Lord Desesperado (Lores Malditos nº 1) By Sydney Jane Baily

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An initially interesting story which dribbles away tension [and interest] in episodic stages by solving problems too quickly, then dashing off to the next, then the next, each less interesting than the last, and finally boring. Kindle Edition Audio 5 Stars
Story dnf @46% Kindle Edition Good book

It started out strong but kind of lagged towards the end. The heroine was wonderful. I loved her pragmatism and her intelligence. The Hero was a sad man but he did love the h. I hated when he pushed her away because of his sleeping problem.

He had been held in a cell with his cousin Tobias in Burma for two years. His cousin is killed and he is haunted by what he saw. He hasn't left his room until A young lady, the h shows up to help one day with his niece and nephew. She brings Kindle Edition I really enjoyed it. I rate it 4.5 stars and averaged down as the financial aspect was oddly resolved. The PTSD seemed realistic. I don't know if the treatment was being used during the Victorian era. Kindle Edition This was a good book with the potential to be way better. I do appreciate that while the heroine was able to pull the hero out of his self-imposed isolation (he had major PTSD after being a POW for years in the jungle), the heroine was not expected to fix the hero. The hero actually found a professional to treat him.

HOWEVER...I think the book started to go awry halfway through. And the drama/tension around the climax/resolution was a big turn off for me, and utterly contrived. The hero, deciding rightfully that his violent nightmares were a major issue and impediment to their marriage and happiness, decided to resolve it by bringing up divorce and then disappearing on Jenny for months while he was seeing a doctor on the continent for his PTSD. Jenny was left to wonder what happened to her husband, where was he at, if or when he would he return, etc. I thought that was absolute bullcrap to be honest. I could not conceive of a situation where a couple who cared for each other would play out a scenario like this. What was the harm in her husband letting her know he was getting treatment and where he was at?

I liked Simon and Jenny, they had good chemistry, their interactions were a joy to read, and the beginning of the book was great. But I felt really frustrated by the unnecessary contrived drama and how the story began to drag about midway though. By the end I was more than ready to move on from this couple. Kindle Edition

Desde la exuberante campiña inglesa hasta la resplandeciente sociedad del Londres victoriano, lord Desesperado pensó que había dejado lo peor en la jungla birmana. ¡Pero estaba equivocado!

¿Cómo puede un hombre abrazar su derecho de nacimiento cuando no puede salir de su dormitorio?

Lord Simon Devere regresa de la guerra de Birmania, perseguido por recuerdos vívidos e incapaz de reconocer los sueños de la realidad.

¿Cómo puede una joven inteligente mantener a su familia después de que su padre muere endeudado?

Jenny Blackwood está decidida a no dejar que su madre y sus hermanas sucumban a un destino cruel. Con el pretexto de ser un contable, pronto adquiere un cliente inesperado.

Un aristócrata dañado y un peligro disfrazado...

Con las arcas de la propiedad misteriosamente menguando, Jenny va donde otros temen pisar, a la habitación oscura del inestable conde. Un peligro aún mayor les aguarda a ambos, ¡pero la mayor amenaza para Jenny puede ser el mismísimo lord Desesperado!

Personajes atractivos, una perfecta ambientación y romance apasionado con un toque de intriga: todo lo encontrará en las historias de Sydney Jane Baily, autora de éxitos de ventas en USA Today.

Lord Desesperado (Lores Malditos nº 1)


Absolutely brilliant, loved every page, word and phrase .
The characters were so well thought out and the story was riveting.
Can’t wait to read more rom this author.
In this story our Lord Devere suffers from PTSD after being imprisoned , and witnessing the death of his cousin.
The only one who seems to be able to help him is Jenny , originally visiting him to sort his finances.
The two click , but I won’t say more , and there is so much more to this book .
The adventure is far from over with these two as their relationship flourishes and they move from country to town, and the ton get their claws out .
Other characters include Cam , Lord Devere’s best friend ,and Maggie, Jenny’s sister .
These two are so geared up for their own story .
This is one you really don’t want to miss .
I look forward to Cams story soon .
I received an advance copy of this book and chose to submit a review Kindle Edition
This was a great story, except for a lot of the middle. The part where Simon went to Germany for help with his PTSD was too long and drawn out. No way did it have to be 404 pages. BUT the first part of the book made up for the parts that got a little boring.

I thought Simon and Jenny were wonderful, as was Jenny’s mother and 3 sisters, as well as Lord Cambrey. BUT Ned was a real ass and so was Simon’s uncle.

I have to say, it was different that the hero was quick to tell Jenny of his brutal nightmares. Instead of a hero keeping them secret, as if he’s ashamed of them. I think that’s what made the book so much better. I hate when things like that are going on in a book and as I read I just keep telling the hero “tell her, for pete’s sake.” So annoying.

Okay! One reviewer said there wasn’t enough sex! Jeez, do some readers just read for the sex? There was plenty of sexual tension and lots of necking, petting, feeling and kissing that went on throughout the book. The only thing you didn’t read about was the screwing. It was not full of sex. There was just enough of everything, IMO.

As to the narration: You don’t get much better than Tim Campbell. He’s a wonderful narrator.
Kindle Edition Started out fine, but then I got bored. Kindle Edition DNF at 56%. The beginning was interesting, but then it lagged. The romance was luke warm and I kept hoping it would become more because there was something there, but it always fell flat. I decided to give up when I realized this was all it was ever going to be. Kindle Edition 2.5 stars. Pretty meh. Lord Despair is ‘healed’ too quickly, and there’s a whole lotta instalove going around. Probably won’t read any more of this series. Kindle Edition