Lemuria Atlantis: Studying the Past to Survive the Future By Shirley Andrews


Worth a read for the seeker. Kindle, Pasta blanda Not as good as I had expected but still very interesting. More fiction than fact with a lot of the information given I would say. Wouldn't rave about it to friends. Kindle, Pasta blanda This book I loved, most probably because I have a passion for understanding the concepts of life and living within the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations. It took me on a journey from the beginning of Lemuria and Atlantis; through its laws, teachings, spirituality, and of civilizations within legend and mythology, to its then demise. It makes you question how much of this way of spirituality has been lost, yet, questions how much is slowly returning to our new world civilization today. A very interesting theoretical write up on a culture of mythology (or was it?!)that still stands against the hands of time today! Kindle, Pasta blanda What was Mu? Where was Lemuria? When was it? What were the people like? Was Atlantis in the Caribbean? Where the other civilizations at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis? What really happen to Lemuria and Atlantis? Is anybody finding the evidence of Lemuria and Atlantis now? How did Lemurs get to the Madagascar? > those are some of the questions that Shirley Andrews is asking in this book, and if you are interested in finding possible answers to some of them, this book is probably something that you should read as an addition to other books out there. To put it simply, I wouldn't base any serious conclusions on that one book only.The book is discussing following subjects related to the story of Atlantis, Lemuria (Mu): work of Plato, Edgar Cayce connection, James Churchward theories, Easter Island, Mayas, Atlantic Ridge (according to the author Azores Islands, Madeira and Cape Verde Islands, were once the mountaintops of Atlantis, p24), Cuba, Bermuda Triangle, Dogons of North Africa, theories of Zecharia Sitchin and many others.There is also a nice short story there about Mount Shasta (California), where apparently some Lemurians still live (or should I say: could live) deep in the underground city > and various tales of strange lights on the mountain, and nearby UFO activity may suggest that it may be some truth in that story (well, maybe not Lemurians, but something or someone is definitely there).My number one slight problem with the book is a simple one: even though at the end you have a nice bibliography, and at the end of each chapter you have Notes section, there are almost no photos (or any kind of drawing or schematics) in the book and some chapters could definitely use one of those (there are 8 photos in the book, and 7 of them are related to Father Crespi). However, this is not a negative point for me, but it may be important point for you.The second problem is that sometimes the author put forward a bit farfetched ideas (based on references from other books). For example on page 43 she states:Many individuals on earth today are Lemurians and Atlanteans who have returned to participate in another struggle between the forces of good and evil for control of this planet. Some believe that if the creases of the lines that are visible in the palm of your hand when you close it slightly from letter M you were probably one of the Children of Light. A curved S or C indicates the Sons of Darkness.I don't know about you, but I wasn't exactly expecting something along those lines from this book. I know that a lot of it is based on Edgar Cayce, but for me this is not exactly a conclusive point. I would expect a little bit down to earth (pragmatic) research, kind of like Colin Wilson or Rand Flem Ath (and many others) are doing, without that much involvement from Cayce. I know this is mostly a lot of speculations and assumptions anyway, but the book is way too heavy based on information from Cayce every several pages you have something like: Edgar Cayce tells us, Edgar Cayce mentions, Cayce suggests, Cayce describes, Edgar Cayce refers and so on (it almost reads like a Edgar Cayce psychic reading about Atlantis, with several other theories in between).It may sound like a very, very negative review, but it is not. In a way I partly enjoyed reading this book, as the author style of writing makes it a very easy reading and some of the discussed theories are interesting. The question is: if you are familiar with the work of people such as Graham Hancock, Colin Wilson, Rand Flem Ath, Robert Bauval, Andrew Collins, Christopher Dunn will you actually like this book (I agree that not all of them wrote about Atlantis, but the research that they have done in some of their books is much better and is not mostly based on psychic abilities)? Well, I'm not actually sure about that. Personally I have a mixed feeling about it as there is too much Edgar Cayce for my taste (I don't have anything against Cayce as I've read some of Kevin Todeschi books but if I wanted to know what Cayce is saying about Atlantis, I would simply buy a book about Cayce).In my opinion this is probably a 2.5 3 stars book as currently there is a lot of better material out there.Other recommended books: The History of Atlantis Lewis Spence The Atlantis Blueprint: Unlocking the Mystery of a Long Lost Civilisation by Colin Wilson When the Sky Fell: In Search Of Atlantis by Rand Flem Ath Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age by Graham Hancock Gateway to Atlantis: The Search for the Source of a Lost Civilisation by Andrew Collins Invisible Residents: The Reality of Underwater UFOs by Ivan T. Sanderson Kindle, Pasta blanda Fascinating subject and adds to the wealth of information now reaching the market about pre history. Kindle, Pasta blanda

Shirley Andrews (Massachusetts) has had a passionate life long interest in prehistory, and has conducted research both in the U.S. and at the British Museum Library in London. Her investigations have led her to ancient monasteries high in the Himalayas, the Azores, the Andes, Central America, and the Tio Bustillo cave in Spain. She has appeared on numerous radio programs and gives popular lectures on Atlantis. She is also the author of Atlantis: Insights from a Lost Civilization.

Lemuria Atlantis: Studying the Past to Survive the Future

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