Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1) By Siren Allen

Ciera and Edmund Dracon👏👏👏

I really enjoyed reading, Mate Of Magic. It reminds me of a paranormal fairy tale for grown-ups. Dragons, witches, princesses, princes, and seers. Loved it ! My mind was all over the place. This was a enemy to lovers troupe. Thanks for the introduction to the other characters in this series . Fun and exciting read 😊 Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1) Wonderful

This story was great. I feel in love with Ciera & Edmund who were enemies in a past life but are now mates. It was funny and enjoyable to read. Ms. Siren is a wonderful storyteller and I can't wait to read the next book in the series and any other books she has written. You will not be disappointed and your welcome. Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1) This story was enemies to lovers story with paranormal beings. The setting is not Earthly but it's easy to follow. Edmund is a strong dragon that needs to find his mate. Ciera is a reincarnated witch. Together they are interesting, to say the least. I liked that Ciera showed growth and strength. She was not easily intimidated by Edmund. I didn't care for the ending. I assume the story is a part of a series. Edmund and Ciera did get a semi HEA but the reader could tell there was more to come. I would recommend the story to my paranormal-loving friends.

Happy Reading. Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1) I loved them

Sometimes sci-fi romances aren't easy reads because there's so much exposition explaining the world & the rules but I loved this. I read the series backwards & this is my favorite one so far. I liked the other two couples but they were a part a lot of the book. This couple fell in love together & it was amazing. I love that ciera is so fierce & powerful. I really enjoyed this couple. Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1) Whoa!

Ciara and Edmonds story is a true declaration of our words have power. But love is greater than hate. Forgiveness can heal any wound. There will be scars but love covers over them.

Loved the story!!! Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1)

Siren Allen Ð 8 Read

His touch awakens the monster inside her.

There’s a darkness inside Ciera Duvai that’s begging to be released. Every day, she struggles to keep the evil at bay. When a naughty encounter with a dragon causes her to lose her skirt and her control, her true identity is revealed.
She’s pretty sure the dragon in question is her mate. Dragons are an unforgiving lot, but, he’s her mate, he has to forgive her for all the crimes she doesn’t even remember committing. Right? Wrong! He wants her dead and Ciera isn’t going down without a fight. It’s time to show her mate that her monster is bigger than his.

Her touch excites the monster inside him.

Edmund Dracon is losing his mind. He’s gone too long without a mate and the loneliness had taken a toll on his sanity. His inner dragon has consumed his thoughts and is slowly taking over his body. Soon, he’ll have to be put down or he’ll become a threat to everyone.
There’s only one creature who can save him from himself: his mate. When he finds her sneaking out of his castle, he thinks the Fates have finally answered his prayers, that is, until he finds out who and what she really is.

Allowing her to live would be an act of treason.
Yet, now that he’s touched her, killing her doesn’t seem right.
Edmund has a tough decision to make: protect a mate he doesn't trust or protect his brethren?
Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1)


This book is magic. I enjoyed the heart racing moments, the push and pull between the characters and the adventure and the heartbreaking sacrifices made by Edmund and Ciera. The author did excellent weaving the storyline, and I'm excited to read more books in this series. Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1) I almost wish I could rewind this whole summer, and read Siren Allen again!! Another one hit out of the park!! Such a talent to have so much depth, and development in each character. If you are a fan of strong powerful women, who are okay being vulnerable while embracing their inner strength, finding love; then look no further. Ciera is a witch on a mission to save those she loves, when she stumbles across Edmund, a dracon who is dangerously on the edge of losing his sanity. The ride Allen takes you on with these too characters it was and is amazing. Prepare to fall in love with each character's strengths and their flaws in this incredible journey of the power of forgiveness. Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1) What happens when a super witch and the general of the Dracons meet? Magic, that's what!

Ceira is a witch that has been reincarnated. In her past lives she was an evil witch that started the Great War. She was responsible for the destruction of all female dragons. However, in this life she is a good witch. She struggles to get others to see that she is not her past witch. She is her own person who just happens to be reborn.

Edmond is a dragon on the verge of going insane. He desperately needs to find his mate to keep his sanity. When he sees Ceira his body immediately knows she is his!

Therein lies the problem. Edmond has vowed to kill all witches who followed Hecate. Little does he know, his mate is Hecate reborn. Crazy right?

Things get crazy for the two mates, who are deeply attracted to each other. They have a bit of a sexual encounter which causes her eyes to glow silver, a trait of the followers of Hecate. Now he must kill the mate that he has spent most of his life praying for. The Fates have a weird sense of humor.

Ceira is no push over and her ability to fight for herself is very desirable to Edmond. As her mate is chasing her through the woods trying to kill her, she is shot by an assassin's poisonous bow and must find herbs to treat them. His desire to protect his mate flares and he decides to help her. Edmond is a man of his word and must honor his vow. He decides to put off killing the witch until he has gotten to know her a bit. His inner dragon happily agrees. They have been waiting many, many years to find her.

Things get a little shaky from there. The two mates find themselves tossed into another realm where they must face their toughest challenge yet and neither can use their powers to get out. Will the Fates shine on them? Well, of course I know, but you will have to read for yourself!

This is the third Dracon story by this author that I have read and they are all very intriguing. I did not want to put this story down. That is saying something because paranormal romance is not usually my jam. I guess I just like Siren's dragons. They are HOT! Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1) Really liked this! What a great short book. This is the first book I've read from Siren Allen. I wasn't sure if I was going to get into it since I'm new to Paranormal Romance genre, but I thoroughly enjoyed spending a nice sunny day, reading about the love story between Ciera and Edmund. First of all, I love that the dracon/dragon is named Edmund lol But also, I thought the writing was really good and pushes the reader to really use your imagination. I do love me some sci-fi (I'm a Trekkie) visually, like as in shows and movies of course, but I am not sure why I avoided this stuff when it comes to my romance reading. I think Siren Allen's paranormal romance books are an excellent place to start gaining an appreciation for the genre. Also, she's really brought it with the love scenes! Super hot. I'll be reading more of these Dracon Mates books! Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1) Oh!My! God! Loved it!!

I've always been a huge fan of dragon stories. But this series takes it to a whole new level!! I loved Edmund and Ciera's story. How they both fought against each others vows that they made to their people to try and hold on to the love they were feeling for each other. The storyline was so amazing! Every detail was so thorough. The descriptions of the Seers caves were so believable I almost thought I was right there! I can tell this is going to be an amazing series. I'm so glad a friend recommended this book! I can't wait to read the next book. So worth 5⭐'s! Mate Of Magic (Dracon Mates, #1)