Meerkat Madness (Meerkat Madness #1) By Ian Whybrow

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A madcap meerkat adventure, kids will love this fast paced read. 9780007411535 Fun book to read with your kids. 9780007411535 god my childhood bookshelf is a mess 9780007411535 This series was dope back then. Bahaha. 9780007411535 My favourite Awesome Animals book yet!
I love the descriptions of the Blah Blahs items in the egg chamber. The pictures were needed to understand some of them though.
Read to my son at bedtime. Hopefully, when he's older and reading it again he will enjoy it as much as I did. 9780007411535


This is a funny series about the adventures of some meerkat pups in the Kalahari desert. They are looked after by their much older 'Uncle Fearless' who used to be King of the meerkats and has exciting tales of when he met the 'blah blahs' (humans). It is a light hearted funny book and my daughter loved it and we have now read all four books in the series. 9780007411535 Niedliches, lustiges Kinderbuch (ich hab's vorgelesen...).
Die zahlreichen alterntive Begriffe für Menschen, menschliche Dinge und menschliches Tun sind unterhaltsam - allerdings wird in der ersten Hälfte des Buches ein bisschen viel darauf herumgetrampelt, so dass es dort teilweise ein bisschen zäh ist. In der zweiten Hälfte nimmt das Buch deutlich fahrt auf!
Die Kinder mochten es; für 4 Sterne reichte es knapp trotzdem nicht...

PS: Das Ende kenn' ich nicht, weil es meine Frau zuende vorgelesen hat ;-) 9780007411535 silly book with very cute

i started it as a kid but just got around to finishing it now and its genuinely a sweet book. i probably wouldve rated it higher if i finished it as a kid

the pace of the story is great for someone with a short attention span because its a kid’s book and the plot is endearing

would recommend to a kid for sure 9780007411535 Good introduction to chapter books. Suitable for year 3/4 children. Could be used within guided reading as offers a lot of opportunities for discussion of events and characters, and comprehension of text. 9780007411535 Cute with a good vocabulary. A bit on the long side though. 9780007411535

The first book in the hilarious Awesome Animals series – awesome adventures with the wildest wildlife.

Told in Ian Whybrow’s unique style, this hilarious animal adventure starring ever-popular meerkats is a funny, fast-paced, sure-fire hit.
Meerkat Madness is the story of a burrow of meerkat pups and their eccentric babysitter, Uncle Fearless who once travelled to the Blah-Blah camp at the edge of the desert. Truth be told, Uncle is a bit of a show-off but the pups love his colourful stories even if they don’t really believe them.

But then they find a mysterious object buried in the sand and it isn’t long before they are caught up in a daring adventure of their own!

A hilarious story about ever-endearing meerkats from the creator of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs. Meerkat Madness (Meerkat Madness #1)