Microsoft Excel 2016 Functions Formulas Quick Reference CardWindows Version (4-page Cheat Sheet focusing on examples and context for ... functions and formulasLaminated Guide) By Beezix Inc

Way over my head. It looks mostly like Greek. I probably won' use it much. I've had other users take a look and after one glance they glared at me like I was an alien to even own such a thing. If I was smart enough to follow about 70% of it I 4 pages Do you want to do than the basics if so this little cheat sheet will unlock the potential of your software. Although I have purchased books, and taken courses, these quick peeks provide the answers in just seconds. I keep them at my home office, and at work. Now I can accomplish tasks faster thus reducing time sensitive stress 4 pages Info needed without the space my old books took up 4 pages I purchased 3 different Microsoft Reference Guides just to have them in my office in case I need them. I know the basics of Microsoft Excel but I don't use the program very often. I have had to use the guides a couple of times and they have been very useful. Good to have in 4 pages Tons of information packed into this laminated reference! Fits well into a binder. Great resource. If given the choice, if created, I would have purchased a large print but I don't believe that is offered. Font is fine but my eyes are old! 4 pages


I am pretty proficient at excel and still find this aud helpful. 4 pages I love it, I wanted a reference to maximize my Microsoft Excel experience 4 pages Quick and easy cheat sheet when you find yourself trying to understand or create a formula. So simple to look up common answers instead of looking them up in a book or the Internet. 4 pages I would recommend for quick use for new learning & refresher coursing. 4 pages I like having a quick cheat sheet around. For a self taught excel user sometimes things/stuff happeneds and you don’t have the time to look through a massive volume reference book. Having a quick most used in the office/home cheat sheet is so helpful for me. It might not 4 pages

Geared toward the intermediate to advanced Excel 2016 user, this example rich 4 page laminated card/guide provides explanations and context for many powerful Excel 2016 spreadsheet formulas and functions. Step by step instructions for many formula/function related features such as using range names, and Excel's troubleshooting features. Written with Beezix's trademark focus on clarity, accuracy, and the user's perspective, this guide will be a valuable resource to improve your proficiency in using Microsoft Excel 2016. This guide is suitable as a training handout, or simply an easy to use reference guide. Topics include: Controlling Order of Precedence Conditionally Summing/Counting Data (SUMIF, COUNTIF) Being Precise (Rounding functions) Improving Clarity with Range Names: Creating Names, Limiting Scope, Defining a Constant or Formula for a Name, Managing Names, Indirectly Referring to a Named Range (INDIRECT) New Functions for Office 365, Mobile Being Precise; Merging Text Table Lookups; Table Lookups with IF and ISERROR; Dates Single and Multi Cell Arrays.This guide is one of multiple titles available for Excel 2016, other Excel titles are: Excel 2016 Introduction (ISBN 1939791928); Excel 2016 Charts Excel 2016 Tables, PivotTables, Sorting, Filtering Excel 2016 Business Analytics Excel 2016 Advanced Features & Macros (ISBN 9781944684082). Microsoft Excel 2016 Functions Formulas Quick Reference CardWindows Version (4-page Cheat Sheet focusing on examples and context for ... functions and formulasLaminated Guide)

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