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very helpful Lgbt memoir Fast Delivery and good price Lgbt memoir I am using this with a Korean student to help her prepare for the Citizenship Interview/Test. She likes the book and the DVD which has eased her anxiety quite a bit. Watching the DVD repeatedly and discussing the process has been a great experience for her. The text is complete without being too overwhelming. Well worth owning. Lgbt memoir

Just what I was looking for. Lgbt memoir Don’t bother Lgbt memoir I bought it because of DVD. I was hopping to get interactive studding. But DVD contain only 3 video interviews with USCIS officer, 5 quizzes (10 question each some of them repeat each other from quiz to quiz) and some interactive menu links which open one of dialogs from one of three interviews. That's it. No 100 civic questions from history, no help with forms, no English tests or anything like it. DVD is useless unless you want to watch over and over interview where interviewed endlessly ask officer to repeat the questions.
As for book, it's a waste of money. The book suppose to help you study history, help to fill up N400 (they could simply fill up it with fake info for sample sake) but it doesn't explain what needs to fill up in paragraph. let say Part4 paragraph B: Care of______ care of WHAT?! The book does not give an explanation. There are questions asking you in this book than answers explaining them like: Why is voting both right and responsibility? or: What does the Statue of Liberty means to you? What do you think of when you see it?. The book does not have answers. And those only samples of questions.
Another aspect of the book is it ask you Find someone who has become a US citizen to interview him. What is that?! Joke? The book suppose to give right and direct answers not to send you away for someone help who may be even does not have a correct answer.
Another thing: If you have trouble to apply for citizenship think of ways to find professionals in immigration and naturalization in your community . The book send you away again! If I'd find professional why would I need this book?
And last one, whoever did this DVD could use at least one actor with clear English and refer that interview in the book. Instead they selected girl who barely speak English. It's not only irritate but give you wrong stereotype of behavior and answers. The book and DVD suppose to teach how to do things right in right manner. Those interviews (they offered) could be as a sample of different people behavior but not a guide for exam. If I were you I'd look for another sources. Well one of them could be an info on USCIS official site. Or simply search on Google USCIS The Naturalization Test You'll get all what you need for free including video and studding material.

PS. I passed the Interview and got US Citizenship, based on USCIS materials solely.
You can download this from YouTube, burn on DVD disk and watch it every day:

New U.S. Citizenship Test, 2011

Good luck! Lgbt memoir Fantastic for intermediate students. Not only for citizenship classes but for English learning as well Lgbt memoir This book, unlike most of the other US Citizenship test prep books, really teaches the how and why of US History and Civics. The table of contents shows the detail covered in this book. If you just want to know the answers to the 100 possible questions on the exam, there are other books that can work (or just get free info on the internet). But, if you really want to develop an understanding of US History and Civics, and at the same time study the 100 possible questions and their answers, then this book is excellent. For me, it's easier to remember the answer to a question when I understand the how and why behind the answer. Lgbt memoir


Offers an informative guide to the new N 400 application test in an illustrated course book with a companion DVD that explains and details the various topics on which aspiring citizens will be tested, including reading, writing, and oral questions. Original. McGraw-Hills U.S. Citizenship Test with DVD