Masterstroke: A Simon Bognor Mystery (Simon Bognor Mysteries) By Tim Heald


As ever with this author ,one can be guaranteed a good easy read. There are some pleasant touches here in the rather over bucolic Oxford setting. However ,for me ,too much stale repetition /over drinking and eating /unfulfilled sexual conquests and the ever present rows with his boss ,Parkinson.
For new readers this would be not too bad ,but be warned that the ending is far too abrupt and obvious. In addition this book stops at 86% and the remaining 14 % is just the first two chapters of another book.. Maybe that is why this one is only £0.99. ! Writing

After a boozy Oxford reunion, Bognor is distressed to learn one of his classmates is a killer. Nothing depresses Simon Bognor like a university reunion. Every pimply faced boy he knew two decades prior has made something of himself, while Bognor languishes at the Board of Trade, muddling along in an investigatory position for which he is hideously unqualified. Although often than not his job requires catching murderers, he lacks even the observational powers to notice when the head of his old college has been poisoned. Both quite drunk, they totter off to their respective beds. Bognor makes it, but the master doesnt he collapses dead at the top of the stairs. Due to the dead mans ties to the government, Bognor is asked to sort out who did him in. At long last he has the opportunity to prove himself at his old collegebut Bognor knows it is just as likely that he will end up in the dunces cap. Dazzling and star spangled [prose]. Dorothy B. Hughes, author of In a Lonely PlaceCrime with a P.G. Wodehouse flair. Chicago Tribune A constant pleasure. The Daily Telegraph Masterstroke: A Simon Bognor Mystery (Simon Bognor Mysteries)

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