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Mirage theme held my attention as did carefully studied distances between st the stories checkpoints. Good job on charachter building. Mirage by James Follett A harrowing and partly true story that began with the end of the Israeli Six Day War. Circumstances of international politics led to a plan by Israel to steal plans for the French fighter jet Mirage. The story was full of intrigue and suspense... and intense love and mystery. Mirage by James Follett What a story!! Have to give Isreal a salute! The Kfir and the South African Cheetah were superior supersonic planes. I was fortunate to have worked with them during the first phase of the Cheetah project!! Mirage by James Follett


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1967-1969. Based on the true story of how Israel's Mossad agents stole three tonnes of Mirage fighter drawings following General de Gaulle's disastrous ban on the supply of these aircraft that were vital to Israel's defence. Mirage by James Follett

The author's writing style is good but the plot towards the end is not as good as one would expect. Mirage by James Follett As a Ken Follett fan I figured I'd give James look thinking he must be related. It turns out I don't think he us, but his writing is on par with Ken. I will definitely be reading more from him in the future. Mirage by James Follett Great spy thriller

This book was an accidental discovery looking for old Ken Follett books. The book description looked interesting and it was Kindle Unlimited so it was free. I am very glad I did as it was a great spy thriller based on real events in Israel and France. This is well worth the time to read as it is well written and plotted. Mirage by James Follett Another tough one to rate. 3.5 stars for sure, but short of a four due to the story dragging in the middle. It was very interesting to learn about the desperate plight of Israel following the six day war to source a modern fighter plane that could compete with the Russian sourced Migs that were supplied to her Arab enemies.
The actual theft of plans and engineering drawings for the Mirage fighter was engaging and to its credit, the story virtually races to the ending. But for some more rigorous editing this was an easy four star, with a strong opening and finish. Anyone interested in the history of the late sixties and Israel should enjoy this book. Mirage by James Follett I have read A Cage of Eagles by James Follet and enjoyed it a lot (would highly recommend to adults) so I wanted to try another book with a facinating (based on truth) story.

The writing was just as gripping and the story was just as facinating as I expected; however, all through the book were explicit, highly disturbing and unnecessary sex and violence details which just got in the way of the story. A hideously grotesque and obscene torture scene near the end is probably the worst but there are several other lurid scenes throughout. The story would have easily rated 3 stars if it had not jarred all the way through with this lazy style of writing. The bad scenes and their effects outwayed any benefit or interest the book had. I would not recommend it. Mirage by James Follett