Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of The Big Bend By W.C. Jameson

The Big Bend of Texas is at once compelling and mysterious. It has been described as a rich and varied land of history, myth and legend, danger, ghosts, rugged landscapes, aridity, remoteness, spectacular vistas, and wildlife that either bit, stung, or clawed. The Big Bend has been visited or settled by Indians, Spanish explorers, Mexicans, Anglo ranchers, outlaws of every stripe, and the United States military. Each of these cultures has left a legacy in this fascinating country, and much of has to do with the wealth associated with lost mines and buried treasures. The twenty-one tales included in this book are spellbinding accounts of some of the most exciting and mysterious lost treasures to be found in North America. They represent many millions of dollars worth of gold, silver, jewels, coin, and currency that are still searched for today. Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of The Big Bend

As a big fan of the Big Bend area I found this book very interesting and also entertaining having visited many of the towns and areas mentioned in the various stories. Will look at these same places a little differently after reading this book and now knowing some of the buried treasure stories associated with them! This is a fun book to read and a wonderful collection of mysterious treasures and gold/silver deposits that will entice its readers to grab a shovel or pick axe and head out to Big Bend country! Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of The Big Bend


W.C. Jameson ☆ 3 summary