Merriam-Webster’s French-English Dictionary By Inc. Merriam-Webster

This book was shipped fast got it before the Eta date! Great little book! Inc. Merriam-Webster Compré este diccionario ya que estamos estudiando frances en casa, y esta muy completo, además cuenta con una guía para poder sacarle el mayor provecho para entender las abreviaturas y explicaciones que contiene de cada palabra y tiene una sección al principio con las reglas básicas del francés, lo recomiendo totalmente. Tenía duda solo porque vi un par de comentarios donde se quejaban de la impresión pero el que recibimos esta perfecto. Inc. Merriam-Webster I bought this for the phonetics to help with pronounciation. They are there and I imagine they would be useful if I could actually read them! Even with my reading glasses on the text in this dictionary is hard to read it's too small with a poor quality typeface on poor quality paper. Crisp text on quality properly WHITE paper would have been much better even if the text had to be this small.OK, I exagerate slightly. I can just about read it but it's no pleasure at all to do so, in fact it's darned hard work.My advice if you are looking for a similar dictionary is look elsewhere. If you want this particular one for the phonetics then buy an edition with larger print or, at very least, check in a bookshop to see if you can get along with the poor quality tiny text of this edition. Inc. Merriam-Webster It’s a concise well rounded dual dictionary. I wish it did have a usable pronunciation guide for French word and have been printed in white paper. Inc. Merriam-Webster J’adore ce dictionnaire français anglais car il contient dès terme français canadien et pas seulement français (France). Il y avait un petit plus dessus la page couverture mais rien de bien grave Inc. Merriam-Webster


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This mass market paperback is the ultimate bilingual, bidirectional guide to French and North American English with extensive coverage of Canadian French. And it can be a helpful tool for homeschooling and remote learning. It contains 80,000 entries and 100,000 translations. Abundant examples of words used in context are given. Special sections include French Grammar, Conjugation of French Verbs, Common French Abbreviations, and French Numbers. Merriam-Webster’s French-English Dictionary

The cover is good, but the paper quality is like a newspaper kind of quality. Because if the gray color? But overall its ok…. Inc. Merriam-Webster Delivered books that were worn looking and scratched/small tears on the front covers. I kept them because I needed for school and couldn’t find elsewhere. No worth the money for the quality though. Inc. Merriam-Webster My boy uses it for his high school classes perfect for in his bag Inc. Merriam-Webster Good quality, has loads of info. Has both an Eng to Fre dictionary section and a Fre to Eng section. Perfect for writing in person, in class assignments for university level French. Je le kiffe! Inc. Merriam-Webster Students like it. Inc. Merriam-Webster