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Book is very poorly put together. Pages keep falling. Diagrams are feint , indistinct and difficult to read. Wonder woman This book is well worth the money,for enybody starting the path to Apple it's the one you want,it covers all the problems and traps and will stand you in good sted. Wonder woman The illustrations are awful very faint that you need a magnifying glass. I return the first copy I got for this reason,having spoken to a advisor about the problem received the replacement just the same. Must be a bad batch. This spoils the book. Wonder woman Is a Mac your daily pc and you think you know everything about it, because you feel very comfortable of using it? Wrong! When you read this book you will realize that there are too many details, that you ignored before. You are going to discover many things that you will Wonder woman Easy to understand. Wonder woman

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If you are new to the MacBook (as I was) this book is your indispensable companion. It answered all my questions and left me actually enjoying my conversion to the Mac after a lifetime trying to mend broken Windows. 500 pages of absolute value. Wonder woman Just pick out what you need help with, unless you are a true geek and read from cover to cover. Print is a little small but it is a good book. Wonder woman Good for hunt and peck on issues I did not know. Wonder woman