Maximum Rush (Tangled Desires, #4) By Misti Murphy

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Rush Hadley wants two months of my time in exchange for the only interview the magic man’s ever done. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. A make or break point in my journalism career. All I have to do is entertain the famous magician.

A billionaire playboy who doesn’t understand the word no, he’s stubborn, one-track minded, and set on getting me into his bed. Men like him ruin girls like me with their dirty mouths and wicked tricks, but I’m not gullible enough to fall for his charms, even if his touch feels like magic.

Maxi O’Keeffe is a sexy little challenge I intend to have my way with. She might have said no, might keep saying no, but I always get what I want. The quirky goody-two-shoes isn’t going to hold out forever.

Uncomfortably awkward and downright weird, she shouldn’t be the only person who gets me. She shouldn’t be more than a way to pass time in this boring old town. So why does she get me higher than any audience screaming my name?

Maximum Rush (Tangled Desires, #4)

Ok I have to admit I was less than thrilled with this book. I'm not sure if it was Rush with his constant sexual innuendos or something else that I have yet to put my finger on but I found myself skipping paragraphs or skimming them to move it along.
Rush seriously loves himself and I just wasn't impressed by him. Max I did like, she is young and has the pressure of being a mother. I will say that Rush redeemed himself in my eyes nearing the end of the book and taking on a young baby that is not his.
If you have read all the other books in this series then you have to read this one to finish it off. Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy The Hadley siblings have all found love with the exception of one hold out—oldest brother, the famous magician, Rush, 30. He has no time for it and doesn’t want to be tied down by it, but when an Australian reporter is after him for an interview and Rush is on his way home for family weddings, he decides to bring her along as his companion.

Max Holland O’Keeffe, 21, feels guilty taking off for two months on an assignment. She has her own family to look out for, including a niece that she’s recently become the guardian of. Max is quirky to say the least. She wrestles with issues of insecurity and self worth and often drifts off in her mind.

Despite his playboy ways (which thankfully aren't depicted) Rush is quite the enigma of a man. He’s a private person though ironically he prefers being naked and letting it all hang out.

“‘It’s a magic wand that grants orgasms.’”

Rush omits confidence and sex appeal and is what Maxi needs to come out of her shell, or shall we say head. Told via Maxi and Rush’s alternating first person POV, the story (like the previous books) is largely lighthearted, pleasantly void of OW/OM drama allowing it to focus on the building of the romance, and full of sexy times.

“‘Oh, I’m going to lick you sweet cheeks. I’m going to tongue fuck you until you see stars.’”

Will Rush discover that love is more rewarding than the applause of the crowd? Will Maxi find that two months with the Hadley’s is a life experience that will provide more than just the answers to her interview questions? The theme of balancing work and family come into play.

Maximum Rush can be read as a standalone although fans of the series will enjoy glimpses of the couples from the previous books.

~Character Interview with the series couples~

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review/blog tour 10-4 Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy
Somehow, even with all our modern gadgets, social media, author and blogger friends and our book besties, I LIVE UNDER A DAMN ROCK!!

How has NO ONE suggested Misti Murphy to me before? What is wrong with you people? Like SERIOUSLY?? I thought you were my friends!!! She's got 10 friggin books already published and I find her right before her 11th book IN A SERIES is published. I happened to receive an ARC of Maximim Rush this being how I stumbled onto her.

