the characters; their personalities and motivations work well off each other and are believable (though some of the things they do are strange such as licking each other). Ferris has what many dudes dream of: a Monster Girl Harem. My favorite one is Kinara. Milrae seems creepy based on her drawing, to be fair though, she mellows out a lot. I wonder if Tooth and that Lamia will appear again?

The sex scenes were great to read. It along with everything else was well-paced. The kiss scenes in particular were the best. That and the introduction of that furry nightmare monster who quickly becomes an ally to the team. I guess my only gripes were some of the prose could’ve been a little better and some of the descriptions are gross. But otherwise, I enjoyed it.

If you like monster girls and action, this’s for you. Check it out. Jamie Hawke Gets more interesting

Fantasy monster girls harem LitRPG adult situations
In book 2 the series added LitRPG leveling to the quest story. A fourth monster girl joins Ferris' team, and he gains abilities with each monster girl who joins the harem. My only quibble is the sizeable sample of the next book at the end. I'd rather have more of the current story. Still, I'm in for book 3. Jamie Hawke Thrilling, exciting and fun!

Damn, so these books know how to party!
Fun, excitement and strange magic's.
A hidden world of monsters, some dangerous and ugly, other otherworldly gorgeous.
And one lucky guy stuck in the middle.

I love this series as it's so fun and exciting, with thrilling adventure, battles and plenty of laughs and jokes on the side.

Definitely want to see the next one! Jamie Hawke