Marcel Duchamp: Appearance Stripped Bare By Octavio Paz

Surprise pick up in a used bookstore, really curious to read Paz on Duchamp. 211 Find someone who understands you the way Octavio Paz understands Marcel Duchamp.

Duchamp, we all know, is the epitome of enigma and incredibility - the more you try to know him, the more you find yourself astounded. The last choice you have is to become a devotee and concede by attributing Duchamp's brilliance to some preternatural phenomenon.

But Paz isn't like the rest. Instead of being a devotee, he is Duchamp's equal - a soulmate in essence. He writes with an overtly dispassionate objectivity and yet the depth he fathoms to touch the most intimate details of Duchamp's mind evokes eroticism. To see two minds meld together in such a passionate embrace is far too rare an occurence in the world we live in. 211 Hilarious. Paz channels Duchamp's irony effortlessly. Reveals an approachable take on Duchamp, one of the most difficult artists and thinkers to reconcile. 211 Toivun. 211 Un libro interesante, pero no lo que tenia en mente. Paz habla sobre la covalencia temática en el Arte de Duchamp, y aunque esto es significativo, su libro se limita al simbolismo que también se puede hayar en Letras (poesía, principalmente). No desarrolla el significado covalente especifico a ninguna obra.

Interesting, but not what I was hoping for. He doesn't expand on the double meaning of The Bride but merely limits himself to comparing that duality in the art of writing. 211

Discusses the work of the French dadaist, Marcel Duchamp, focusing on the Large Glass (The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even) and his final assemblage, Given: 1. The Waterfall, 2. The Illuminating Gas. Marcel Duchamp: Appearance Stripped Bare

This work is something between a meditation and a fever dream about a society where the artist philosopher is indeed king. 211 Octavio Paz reviews here wonderfully the work of Marcel Duchamp, focusing his analysis on The Large Glass, which is a painting in glass that's considered Duchamp's masterpiece.

In my view, Duchamp's works are so complex and deep - although they may look senseless and simple at first sight - that the job of a good critic like Paz is essential to our fully understanding of them.

Paz proves himself to be an artist as great as Duchamp as he enters the artist's universe and illuminates Duchamp's mysteries.

211 If you're looking for entertaining light reading material, this is not the book for you. Appearance stripped bare is mainly about one work of art, the whole book, an analysis of one work. It's dense and convoluted. Gombrich, this is not. This is Octavio Paz on Marcel Duchamp.

But if you are an art enthusiast, this will forever change your view of art. It will warp your mind and give you some of that pink floating substance for fodder and fuel. 211 4.5* 211 Nefis bir kitap herkese tavsiye ederim
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