LANGUAGE HACKING FRENCH (Learn How to Speak FrenchRight Away): A Conversation Course for Beginners By Benny Lewis

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Prior to this, my French was nonexistent when it came to speaking. I wouldn't speak French to anyone. But this book has really given me the confidence to speak French with its' useful hacks and the personal scripts that you develop throughout the book. I would say, it is Kindle Edition, Paperback This book looks great for learning, it's like a school textbook you fill inand the answers are at the back too. I've searched through lots of language books and courses and it's this book that I'm most impressed with. If you want to speak french soon with others then Kindle Edition, Paperback It's actually doable! You read it, practice is, apply it, and yeaaah, you need to get to the country you're learning about to practice it. Or have a family member.: )Very very happy with the purchase.BON Kindle Edition, Paperback Disappointed. It's not that much different to tons of stuff on the internet. The audio element (which is supposed to be the key) does not come with the book. It has to be searched for on the internet and it seems to be freely available to anyone. Having spent good money Kindle Edition, Paperback This is a really good way to learn a new language. You start to build sentences from the off. I would definitely recommend. You also have an app so you can follow the conversations and learn the accent. Kindle Edition, Paperback


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Not started it properly but seriously Can't use it on a kindle paperlight. So you buy a kindle version that doesnt work on a kindle.. How does that work? folks you need to review that and clearly mark if an ebook does not work on kindle. Seriously feeling a bit Kindle Edition, Paperback I have been learning Italian and Benny Lewis’s method is unique and effective. So much so that I decided at the same time to learn french and this book and accompanying study aids are just as good. Kindle Edition, Paperback Eine Rezension des Inhalts ist nicht möglich, da diese Kindleversion mit meinem erst kürzlich erworbenen Kindle Paperwhite nicht kompatible ist (kein Download möglich). Hierauf weist nicht hin. Das nennt man wohl eine Irreführung der Kunden. Kindle Edition, Paperback Great learning aid by, fairly easy to understand and describes many every day conversation tecniques and is easier to understand than other books😊 Kindle Edition, Paperback About 40% of the book contains audio lessons. The book does NOT come with a CD. Oh no, You have to go and register online on the site ( with terrible design, uncomfortable to use), and to have a complete access , you will have to get the monthly subscription NOT free of Kindle Edition, Paperback