I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. It's my first magic themed romance I've ever read and I gotta tell ya, Rush was so good with his magic tricks that I disappeared quite frequently while reading this book. Don't believe me? Just listen to my kids complain about having to eat leftovers or sandwiches all this past week because Poof I was gone! Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy Fantastic and so so funny i could not put this one down, i really loved this whole series to be honest and i'm so going to miss it, Rush is a sweetheart, he's like one of those guys who can't sit still and bounces off walls but when he loves he loves hard and for that he totally stole my heart, Maxi is adorable and the spins inside her head remind me a lot of myself ha dunno if that's a good thing :) hopeless romantics you are going to love this one just like Rush it will steal your heart like MAGIC.
Would Rush Be My Book Boyfriend ? He is my book Husband as are all of the Hadley Men MINE #CLAIMED ! Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy .75

So when I realized there was a fourth book in this series and the book was about Rush I was a little baffled that he would get his own book. One reason being, he was hardly mentioned in the previous three books. I felt like he wasn't even a secondary character. Yes, he's the oldest of the Hadley siblings but what did you really know about him before the end of Cocky F@#ker? I knew he was the oldest, he dated Chelsea for a short time, and he doesn't come home or talk to the family much. Even though I felt like he didn't deserve a book I went in with an open mind to see what Rush was all about. My verdict? I would've been fine without reading this book. It really didn't add anything interesting. I was glad to finish this book and dive into something more interesting. Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy


If only incest wasn't wrong, I would take all of the Hadley brothers (including Razer) to bed and never let them leave!

Misti Murphy is one of my favourite authors and her men are one of the reasons!

Rush - a world famous magician and illusionist with no commitments except to riding the high of a 50 thousand strong crowd and dipping his wick in every candle that offers.
Maxi - a struggling journalist with more family commitments than any 21 year old should have, and a strong aversion to men like Rush.

What draws these two together?
Is it the chase that draws Rush in? The challenge of a woman who says no?
And why is this man, a candidate for an ADHD diagnosis for sure, drawing her in against her will?

And why am I rooting for a couple that can only spell out heartbreak? Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy Maximum Rush
Misti Murphy

Author review

4 magical stars.

I’m going to start this review with a big unhappy face, but before you walk away or have a tantrum hold up, wait a minute... cause then I’m going with huge smiles. I’m sad for the end of the Hadley but smiles for the oldest and pretty much the biggest douche to get his own with the best woman in the world to tame him.

Rush Hadley is a magic man, no literally – he plays for the biggest audiences and sows his seeds with any wanton woman. Unlike his other siblings, marriage , girlfriends. Not Ever Going To Happen! He is more than happy with his single life, but now he is returning to Reverence for his brother and sister’s weddings, and things for Rush are about to get really real.

One quote for Godiva magazine, that is all Max O’Keefe needs to get from billionaire playboy and world famous magician, Rush Hadley. What she gets instead is a manwhore offering her services that sweet Max really doesn’t want to handle and a huge game changer – one interview (the only interview ever given), with one huge condition. She must be his partner for the upcoming weddings in Reverence and in return she will get that one game changing interview that will escalate her job as a journalist. But having family issues, leaving her mum with a baby 2 months, and spending that time with God’s gift to women is not something she wants to do... but with an opportunity like this, her mum sends her packing.

From the 1st step on his private jet, Maxi is less then impressed by his need to overindulge himself, or she can pretend she is. There is so much more to Rush Hadley than the world sees. He is not all about sexing random women, nudity and a huge P – sorry I mean head. But once they are in his home in Vegas then in his family home in Reverence, what she finds is a whole different man. Although he has an ego to outdo the biggest douche bag, his soft sweet side is showing with his non woman by his side.

Together in his hometown and in his home Rush and Max will discover the worth of family, and despite her best efforts – each other. But as they grow closer and denial takes over, their own stupidity may spell the end of each other before they get that real opportunity to be together. For Max not wanting to open up and agree that falling for him is actually happening, her past knowledge of who he is, her home life in Australia not being anything like his and her hilarious inner mind that plays out during the story.

