Memory Improvement Next-Gen: Memory Improvement for Success in Business, Career and Work for Highly Effective People (12 Secret Languages - Memory Personality effects on Success and Failure in Life) By Dan Agervig Hansen

Read Memory Improvement Next-Gen: Memory Improvement for Success in Business, Career and Work for Highly Effective People (12 Secret Languages - Memory Personality effects on Success and Failure in Life)

This book revolutionizes our understanding of memory and its impact on critical parts of our lives. Read and apply to become a frontrunner in the Next Generation of Memory Personality Improvement.

# The 12 Secret Languages and the Free Memory Personality Online Test will unlock your Memory Personality. Using the test results, you will be able to use your favorite memory languages to Remember and Learn better, easier and faster.

# Using neuroscience and learning theories, you will with the 12 Secret Languages learn to leverage memory techniques that help you remember anything fast and retain it forever.

# You will realize which types of memory techniques works for you depending on your Memory Personality.

# You will get 15 laser targeted mem techs, which will help you to continuously stay on target with your goals. You will improve your work efficiency by learning to remember best practices and procedures, and you will create stronger relations with your customers, colleagues and vendors.

# We reveal the Magic Mem Tech Formula that will allow you to master any memory technique. You will discover which ones to choose depending on your work situation.

This book will uncover your incredible memory potential, whether you are a leader, employee, career shifter, job seeker or student.

Dan Agervig Hansen, CEO, Corporate Trainer, Best Selling Author
During his time as a candidate for the European Parliament, Dan released two books on memory techniques in organizations. He has given +1000 personal presentations. This 3rd, revolutionary book is the Next Generation of Memory Improvement and it will help you succeed in your work life, career and business.

Ariel de Mercurio, Switzerland
Psychologist | Psychotherapist
40 Years clinical practice
Director School Psychology Services

This book explores a unique way to access your Memory personality using the 12 Secret Languages. It provides next generation memory tools to optimally manage learning. Better mastery of your memory is definitely a must for all who aspire to succeed in life. This is a useful resource for all professionals and educators.

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Having a great memory is a fundamental and skill for corporate success.; like goal realization, work efficiency, and relationship building are critical milestones for your career and business. Here, you get all of it, including a memory personality test that drastically improves your learning and communication. This is truly a revolutionizing catalyst for professional success.

Memory Improvement Next-Gen: Memory Improvement for Success in Business, Career and Work for Highly Effective People (12 Secret Languages - Memory Personality effects on Success and Failure in Life)

Have read few books on this topic from teenage and gained a lot.
However, this book with it’s techniques is a big leap forward for this century.
I recommend it for young students, professionals and even older folks who want a refresher. Kindle Dan's 12 secret languages is not your typical 'improve your memory' technique based approach. It actually approaches it from a personality type with respect to how we fundamentally learn in a broader as well as specific ways. Human's learn from our own experience as well as from other's experience, broadly speaking. In this process, various sensory organs and thinking approaches are utilized. So, it is about 'learning to learn'. When we are aware of this approach, one can truly appreciate Dan's insight and do a efficient job at refining our learning. For example, I already know that I am 'just do it' person, but I also realized that I don't dwell on something for too long and would like to try it out first before going back to the black board. So, this also throws light on how I may work with someone who is thinking based and wants to try it only at the end of the thinking. Secondly, I also realize that I am lacking (in interest and practice) of organizing people, which explains my general ignorance of 'leading' people. So, this helps me focus on things that will help me in my projects as well as avoid pitfalls. Last example: I am a very visual person and explain things visually to others. This has been a big disconnect with people when they are not visual learners. So, I now adjust my approach to combine various ways to share information. This has led to appreciation in my communication. Overall, based on scientific as well as experiential approach. Recommend it highly for people of all ages, including for couples as well as teams. You may be just surprised how some missing spots, when discovered, can cause harmony and joy in learning! Kindle I have recently attended a work conducted by Dan. I have been struggling for twenty years to remember ten sutras from a spiritual text 'Complete works of Ramachndra', for living a balanced life. Amazingly, at the end of the workshop, I am able to repeat verbatim all the ten sutras. Thank you Dan for rolling back several years from my 65 years. I am sure, by implementing the techniques elucidated in the book, I will be rejuvenated memory wise. Kindle Dan is a very matured author with lots of expertise in varied fields. His memory tips will be a great asset to pick up from his book. A must read item.
Congratulations for creating such an amazing book. Kindle I’m so impressed by the content in this book written by Dan Agervig Hansen. Especially the enormous work that clearly lies behind the Memory Personality Test. I look much forward to also joining the Udemy course “Next Generation Memory & Learning Improvement”. I heard really great things about that too. Kindle

Thanks for your suggestions. Trying itand it's very helpful. Kindle