Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2) By LeAnn Ashers

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Well I just got finish reading this book And I got to say this was a really good book and I can’t wait to read the next book and I hope it comes out real soon because every book you make turns out really good and I really can’t wait to read about bell daughter and sister

I received a free copy with no obligation to review Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2) This wasn't what I thought it was going to be but it was so much better. I loved this one!!! I can't wait to read the rest of the series and to read the new series!!! Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2) A gut-wrenching emotional, yet beautiful romance story from LeAnn Ashers. Be prepared for your heart to break for Bell right from the prologue. But if anyone deserves their Happily Ever After it is Bell.

Maverick is the story of fresh starts, discovering who you are and who you want to be, and finding love when you least expect it. Bell was married at 14 to a member of her parents' church, for 24 years she has been abused, then unexpectedly she gets the opportunity to flee and start a new life. Bell finds her calling working at a shelter for women with young children, there she meets 8-year-old-year-old Ronny. Bell sees something of herself in those frightened eyes. At the same time, Maverick enters her life, the big bad biker lights something in Bell that she never thought possible. From the moment Maverick meets, the beautiful but frightened Bell he knows that his life will never be the same.

Unfortunately, trouble is just around the corner, and it comes from more places than one.

One not to be missed. Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2) This book was phenomenal!!!! Cant wait for the next one. Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2) Well... I'm totally and completely floored.
LeAnn is absolutely brilliant. She's yet again written another amazing book that has everything you want and need from an MC romance.
I honestly can't wait for more and more, I hope she never stops writing because she truly has heaps of talent Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2)


Maverick is Book 2 in Grim Sinners MC Originals series by author LeAnn Ashers. This is Maverick and Bell’s amazing story! Bell grew up in a cult and her parents forced her at like age 14 to marry a man in 30s. There she was, stuck in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship until the person she never thought she'd see saved her life and freed her. Now she's ended up with the Grim Sinners, which puts her around Maverick and the chemistry between them is sizzling hot! 🔥Maverick literally fell for Bell the second he laid eyes on her and when he heard what all happened to her, he completely just fell harder. Bell felt so safe and complete, comfortable with Maverick. There were several twists and turns that made this another awesome MC romance star 🌟. Bell and Maverick are *THE* couple that will give you the feels, laughter, fun, heat, tears, heartbreak, romance , love and HEA. There is some sensitive topics that are brought up but done right. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

My Rating: 4.8 stars ********* Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2) Maverick was the second book in the Grim Sinners MC Originals series by LeAnn Ashers. The series intersected with her Devil’s Souls MC and Grim Sinners MC series but was not a requirement to have been read first.

Ashers began with a brief history of the terror that Isabelle “Bell” had lived through for her first thirty eight years. She had been in a cult where women were property and good for nothing except breeding, cooking, cleaning and punishing. Ashers then detailed Bell’s way out and her introduction to Maverick, a patched member of the Grim Sinners MC.

True to Ashers style, it was insta-love with Maverick in true alpha form. He was protective, possessive and loyal with a “you are my world and I’ll do anything for you” attitude. I liked Maverick but I wanted to know more about him. He was older but we had no idea his actual age, background, how long he had been with the MC, etc and I wanted more from him.

Maverick had multiple storylines that weaved in and out together. Ashers tackled some tough subjects that were unfortunately a reality today. However, she tossed in her typical over the top scenarios to lighten the load and ensure we were gifted with an HEA, good vs evil and good always winning out.

All in all, it was a quick and heartfelt story. Ashers fans will love it! Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2) This book affected me more than I thought it would. The story had me in tears and full of love. This MC read is a page turner with hot, alpha, protective men who would do anything for their women. Plus some kick butt females to admire. I did not want it to end. I’ve read quite a few of this author’s books and this one may be favorite to date. Loved it and will be recommending others read this. Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2) We are back in this MC word and this time it's the Grimm Sinners OG we had a small glimpse of these two in cherishing his Forever Jessica moms story.

Isabella aka Bell has been groomed by her parents and was sold at age 14 so she has been abused, raped starved and many horrible things. She also had 2 daughters but she made sure they were adopted not wanting her daughters to grow up in this world.

Her daughters found her and took her away. Keeping her with them and their MC family slowly rebuilding her life with her kids and herself and she meets Maverick and she's already attracted to him but she still skittish. As for Mav lord he is everything you want in a man.. he was patient, caring and always made sure she was okay with anything he did even if it was holding her hand. Not wanting to scare her they move slowly and he gets to know her and spend time with her and a cute lil boy Bell has sorta adopted name Ronny.. even with the sweet moments we did have drama from Bell past her ex and the Cult that has ruined lives. We learn quite few secerts.. and see some torture 😈😈😈

We also got a small sneak peek at River and her man Gage who is the president of his own Mc I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT!!!!

Low angst, Om drama (ex husband), no cheating, Drama, slight secondary character, sexy times, no virgins

Heat level-🌶🌶🌶🌶

Mentioned ptsd
No condom
Tiny anal play
Abused mental and physical
Mentioned of child abuse
Human Trafficking
Small torture
Epilogue Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2) Are you ready for Maverick's story?

Sneak Peek - “You make me so fucking happy, the second I saw you.” He shakes his head in disbelief. “You were a magnet, a piece that I never knew was missing but I can’t live without you. I don’t care if I have known you only a short time, in my fucking soul I’ve known you forever.”

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Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2)

I grew up in a cult, one that kept me completely sheltered from the real life. They even forced me to marry at the age of fourteen.

I was trapped, and life was utter hell until I was offered a way out. I spent months healing and finally being happy for the first time ever.

Then he came into my life.

Maverick rooted himself deep inside my heart from the second I met him. From his cocky grin to his alpha male attitude, I was in love with him.

More importantly, he kept me safe when I needed him most.

The second I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one I had waited for my whole life. All I saw was her.

But everything came to a head when her past resurfaced.

The second I saw the fear in her eyes, something inside me snapped. It became my life’s mission to find every single person who hurt her.

After all, I am a Grim Sinner for a reason.
It’s time to Reap. Maverick (Grim Sinners MC Originals, #2)