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What an incredible concept that Lovecraft Country pulls off showing the horrors that an African American Family deal with as they deal with the Jim Crow South in 1945 and an added layer of supernatural elements. This novel will make you think just how hard it was to be a person of color at time. This novel does tie into the movie The Green Book as it was the book The Negro Motorist Green Book was inspiration for the Safe Negro Travel Guide in the book. This novel blends Science Fiction and Horror most notably H. P. Lovecraft, but it twist the tales to fit the black audience. H. P. Lovecraft told great tales but they have tend to be racist and reactionary of the times, so it was cool to see his flipped.The Plot: This book is told as short stories that are all connected involving two black families (the Turner's and Dandridge) and friends, as deal with magic, power, racism, and freedom. The main story is Atticus is found to have an ancestry of Braithwhite blood who are a powerful elitist cult of warlocks, with ties to the Klan. They want to perform a spell that requires a sacrifice of a Braithwhite, and they think Atticus is perfect for this. The kidnap his father and torment his friends and family. There's story that involve space travel, potions that can turn people white, possessed African voodoo dolls, and Haunted houses.What I Liked: This book is heavy in racism, but it is balanced in humor, how the Turners get out of a racist town, and a great moment when the reparations are paid back. The cover really captures the book having the Klan robes also double as tentacles. The Ruby story where she drinks a potion to turn white, and gets back at a white woman who accused her of stealing. The story of the Haunted house that's full of a racist ghost, but come together when the home is threatened by other racist. The characters are all written pretty memorably it is a little hard keeping track of who is related to who, but I eventually caught on.What I Disliked: It took a little to long for the short stories to all start connecting, I honestly thought for the longest time they were not going to connect, so I ended up breaking up this book between other books, which I wouldn't recommend doing, because at the half way point everything starts connecting and I was like crap let me go back and reread to make sure I get everything and their connections. I would've liked for the ending to be a little bit epic, it good but it had a really great potential to be extra special. It took me about 40 pages to get in to this one.Recommendations: This book is my first 5 star of the new year, I will say it barely made it when I feel out a review I fill out the stars first, but going through all the things I liked and the difficult tone of this book that it did a really great job to pull off I gave it a rare 5 out of 5 stars. I think this is a great on to check out if you like historical fiction, supernatural, and science fiction, this is a great blend of all those mixed in with a dash of horror. I will say as horror element go the racism and tension of possible death by racist is scarier than any creature or horror in this book. Trigger Warning if racist language is a trigger for you, just be warned there's scenes of it used and brutality that comes with it but a lot of little pay off through out. happy reading, every one, would love to hear others opinions on this book since it was like a best of both worlds mix of horror science fiction and history. Lovecraft Country: A Novel Si estás esperando una aventura a fin al universo de Chtulhu o una historia de terror cósmico, este libro no lo es. Es una historia sobre la experiencia de vida afroamericana y el racismo, aventuras y sociedades secretas. Fácil lectura rápida y, sobretodo, entretenida. Lovecraft Country: A Novel Assisti à série, que foi muito boa. Comprei o livro em inglês para treinar minha leitura e para ver se a série foi fiel à obra. Lovecraft Country: A Novel A well written and fast paced novel,with original characters and a subtext and innuendos that bring back to some Lovecraftian atmospheres.The ending definitely begs for a follow up. Lovecraft Country: A Novel I started with the HBO series and then brought this to check out where it takes me. Well it was an interesting ride, lot of sad situations based on the racism related events and a mix of the pulp fiction made me read pages. There are several variations between certain characters in the book & series. Some situations are expressed explicitly, while some are merely deduced. I wouldn't give the book a 5/5, as i am not fully satiated nor i believe this is my cup of tea. Waiting for how the Misha Green/Joradn Peele adaptation turns out. Lovecraft Country: A Novel

This was such a great pulp horror read with some very interesting concepts I would love to see. Ore in horror fiction. Lovecraft Country: A Novel