Mixed Media In Clay: Techniques for Paper Clay, Plaster, Resin and MoreMcElroy, Darlene Olivia, Chapman, Pat By Darlene Olivia McElroy, Pat Chapman


What can you do with clay? Anything you want.

For all that you can make with it, clay is an artists dream the perfect way to add mix to your mixed media art. But if the baking and firing it usually requires arent your thing, youve come to the right book! In Mixed Media in Clay youll use this traditional medium in excitingly different ways (no oven or kiln needed), and well also explore a wide array of alternative clays and clay like options (resin, plastic, paper mache, plaster and , even homemade recipes) and the many surprising ways you can use them. Create jewelry beads or a large sculpture. Produce a print or a textural background for a painting. Cast a replica or a replacement part. Create art big and small. Theres no limit what you can do with clay and its creative cousins! Darlene Olivia McElroy and Pat Chapman expertly guide the way with plenty of inspiration, ideas, techniques and troubleshooting tips.

Inside you will find:

19 chapters covering printing, casting, molding, armatures, sculpting, pouring, dipping and
12 types of clay and alternatives (including resin clay, paper mache, plaster, fiber paste and Critter Clay, powdered clay and ) plus recipes for six make at home clay mediums
More than 130 techniques, than 40 tips and countless project ideas
Access to exclusive online content 4 full step by step projects and even tips and techniques
So, what are you waiting for? Let your clay play adventures begin! Mixed Media In Clay: Techniques for Paper Clay, Plaster, Resin and MoreMcElroy, Darlene Olivia, Chapman, Pat

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I felt this book did a good job of introducing you to many different kinds of medium, showing you how they can be used the same way (for instance the best medium to use with molds) with different results. I felt confident enough after reading this book to get some of these medium, play with them and see where they will fit within my personal artwork style. Im super glad I picked this book up! I look forward to reading by the same author. English Excellent book, with loads of new and inventive ideas and projects. English This is a book full of ideas, and will stay in my reference library. It covers a wide variety of clay and clay like media, with various techniques for using each. I expect to come back to it regularly to check on ideas that caught my attention. There's an interesting approach to making three dimensional sculptures from layered cardboard, for instance, that I'll come back to when I want some cute little figures maybe for tree ornaments. And then there's a method I'm keeping in mind for building up relief images on a hard surface using fiber paste. So I really like the combination of project ideas and techniques with a variety of materials. I wish the book had been a little thoroughly indexed, but then, when I page through it looking for something I half remember, I find other interesting things along the way! English I am an Art Potter and have been working in stoneware clay over 20 years. I have recently become interested in working with non fired clay and found this new book. I immediately ordered it and am very impressed with it. The types of clay are clearly described and evaluated, the projects are clearly illustrated and I am even excited about working with these products. Anyone interested in working in clay would benefit from this book, even a traditional potter like myself can get ideas for use with stoneware clay. Highly Recommend! English Stimulating, inspiring, exciting. I gobbled this book up as soon it arrived, turning page after page, barely pausing to let anything sink in, because I knew I wouldn't put it away as I couldn't put it down. Other reviewers have discussed the contents, so let me share some of my aha's: the use of plaster to make paintings and collage elements, sculpting with aluminum foil and joint compound (yay!), recipes for air dry clay, homemade molding putty and cake decorating piping of fiber paste to make objects and elements.Wowee! I've got a long list of new things to try and to make. This book does so well what I hope all craft books will do inform, suggest, delight, point to new directions, break my mind and practice out of its silos. While I'm less happy about the very expensive resin clay discussed, I'm so excited with all the at hand/home made options for every technique. The idea of layering and having each layer communicate is an underlying philosophy here. As I'm not much for embellishments, this is a push in a useful direction as the ways to render these are innovative. English