Marvels: The Remastered Edition By Kurt Busiek

SUMMARY ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Kurt Busiek

Artwork is second to none, and I think this would be a brilliant book to start your marvel journey with.
It shows the origins of the Human Torch, Mr Fantastic and The Invisible Girl's wedding (guests include The Beatles), and even The tragedy of Gwen Stacy all through the eyes of Phil Sheldon, a photographer.

It shows the fickle mind of the public as they witness the scenes from below, and while some may be lost in the goings on of the snippets of the heroes storylines it still flows and keeps you reeled in.
I recommend it as a first because then you could see what peaked your interest to read next, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, X Men, or The Amazing Spider Man! All little features but no less amazing in their small part! English I bought this copy for my nephew's birthday. I already have my copy. We know how great this is. Busiek and Ross hit it out of the park. These are the seminal moments in Marvel's history told in a refreshing, new way. English The storyline, using the photo journalist to tell the story of the marvel’s universe is inspired. Alex Ross’ artwork is sensational with huge personality. Inspired to read by both English It's interesting. Not as much of a fan as everyone else seems to be, but I did enjoy it. Alex Ross art makes anything worth buying in my opinion, and this is no exception. English I cannot believe anyone giving this book a bad review. Some people complain they don't know anything about Marvel, well, I'm not a Fantastic Four fan and have no knowledge of its story history and I was able to enjoy the saga of Galactus which is supposed to be one of the greatest Marvel stories ever told. There are four stories in this book, and each one starts with an intro from the author/artist/notable Marvel celeb just in case you are not familiar with Marvel Universe. This book would probably be best enjoyed by someone familiar with the Universe but not really required.

The book starts off with a very strong intro on how the Human Torch came about. This is story telling at its finest and I actually wish I could read like this in the book.

The book then switches gears and every account is then looked through the eyes of the main character who is a everyday citizen employed as a photographer. The first story deals with the sudden appearance of superheroes, or as the book refers to them, marvels. The genius of the books lies in looking at the marvels from a different persepective, that of a everyday person which is not really done in any comic book story.

The second story continues with the mutants, notably the emergence of the X Men as outcasts in society.

The third story is the legendary story of Galactus and Fantastic Four.

The final story is another historic one: the death of Gwen Stacey with the most famous Marvel character of all, Spider Man!

Although I feel the story is somewhat lacking since it basically just traces some of the history of Marvel Universe, just the concept of looking at these marvels thru the eyes of an ordinary person is very revolutionary by itself. Still, I feel there is so much potential for an even better story. If there are any complaints it would be the story, but the writing is absolutely terrific and a joy to read. Now for the art. I kind of regret not getting the hardcover book because this is a book that I would like to keep and treasure for a long time and getting it as a hardcover would be a better investment. The art is just revolutionary. It took the artist, Alex Ross about a year just to finish the artwork for one of four stories in the book and almost 3 years in total. This is not cartoon pop art, this is fine art. The illustrations in the book are actual paintings, mostly derived from water colors. And they are not in abstract or impressionist style, but in portrait like detail. It is absolutely the highest level a book can reach in terms of illustrations short of actual photographs which would be a quite a task in the making. So if anything, do yourself a favor and get this book for the artwork. You will not be disappointed. English


When I read comics, I normally go in with the expectation that I’m going to have to work a bit with my imagination.

I’m used to this but it can be a bit of a turnoff as far as second readings go, but with this book I had no problem.

I love Alex Ross’ art and I was familiar with Kurt Busiek, these two together was a real treat as far as storytelling is concerned, it all felt so alive and progressed at a consistent pace that I haven’t had in a while.

So, summing up, I enjoyed this book thoroughly and recommend it to anyone who will listen. English I’ve been reading Marvel comics since the late sixties and I was blown away with how the history was written and illustrated.
I especially love the name dropping of characters that only a True Believer would know. If you’re Marvel fan, you have got to read this book! English Aside from the terrific artwork and strong writing, what really stands out here is the idea behind this series. What would the epic lives and loves of our favorite NY costumed heroes look like to us small folk? I would certainly enjoy reading other graphic novels written using this approach. English It was a fantastic read through all the ups and downs and impacts to ordinary people throughout one mans lifetime. Fascination, fear, respect, wonder all from a common non powered persons perspective. A marvelous reflection on how society views its heroes. English As I am sure most of you are aware of the greatness of Alex Ross. That greatness is in this book. So I will continue on with the story. The narrator is from the point of view of a photographer in the days of WWII. Many of the iconic MCU moments are within, such as FF wedding, spider Man / Green Goblin at the bridge. English

Collects Marvels #0 4.

Within the Marvel Universe, heroes soar high in the skies, ready to battle the villains who threaten their world. Yet living in the shadow of these extraordinary
icons are ordinary men and women who view the MARVELS with a mixture of fear, disbelief, envy and admiration. Among them is Phil Sheldon, a New York City photojournalist who has dedicated his career to covering the exploits of the Marvels and their effect on humankind. Written by Kurt Busiek and masterfully illustrated by Alex Ross, Marvels presents a richly painted historical overview of the entire Marvel Universe, spanning from the 1939 debut of the Human Torch to the fearsome coming of the world devouring Galactus and culminating in the shocking death of Gwen Stacy, Spider Mans first love. Marvels: The Remastered Edition