For Rush, wanting and getting women was never a problem, but feelings he never expected blow his world apart for his little nun. This woman who was uptight, quiet and would blush at the thought of nakedness has turned into a partner but his non woman. Stupidly he sleeps with her then basically breaks her heart with his constant push aways. But as their time comes to an end, Max questions her job wants compared to family, and although she knows there is no long term with Rush she discovers being a journalist may not the best option for her and Sarah. Rush doesn’t know what hit him until Maxi leaves him and returns to Australia. Cross wires and dropping out calls may be the end of the pair... If only Rush wakes up in time to realise Maxi is his woman. Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

After reading Cocky F@#ker, I fell head over heels with all the siblings in the Hadley family and had to know more about each of them and their love stories. So when I got a chance to get my hands on Rush and Maxi's story, I was giddy! I couldn't wait to get an up close and personal look at the “magic man” and the woman who falls for the man behind the magic tricks. Rush and Maxi are troubled, endearing, and sizzling whether they are running from paparazzi, performing magic tricks, or getting it on!

Maxi O'keefe is working her way to the top as a journalist for Godiva Australia despite the devastating and life changing year she has endured. Now she is offered a chance to interview the world's most famous magician but she must leave her family and responsibilities behind and avoid temptation with the sexy “magic man”. I adore Max with her nonstop inner dialogue and crazy, anxiety driven antics. She is the perfect match for Rush's dramatic flair and gives him all the excitement he could ever ask for out of the spotlight.

Rush Hadley is an ambitious man who spends his life traveling around the world and charming fans with sleight of hand and daring stunts on stage and impressing the groupies with his prowess in the bedroom. That is until the quirky Maxi walks in to his life requesting an interview and for the first time he considers giving the media what they want... but only for a proposal of his own. Rush is a delicious enigma with his penchant for mastering illusions, sexy bedroom talk, and even sexier moves. The minute he started calling Maxi “little nun” and seducing her with his filthy talk, I was a goner.

Misti Murphy once again takes us to the town of Reverance to spend more time with the beloved Hadley family and fall in love all over again. I highly recommend Maximum Rush for another steamy and heart stopping romance that will give Misti Murphy's fans another Hadley fix to feed our addiction! I can't wait to see what beautiful and sassy heroine and mouth watering, dirty talking hero Misti Murphy will deliver next. Until then I am going back to the beginning and spending some time with Razer and Claire in Prick Tease! I am sure I will be left panting and with even more of a craving for the Hadley bunch! Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy The last and BEST book of this series.
Reading 'The End' is so bittersweet, leaving me longing for more. However, every storyline is perfectly closed. I loved the previous couples' weddings, but I'm sad that those events were cut short in details.

Grateful for my 4 days with the Hadley family.

I will miss how they come together in a mass of jokes, teasing, and name-calling. And most of all, love. Every time they’re together I can feel the love and respect.
Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy This one was a bit hit and miss for me.....the premise of the story, the majority of the execution were mainly done well.

Rush was a good character- he was handsome, funny, witty and smart....and a famous millionaire magician who was taking the world by storm- he got what he wanted, how he wanted, when he wanted- no effort required

He is notoriously private- he gives Quotes.....never ever interviews- no way, not happening.....that is until Max comes into his life- she goes for a Quote- but leaves with the promise of an interview as she is the only person whom has ever turned him down- how dare she spurn his advances.

But the interview comes at a price- she must accompany him to his home in the USA from her home in Australia- which means leaving behind her nearest and dearest for 2 months.

Max- or Maxi as Rush affectionately calls her was the spoil in this story for me- she is the reason I have downed this from a 4-5* read down to a 3.5*. She is such a needy character- yes she has had a shit ton of responsibility thrust upon her at a young age- but she's smart and professional- and too much in her own head with her little fantasy which either Rush loves her- or the majority of the time hates her.....and she let these spill over into her real life- I know we all have doubts in our little heads- but this was over the soon as I hit one of her little dramas in her head and the wiring went italic I skipped the whole passage.....sometimes there were pages of it- and after the first 2 or 3 little fantasies I just stopped reading them- they didn't add or subtract from the story.

She acted too much on these things that played out in her head- and for me that ruined it a little

***ARC RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEW*** Contemporary, Romance, Humor and Comedy