Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors By Edward Niedermeyer and 2

Interesante. Informativo. Nueva trcnologia Gaborone A necessary critical, but fair, look at Tesla. Gaborone

Tesla Motors and CEO Elon Musk have become household names, shaking up the staid auto industry by creating a set of innovative electric vehicles that have wowed the marketplace and defied conventional wisdom. The company's market valuation now rivals that of long established automakers, and, to many industry observers, Tesla is defining the future of the industry. But behind the hype, Tesla has some serious deficiencies that raise questions about its sky high valuation, and even its ultimate survival.Tesla's commitment to innovation has led it to reject the careful, zero defects approach of other car manufacturers, even as it struggles to mass produce cars reliably, and with minimal defects. While most car manufacturers struggle with the razor thin margins of mid priced sedans, Tesla's strategy requires that the Model 3 finally bring it to profitability, even as the high priced Roadster and Model S both lost money. And Tesla's approach of continually focusing on the future, even as commitments and deadlines are repeatedly missed, may ultimately test the patience of all but its most devoted fans.In Ludicrous, journalist and auto industry analyst Edward Niedermeyer lays bare the disconnect between the popular perception of Tesla and the day to day realities of the company and the cars it produces. Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors

As with a lot of books written by people close to the topic, they become engrossed in the details and the acronyms to the expense of the flow of the actual story. It's a decent read but it's hard work at times, especially around Musk's tenuous relationship with actual business truth and the repeated fundraising rounds, and ultimately doesn't have much of a conclusion beyond and here we are today (which is actually a while ago now but that's not the author's fault). Some good points on the early deaths attributed to Tesla failures that the fanboys will deny outright. Ain't no cult like a blind adoration tech cult!

It does do a decent job of exposing Musk as Not Quite The Hero he wants to be he bought in to Tesla, he wasn't an original funder despite his title, and so on but it's a little dry. Worth your time though. Gaborone Very well written and informative. A must read if you follow Tesla. Gaborone Not a recount of anything factual, but merely a series of anecdotes and well disputed facts. The bias is strong on this one, and the author seems to want to legitimize his long standing anti Tesla twitter narrative and legitimize lies via printed word. Gaborone This author is a hater. For every achievement and good thing Tesla and Musk have done he has written a rebuttal and put me down. I read it to the end anyway because there is so little else on the subject. If you are an admirer this book will sicken you, but if you are looking for vindication of your reason to dislike the aforementioned, this book will be ideal. Gaborone It's important to know that this does not put into jeopardy the concept of electric cars. In fact, Niedermeyer clearly highlights the benefits of EVs.

However, it dissects every spurious claim by Tesla. That's important. Even the holiest of visionaries need to be challenged for the great good of its customers. A fascinating read, essential for anyone with the slightest interest in the automotive industry. Gaborone


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