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I love all the Miss Julia Books.
This book was of good quality at a fair price with fast postage.
Would recommend. Libya Miss Julia always sets an interesting example of integrity and decorum! This was a fun read and hard to put down each night. Looking forward to the next one in the series. Libya Having enjoyed previos Miss Julia so much, this one a let down. Low on comic element, I felt. Lacked any particular comic characters and plot of saving court house seemed slow and pulled out. Am onto Ross's next, where Hazel Marie takes centre stage again and am enjoying it. Libya I usually like the Miss Julia books, and I love Miss Lillian, but I have to say it strikes a clanging note with me when I run into the faint mockery of Catholicism that we see in this book and strongly in an earlier one. What's the need? It's offensive and pulls me up short, especially when it isn't countered in any way further on in the story by any of the characters. I'm disappointed in Miss Ross when she resorts to this kind of thing. Libya As always, I am always enchanted by all of the characters in Ms. Ross’ novels. I am southern and Love authentic stories that lovingly and respectfully portray us. I laugh until I could cry and would truly enjoy meeting her characters.
Thank you for sharing your funny, loving and totally “on the mark” interpretation of my kind of Southern Woman. Libya


This book was so fun, it was literally a page turner for me unlike her others. I enjoyed all of them but this one stood out as very entertaining. It was normal based, believable, she is facing issues that one might in life but in Julia style which is always fun. Her characters were so vivid and well done, I totally believe in them all. This is my favorite book but I can't wait to dig into the rest & I sure hope the author is typing away at present, creating as I can't figure out how I would live life without Miss Julia to hang out with when my life allows the time. One caution I've just gotten Miss Julia Delivers the Goods and watch out as the back cover gives information than it should. Libya This was a fun read full of action and considerable humor. The characters are well drawn and entertaining. The language and customs especially recognizable to a Southerner. I heartily recommend this series. I have now read the first 8 of 22 books and will continue until I finish them. Libya I would recommend This book to Any of
my friends, Southern ladies of a certain a
ge. She is like another friend.Very opinionated but we Share so many! Libya The Miss Julia book series is very entertaining! I have purchased and enjoyed every single book of this series and will buy each new book as soon as they are available in the future. I have passed the book series on to several different people and each of them enjoyed the reading as much as I did. I recommend that readers start from Book 1 and make your way through the entire series. Libya I read a lot of books, culled from many genres. I’m not averse to reading gritty novels with the bluest of language. But when I’ve had my fill of heavy literature or extremely contemporary fiction, I love to read another installment of Ann B. Ross’s Miss Julia series. Not a bloody murder, not a curse word in sight. Miss Julia Paints the Town is about the eighth or ninth book in the series, featuring Miss Julia Murdoch, an aged Southern matron, pillar of the Presbyterian church, regular attendee of the hair salon to get her signature helmet do, a lady at all times and dressed in a skirt—no pants, and a leader of her small town North Carolina community. Ross’s Miss Julia books are a variation of the Lucy Ricardo/Ethel Mertz riff. Miss Julia always finds herself in the middle of something that needs fixin’. In this edition, the town court house is being sold to a developer who plans to tear it down and put up a high rise condominium. Not on Miss Julia’s watch—no,no,no. So she sets out to right the wrong, squash the insect, and save the town. And there are laughs a plenty. The Miss Julia books are for settin’—in an overstuffed chair, curled up, and having a cozy time with a funny, funny lady. Miss Julia Paints the Town doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Libya

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