Max and the Midknights By Lincoln Peirce


Funny book. Just wonder how to buy book 3 Max and the Midknights I personally don't know if this book is any good, but I can tell you my son read the entire book in @ 2 hours the same day he received it. He did not stop not for tv, computer, or tablet. He was fully engaged and filled me in on the jokes as he was reading. He is looking forward to of this series and was so excited to see that his favorite authors endorsed the book. Max and the Midknights As a gift Max and the Midknights My children love it. Max and the Midknights This is an adorable book for middle grade kids. The format, which is part text, part graphic novel makes it less overwhelming for many kids, especially those who may not love to read. The graphics also add so much to the story!Max desperately wants to be a knight. Traveling with her uncle, a troubadour, they come upon some bad luck and head back to her uncle’s home village of Byjovia. Things there are certainly not Heather same since King Conrad is no longer there. Max and her uncle get into a bit of trouble, and Uncle Budrick is taken by the new king Gastley. Max and some helpful new friends embark on an adventure to not only save Uncle Budrick, but also to help Byjovia go back to village that everyone loved!This was a very quick read. It has humor, adventure, and themes of family and friendship. I also love the fact that Max is a girl, and fights for the right of girls to be able to be knights! This is a definite winner! Max and the Midknights

Max is epic fun! Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.Fantastic! I loved it! Dav Pilkey, author of the Dog Man seriesIt is so good. Now my favourite book . It was a really cool adventure and it was super exciting. I loved the illustrations. Toppsta ― Toppsta reviewer, aged 7A knight's tale in shining armour. ― Kirkus ReviewsFun, fun and fun, Max and the Midknights will keep kids reading and chortling until the last page. And then they'll probably start over again. ― Shelf AwarenessThis hilarious illustrated novel [] is a story of magic and adventure Comic panels with Peirce's signature black and white art are expertly placed amid small paragraphs of text. Readers will be drawn into this fun setting. ― School Library JournalPeirce delivers a medieval adventure epic. ― BooklistA quick witted and fast paced jaunt. ― The BulletinHere’s hoping there are entertaining adventures in store for Max and the Midknights. ― The Horn BookPeirce’s pedigree as a cartoonist is indisputable his new characters are drawn with a flamboyance and confidence that is rare for series openers. Max’s quest gallops along at speed and the jokes, most of which are visual, will keep readers chortling through the pages in anticipation for the next gag. Max and the Midknights is funny, fast and full of mischievous villains and courageous victors. Stuart Dyer ― Books for Keeps Published On: 2020 03 17If you happened to be studying the Middle Ages, this book could be good fun in the classroom as it uses authentic vocabulary such as ostler and troubadour ― Books For Topics

Max and the Midknights

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