Life Safari By John Strelecky

Wow! It's difficult to put into words the experience of enjoying this book. Not only does it bring to mind beautiful scenery this story inspires a certain desire to achieve in life. Two thumbs up! Life Safari A naive young man visits Africa and meets a wise old woman who guides him across the continent on foot. They encounter a variety of people and animals along the way and Jack learns some valuable life lessons.

If you're looking for a book that will make you feel like you've explored Africa, this is probably not the book for you. There's not a whole lot of plot or character development to be found within these pages. On the other hand, if you're looking for a self help book that delivers a shot of inspiration and you are curious about your own big five for life, you might want to give this a try.

This is my biggest takeaway from the book:

We can never get to the future, young Jack. When we arrive there, it is no longer the future; it becomes the present. So we can either enjoy life as it happens, or we can always be getting ready to enjoy it. Life Safari This is the third book I’ve read of John Strelecky’s and I’ve loved them all! I love his writing style and the way he presents such helpful messages! Life Safari So many lessons are taught through a beautiful story. It was hard to put this down. 5 Stars and highly recommended! Life Safari Excellent read and fun it is well written. Life Safari

From the author of the #1 Bestsellers The Cafe on the Edge of the World, Return to The Why Cafe, and The Big Five for Life, comes this inspiring and emotionally powerful story set amidst the mystery, beauty, and allure of Africa.

Jack is a young man struggling to find happiness in his life. Although he doesnt know why, the one image that seems to capture his soul is that of Africa. With solitary focus, he saves for two years and then embarks on a journey to find the source of the calling he has felt.

Halfway around the world, a very old, very wise African woman named Ma Ma Gombe is on a journey of her own. She is seeking a fabled destination she was told of as a childa place where you can see the earth be born, and then watch the world go to sleep, a place so beautiful that words cannot describe it. It is a destination known to her only as the birthplace of all.

As if their paths were destined to intertwine, these two unlikely travelers meet shortly after Jacks arrival in Africa and join together on a journey that changes both of their lives forever.

Walk with them as they cross the African continent on foot. Marvel with them at the animals they encounter, the people they meet, and the adventures they experience. Like Jack, find through the teachings of Ma Ma Gombe that piece of your soul yearning to be set free.

In Life Safari, John P. Strelecky has created a story that inspires and taps the spirit for adventure in readers everywhere. A tale that will touch your emotions, open your eyes to the amazing continent of Africa, and open your heart to the amazing potential within all of us.

Loved it. The adventure of the story makes you want to keep turning pages, and yet the wisdom of the messages cries out for moments of contemplation. Every once in a while you find that something special in a book where your heart, your soul, and the story you are reading all link up in perfect harmony to take you on an amazing journey. This is one of those books. A tantalizing mix that makes this an absolute must read.
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