Mistaken Identity (Regency House Party: Somerstone #3) By Mindy Burbidge Strunk

Conrad Pinkerton, the Marquess of Kendal, despises society; the scheming, the guises, and the games they play. And yet, for his twin brother, he agrees to a temporary guise of his own, pretending to be his brother for a house party. Playing the fop should be easy, as long as he keeps everyone at a distance. But when he meets Jessica Standish, he wishes she didn’t think he was someone else.
Jessica Standish has never been considered worthy by the ton and now that she and her mother are penniless, the chances of a good match seem out of reach. Even the matchmaking schemes of the Countess Du’Breven seem doomed to failure. This house party will change nothing, though it’s hard not to hope when she sees Lord Ian again. The connection between them grows, though he seems so different from the man she remembers.
With his family name and fortune on the line, Conrad knows he should leave with his secret intact. After all, how can she truly love him if she thinks he’s someone else? Mistaken Identity (Regency House Party: Somerstone #3)


Mindy Burbidge Strunk ï 4 Free read

This was another fun read in this series. I enjoyed this one. It did drag out a bit longer then necessary. A good author fills the time with a believable reasons why the secret can't be revealed. It almost got 3 stars for it but I just enjoyed the story and the interconnecting of this whole series. There was also a very unanswered question in this one and I am wondering if it will be answered in another story so I am not going to knock a star off for that either. SPOILER( Is the Ghost real? That was such an odd ending of that scene)
This can be read on it's own but is much funner read in order so you can see the previous stories woven in. 204 I am enjoying this series of novellas. Each story is told about a couple at the same house party. Every story is told by seeing the other characters from a different point of view. Each story is penned by a different author.

In this story, the mistaken identity of an identical twin leads to a better happily-ever-after. I look forward to reading the next one. Each book can be read in any order. 204
This story was just okay in my opinion. There was some really good moments but also some boring ones. Overall concept was good, and the writing was good. Just needed to be more interesting 204 🎁 FREE on Amazon today (7/4/2019)! 🎁
204 Mistaken Identity was a fun, lighthearted Regency featuring an identical twin taking his rascal of a brother’s place at a house party, only to fall in love with a woman who believes him to be his brother. I haven’t read too many romances featuring mistaken identity but it was a fun trope to watch unfold.

Conrad and Jes’ relationship was adorable, full of plenty of sweetness and humor, especially their made-up names for the rooms in the Estate where they were staying. Jes finds herself in a mess as she unknowingly becomes caught between these identical twins, who both treat her completely differently, which made the unfolding romance between her and Conrad full of plenty of angst. I did think the deception carried on a bit too long but overall I thought it was an enjoyable story. 204

Nicely edited, but a little tedious

Even pacing, superb editing, and a touch of humor prevent this story from sinking entirely into tedium. All ends well for the main characters, including the heroine's mother. The next book featuring the hero's ne'er-do-well brother may be more interesting, assuming there's character growth and redemption. 204 This book grabbed my attention at the beginning with the promise of fun mischief to be had when twins switch places. Conrad Pinkerton, the Marquess of Kendal arrives to play the temporary role of his brother Ian. It wasn't the greatest plan, but it became even more so a disaster when Miss Jessica Standish becomes involved in life .

What is neat about this series is each book is written by a different author from different characters all taking place at a house party at Somerstone. They are standalone stories and can be read in any order. I did find small inconsistencies throughout and in varying degrees between the books, but overall I would recommend the series to anyone who enjoys clean regency romances.

I would give the series as a whole 4 stars.

And, to keep it all straight in my mind... I'm going to list out my favorites:
1. An Unlikely Courtship (#2) 4.5 stars
2. The Unwanted Suitor (#1) 4.5 stars
3. The Stable Master's Daughter (#4) 3 stars
4. Mistaken Identity (#3) 3.5 stars
5. Tabitha's Folly (#5) 2 stars
6. Damen's Secret (Novella) 2 stars

(It's really hard to pick a favorite between books 1 & 2. I would happily reread either; but I think If I had them on my shelf, I'd grab An Unlikely Courtship first.) 204 Loving this series!

The Recency house party guests are so enjoyable to follow and see who they end up with. Their stories are all entertaining and unique! I want more! 204 Didn't care for this book too much. I couldn't tolerate the silly made up stories the hero told the heroin that she seemed to enjoy so much. I didn't like the hero's twin brother, a total ass. And I didn't like how the hero allowed his brother to manipulate him. Suffice it to say, I only made it too chapter 9. 204 This one was my least favorite of the Regency House Party series so far. I found both main characters likable, but not so much their story line. It seemed to drag on for far longer than the others. 204