La Fiamma Sacra: The Sacred Flame (A Tuscan Legacy #5) By Clare Revell

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Ric Rossi left the family farm in Tuscany and never looked back. Working as a firefighter in Reading, England, he has everything a man could ask for—a secure job, a firm faith, and a neighbour who cares for his cat Noci when he goes away. The only thing missing is a woman he can share his life with. Widowed when her son Deforest was a week old, Bracken Hughes isn’t prepared to open herself to the heartache a relationship can bring. Especially with her handsome neighbour who risks his life each time he leaves for work. No matter how good the man is with her son. Ric finds Deforest to be an appealing child who captures his interest. And the mother has that certain something that pricks his heart. But the unhealed wound in Ric's soul might just spoil any chance he has at love. Forged in love’s sacred flame, can a firefighter and a widow find the path God has set for them? La Fiamma Sacra: The Sacred Flame (A Tuscan Legacy #5)

Inspiring gut wrenching read with relatable characters, twist and turn plot and a believable resolution. Loved the multi language discourse, the smaller town setting, the occupations of the main character, the mysterious painting, a cat, British ruins and cuisine. One of the best in the series because of the intense hurt that is resolved nicely through appropriate scripture and song. If I could I would give this ten stars - an avid international reader. Christian, Romance, Young Adult La Fiamma Sacra (The Sacred Flame) is the beautiful story of a brave firefighter and a single mom, each battling their own personal fires that threaten to consume them. Ric has a dark secret he’s struggling to live with, and Bracken is scared to love again. She cannot face the prospect of being a widow for a second time should a relationship with her handsome, Italian neighbour develop into marriage. Ric risks his life every time he charges into a burning building. And what of her six-year-old son who has a close relationship with Ric? She had to protect him too.
Read La Fiamma Sacra—book five in the multi-author series, A Tuscan Legacy—and discover whether the sacred flame of love can burn brightly for Ric and Bracken.
Christian, Romance, Young Adult Very Endearing Story

With this new book in the Tuscan Legacy Collection, we meet Ric who is someone you want on your friends list. From rescuing a man having a heart attack while on a plane, to fighting fires and saving many lives, this guy is a true hero! Yet, he has a deep secret he's afraid to tell anyone. Will this secret keep him from the one relationship he deeply wants, or will sharing it heal years of pain?
This story had many parts of sweet relationships and wonderful interactions between the characters. I loved the special bond between Ric and DeForest and also the tender love between Ric and Bracken. I truly loved the feel of community and family shared throughout the fire station. There is a deep level of trust and respect for those who give their lives daily for others.
The author Clare Revell is new to me, so I didn't know if I'd like her style. However, I found her writing to be very smooth and enjoyable, even while there was a bit of drama in it. There was so much drama that I couldn't put it down, it kept me on the edge of my seat even to the very end!
I highly recommend you grab this book and read it.
Christian, Romance, Young Adult Ric left Tuscany as soon as he was able and moved to England, where he became a firefighter. His neighbor, Brecken, is nice enough to watch his cat for him while he’s at work. He likes trying to cheer up her son when he’s down and in turn giving her a reprieve. While he enjoys his job, he has past hurts from his father. Just as the rest of his siblings do. Really enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story and am still wondering about the deepening mystery of these paintings. All seem to fit the past and present so well. Christian, Romance, Young Adult Book 5 of TuscanLegacy serie, but you can read as stand-alone book. the book is set in England. the main character is Ric, single, firefighter. well written book, the story is sweet, real, made me cry! I recomend it! Christian, Romance, Young Adult


I enjoyed reading this book. There was a lot of drama packed into it. I have been enjoying all the Tuscan Legacy books, but I wish they were all a bit longer. The love stories all feel a bit rushed to fit into the short length. Also in this book, the British and Italian glossaries could use a little work - there seemed to be a lot of words listed that I didn't need to look up, while quite a few that I wanted to check out that weren't on the list. Christian, Romance, Young Adult A Beautiful Romance

This was a beautiful romance about God's love,forgiveness and second chance.
I loved the storyline,the amazing characters .
It was a pleasure to researcher story in the Tuscan Legacy Series and to read about another mysterious painting.
This book is recommended for Christian romance lovers.aa Christian, Romance, Young Adult Fantastic Love Story

This is a outstanding and refreshing romance with charming and adorable characters that will make you fall in love with them and heartwarming story that will have you definitely ready for next book in this series. Christian, Romance, Young Adult Italian Flame

This is such a sweet story! When you have a little boy, a cat and a hot Italian fireman then add in sweet romance you have a winner. Christian, Romance, Young Adult La Fiamma Sacra

Loved this book. Love the whole series. Ric had thought Bracken married but when he finds out she is widowed he asks her out. Bracken never thought she would have a chance with a man like Ric. But things aren't always smooth sailing. Christian, Romance, Young Adult