Justice League (2011-2016) #32 By Geoff Johns


1.0 - This is a fine, average comic book issue, but as an issue of Justice League it's terrible.

In television there's a term - backdoor pilot. It refers to when a B-story or entirely unrelated character takes over an episode of an already-running show to effectively create a freebie pilot episode for a spinoff.

This issue is a backdoor pilot for Doom Patrol. In the scope of Justice League, it feels completely unnecessary. Yes, we're setting up conflict between Doom Patrol's Chief and the somewhat-reformed Luthor, and yes - Element Woman was wonderful and I'm glad to follow her. However, I'm reading this book to read about the Justice League, and it's now been 24 issues since we've seen that. To me as a new DC reader, Doom Patrol feels like a bunch of boring, plastic-y, disposable characters - not anyone I'd plan on following.

We do briefly glimpse the League, but primarily focus on Cyborg as he tries to deprogram Jessica Cruz's Fear Ring. However, aside from taking Cyborg off the table (YET AGAIN) and showing how bad a fit Shazam is for this book, this issue felt hugely unnecessary - Doom Patrol introduction aside, it could have all been handled in a page or two. Justice League (2011-2016) #32 YES. THIS is the Doom Patrol. Their banter is on point. And I think this might be the only time I've seen Cyborg in their presence in the comics, which is interesting given that he joins the team on the DC Universe TV show. Justice League (2011-2016) #32 (B+) 79% | Good
Notes: Read in trade paperback. Collective review for issues #30-39 can be found here: Justice League, Volume 6: Injustice League Justice League (2011-2016) #32

Lex Luthor continues his acclimation to his life as a one of the world's greatest heroes as they search for the mysterious power threatening to unravel our world. Plus, someone is targeting Luthor and his new allies--a man who believes he is Luthor's superior in every way. Here comes the Chief and his treacherous Doom Patrol. Justice League (2011-2016) #32

Summary Justice League (2011-2016) #32