La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4) By Ed Greenwood

I enjoyed this book. It was a fun adventure with lots of twists and turns. The main characters were honorable yet ready to find some trouble at every turn. Ed Greenwood is one of my favorite authors but he has a strong tendency to get too in-depth about magic (what it looks like, how it acts) and people (he loves to introduce you to a score of complicated-named characters and then somehow tie their stories together at the end). What was so refreshing with this books was the inclusion of Elaine Cunningham. I so enjoy her sense of story and her easy writing style. You can see her hand all over this text smoothing out the complexities and wrinkles. What a dynamic combination! It makes for a very entertain read. La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4) It's your bog-standard D20 adventure: mad scientist worshipping elder gods, class warfare, graveyard brawl, interrupted orgy, witch with an over-sized skull for a front door, inappropriate use of tentacles (NOT LIKE THAT), heroic fiber arts, bad elves, cursed jewelry, geriatric homicidal maniacs, and a sewer-based animal-harming cult.

That said, I did appreciate the sympathetic portrayal of sex workers in the Waterdeep economy.

Plus there's a fantastic moment where

Overall though, this is really a book about sons and fathers (the angst of being the younger son in a noble household; the angst of never measuring up to the standards set by your elder god-worshipping mad scientist father; being a capable not-son with an over-protective father; and the angst stark raving horror of seeing your father arrive at an orgy).


It should have been more compelling for the amount of action that took place, and there are multiple places where I got plain old lost because the plot gathered its skirts and took a neat hop sideways.

Content notes: La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4) Wonderful collaboration between Ed Greenwood and Elaine Cunningham. This has been in my personal library for years and I go back to it from time to time and read through some of my favorite parts. Elaith Craulnober is one of Elaine Cunningham's finest creations. La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4) It's hard to be sure how I feel about this book. It was an okay fantasy that takes place in a city I love, had great feats of magic, and villains I'd never experienced before. But it also took awhile to get anywhere and a lot of the characters weren't memorable. La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4) I read this book the first time a decade ago and it made such an impression on me that Waterdeep was ever on my mind even when I thought to move on and leave the Forgotten Realms and all of high fantasy behind. Luckily, thankfully, blessedly I found my way back to the lands of elves and dragons, halflings and kobolds. I felt the call to return home to Candlekeep and Waterdeep and so I did.

I came back to join the noble Gemcloaks and the cunning Dyre sisters in an adventure that sparked my imagination even at a time when I thought all childish things must be put to bed. The City of Splendors was just as dazzling a second time. From the Rat Hills to Deadrest, from Dock Ward to North Ward I traveled a city I had forgotten I loved. So welcomed do I feel that I cannot bare to leave, to Blackstaff Tower! La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4)

A lo largo de la ciudad de Aguas Profundas, joya de la Costa de la Espada, el desastre golpea con efecto aterrador. Alguien, o algo, está socavando los edificios de la ciudad.
Los rumores se propagan como cuervos por las calles oscuras y sinuosas de la ciudad. Lord Piergeiron está muerto. Los nobles están tramando la destrucción de la ciudad. Los Señores Ocultos de Aguas Profundas luchan los unos con los otros por el control.
Un grupo de mujeres jóvenes y valientes y de osados jóvenes debe buscar la verdad. Y uno de ellos debe encontrar una verdad más profunda sobre sí mismo. Sobre su fuerza interior. Sobre su miedo más profundo. La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4)

Review La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4)

Buena novela ambientada en los Reinos Olvidados y escrita por Ed Greenwood y Elaine Cuningham, imagino que para darle una empujoncito en lo que a literatura fantástica se refiere. Si no recuerdo mal, esta escritora se pondría después con Danilo Dan y una misteriosa elfa de la luna.
En sí, la novela es entretenida. La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4) Oh, what a mix this became! I feel like the book sort of has the best (and the worst) of both authors blended together. What I did love about this book is how it's just filled with so much ideas. I've already used some of them for a campaign I'm doing, and in some time I'll probably use a few others. It really helps to give an interesting mental image of Waterdeep (if you didn't already have one). La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4) I spent to much time second guessing the magic in it going That's not how it works!, but after bit of a rocky start it was fine. La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4) First off why the hell you they kill off Korvaun! (I’ll probably end up spelling all the names wrong) they did the nice dramatic romantic love thing with Naomi and Korvaun and that the death they’re gonna give him. His death deserved more, just felt fast, I don’t know how to describe it. Loved the Dyr sisters. La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4) Yeah, I just never finished the book. It was without merit or enjoyment for me. La Ciudad del Esplendor (The Cities, #4)