Me, Myself, and Them By Kurt Snyder

I found this book very interesting. It was cool to read from an adolescent perspective of schizophrenia. The things that Kyle had to endure seem horrifying. I am glad he decided to write this book in a way to help raise awareness about schizophrenia. This book could also be of great use to teens and young adults who may have recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia. It’s a beacon of hope for them and helps them realize that things will get better; you just have to work through the touph parts. Me, Myself, and Them My son has Schizophrenia and I was looking for a book that was written from the perspective of someone who has this illness. The author wrote this book when he was 29 in 2007. My son is just turning 37 and has been dealing with schizophrenia for 10 years now. I admire his strength and courage and love him to bits - this is a good book to help all those involved, the patient and their family members; most informative.
Me, Myself, and Them This was an excellent how-to guide for dealing with schizophrenia, whether you have the illness or yourself or just know someone who does. It describes the various facets of the disease using multiple first-hand accounts, and gives the options for treatment. I would recommend this to anyone who has just been diagnosed with schizophrenia, has a loved one who was diagnosed, or (like me) is just curious about the illness. Me, Myself, and Them Me, Myself, and Them is a nonfiction book giving a first-hand account of schizophrenia. It also has a large amount of information about treatment for the mental illness. Whether you have schizophrenia or are just interested to learn more, it contains some useful information. It cleared up a lot of misconceptions that I had about schizophrenia. The only downside is that this book is quite old now, so some parts of it might be quite outdated.

While I do not have schizophrenia, I have been interested in mental illnesses for quite a while now. I thought it would be good to educate myself. I was very intrigued by the author's story. It gave me on schizophrenia that I did not have before. I'm giving this book 3.5 stars, just because it's most likely outdated by now. But besides that, it is a good book.

I would recommend this book for anyone who has or thinks that they have schizophrenia. Or just for someone interested in the topic Me, Myself, and Them If you are looking for a book on cases of schizophrenia that go down into deep extremes, involving permanent hospitalization, don't read this book. If you are looking to find out about real and more common cases of schizophrenia or how to help yourself or someone you know with the disease, then this book is perfect for you. Information on common symptoms, medication, help services and ways of treatment, all offer great help to anyone suffering from this illness and everyone who wishes to know about how to manage symptoms out of pure interest for psychological disorders. Me, Myself, and Them


Kurt Snyder Ò 6 Summary

During his second semester at college, Kurt Snyder became convinced that he was about to discover a fabulously important mathematical principle, spending hours lost in daydreams about numbers and symbols. In time, his thoughts took a darker turn, and he became preoccupied with the idea that cars were following him, or that strangers wanted to harm him. Kurt's mind had been hijacked by schizophrenia, a severe mental disorder that typically strikes during the late teen or young adult years.
In Me, Myself, and Them, Kurt, now an adult, looks back from the vantage point of recovery and eloquently describes the debilitating changes in thoughts and perceptions that took hold of his life during his teens and twenties. As a memoir, this book is remarkable for its unvarnished look at the slow and difficult process of coming back from severe mental illness. Yet Kurt's memoir is only half the story. With the help of psychiatrist Raquel E. Gur, M.D., Ph.D., and veteran science writer Linda Wasmer Andrews, Kurt paints the big picture for others affected by adolescent schizophrenia. Drawing on the latest scientific and medical evidence, he explains how to recognize warning signs, where to find help, and what treatments have proved effective. Kurt also offers practical advice on topics of particular interest to young people, such as suggestions on managing the illness at home, school, and work, and in relationships with family and friends.
Part of the Adolescent Mental Health Initiative series of books written specifically for teens and young adults, My, Myself, and Them offers hope to young people who are struggling with schizophrenia, helping them to understand and manage thechallenges of this illness and go on to lead healthy lives. Me, Myself, and Them

Very quick, easy read. As a mental health worker, it was a nice reminder of what our patients deal with and how this illness develops over time. Great read for a newly diagnosed individual as it gives a basic outline of meds, hospitalization, and of course the authors personal story to show how he overcame hallucinations, delusions, etc. Me, Myself, and Them An interesting book that mixes medical facts about schizophrenia in with a true account of an individual with schizophrenia. There are also a few accounts from others who have dealt with schizophrenia. The book is written for Americans, as it refers to treatments and groups local to America.

My one point of contention: the author mentions the rate and risk of abuse in schizophrenia sufferers, and explains some people won't take no for an answer, followed immediately with how to prevent getting into the situation. It makes no allowances for the (majority) people who do a lot of things right and are still raped or abused. It also makes no mention of the right to press charges or how to seek help, and glosses over the need for treatment of likely PTSD after such an incident. While taking defensive actions to prevent what one can is important, it feels a little like victim blaming and does a poor job of helping victims get the help and understanding they need. It's clearly a large topic for a book focused on other issues, but it does a shallow job of pointing those in need in the right direction here. Me, Myself, and Them This is an excellent book that tells the tale of one young man’s journey with schizophrenia. It describes the ups and downs of the disease that often resembles that of a roller coaster ride. The book is written for young adults and is easy to understand. The author is brutally honest is his descriptions, but makes sure the reader understands that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout the book there are references, definitions of places, and concepts he refers to. In this way no misunderstanding occurs between the author and the reader. At the end of the book there is an extra amount of information provided in order to reach out to those whom might need help.

This book was amazing. As a parent to a young child that was just diagnosed, I was very happy to read this. There seems to be a stigma that is given to those whom are diagnosed with mental illness and especially toward those that suffer from schizophrenia. The author gave a realistic portrayal of what it is like to have this disease, but showed that it is not always bad. The movies, book, and the general population have stereotyped a group of people that they do not understand. The author has provided a wonderful example of how a person can rise above the label and soar to success. I believe that my child with time shall do the same. I strongly feel that it is very important for all parents and educators to seek out information for their children who are diagnosed. Books such as this one are tools against the oncoming madness and keys to the success that they can have. I highly recommend this book to all and I am grateful to the author for taking the time to share his experience. It was well worth it and much appreciated!
Me, Myself, and Them I had to read this book for my psychology course and I found it very deep and emotional also helpful to understand what people who have this have to go through unfortunately Me, Myself, and Them More of a self-help for those recently diagnosed with schizophrenia than a memoir. The book does have some helpful resources for mental health providers or those affected by schizophrenia. Me, Myself, and Them