Lost Little Angel By Margaret M. Ragz


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Where in Heaven is Nicholas? When an angel-child named Nicholas and his dog, Comet, wander away from their familiar place in Heaven, they accidentally end up on Level Nine, where all the most important angels -- and certainly no children or dogs live. The grumpy head angel, Saint Sebastian, informs Nicholas that he will have to go back to Level One, but no one knows how to get him there. All of the angels on Level Nine are too busy with their various chores to come up with a solution. And everyone is in a bad mood because of the awful clatter the heavenly bells have been making lately. What's wrong on Level Nine? Armed only with innocence and a sense of fun, Nicholas solves the mystery and transforms the heavenly skies forever.

Illustrated with wit and whimsy, this heartwarming story proves that sometimes the greatest miracles come from the littlest heroes. Lost Little Angel

As a catholic, I must say that I am offended with this story. There is no mention of Jesus or God in this book. Everyone is in a different level of Heaven based on their age. Are we to assume that children don't see their parents and family in Heaven; that Heaven has a useless counsel with grouchy saints and angels; that heaven has broken bells and droopy rainbows because no one makes the time to have fun in HEAVEN. I think not. 32 Great story. It's on my keep shelf. To think that fixing what's broken can be so easy! Well, to know what I'm talking about you'll just have to read this adorable story. 32