Justice for Blyss (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha; San Antonio First Responders #5) By Reina Torres

Blyss Hardee is a Texas Game warden. Owen Marcier is a Gator “whisperer”. Being friends since school and then watching him leave to serve his country, Blyss thought that Owen was never interested in her. Returning from serving Owen thought he wasn’t good enough for her and she deserved better than his brokenness. Then her life is threatened and Owen has to step in and help. I was waiting for this book and I can remember reading about Owen in the last book and asking Reina it he was going to get his story told. Well Reina again, you did not disappoint. Thank you for sharing. I would advise reading the whole series as you fall in love with all the characters and it is so nice when you read updates about their lives in the other books. Really happy to have found this series and author. I received an advanced copy from the author and are voluntarily leaving this review. Kindle Edition I always love when the main female character isn't down on her luck, penniless, and in desperate need of rescuing. Blyss has a job as a Game Warden and there's so much ground to cover she's alone with only her gun as her partner. When she is almost killed during a routine stop and found by her crush things start to get interesting.
Owen Mercier works with his dad at their Gator Rescue. He was fortunately there the day Blyss needed rescue and becomes her bodyguard to keep her safe. He's always had a thing for Blyss too and this is his time to show her how he feels.
I love the first responder series. It's fast paced and action packed, the leads are relatable and people you wouldn't mind knowing in real life. Kindle Edition I enjoy reading Reina Torres books because she has the right balance of action and romance. In Justice for Blyss, we are again in Texas, following a particular game warden who cannot get a friend from her past, out of her heart.

That gorgeous friend happens to be a gator wrangler!

This story, like all of Reina’s, hits us hard. From despair, to danger, and then desire, we are taken into a world of Blyss. Kindle Edition Careful what you wish for

You never know when your wish will come true.
More great characters and action packed storyline to get you hang on. Kindle Edition Justice for Blyss is the fifth book in Reina Torres’ San Antonio First Responders series, which is in Susan Stoker’s world of Police and Fire: Operation Alpha. When a game warden colleague tries to ask Blyss out, he does not have a chance. Why? For a long time Blyss has only had her heart set on one guy, Owen Mercier, who with his dad runs The Bayou Boys Gator Refuge. Blyss is injured after attempting a river recovery and is rescued by Owen. From here on Reina kept me interested in their ongoing relationship plus the unfolding of a drug problem in the area. Reina has written another book that kept me interested all the way through. Great read. Kindle Edition

Being a Texas Game Warden was always Blyss Hardee’s dream. She had her dolls just like most girls, but her dolls healed injured animals and went fishing. Real life was much more exciting and exhilarating, unless it involved Owen Mercier. 

When there was a gator that needed removing or a snake in someone’s house, the Game Wardens called Owen. He was as muscled as he was irritating, and that was a lot. 

Too handsome, too self-assured, too sexy. He was always telling her that she should give him a chance, but Owen had always been a magnet for women and Blyss found it hard to believe that he could be with one woman, her.

At least that’s what she thought until he saved her life. She had different problems after that. How is she going to keep herself safe from a man who already had her heart? And what happens when the criminals who’d tried to kill her in the first place need to stop her from exposing them?
 Justice for Blyss (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha; San Antonio First Responders #5)

LOVED this action packed, heart racing, 2nd chance romance. You can feel the steamy chemistry between Blyss and Owen that both keep trying to hide but when danger comes calling they both have to decide if they keep hiding or let it shine thru.❤🔥❤🔥❤ I volunteered an honest opinion for this book Kindle Edition Another excellent read. Blyss is a game warden and Owen was there if a critter needed to be removed, but when she discovers something in the waters, they call Owen. But when Blyss is threatened he'll do anything to protect her. There is plenty of action and heat. HEA. Kindle Edition First off this book is absolutely a must read thats for sure. Its absolutely fantastic and will make you believe in true love and fate. Blyss Hardy is watching all her friends end up with couples and children but for her theirs only been one man that made her feel something and that would be Owen . When someone in the department turns dirty can they figure out who it is or will they kill Blyss? This book was filled with action packed and chemistry and kept me hooked from the beginning until the end and I still didn't want it to end. I absolutely fell in love with the characters and their emotions. Please get book and read it and trust me you won't be sorry. Kindle Edition Love is meant for second chances
Whoowee! This Cajun alligator wrestler stole my heart just as quickly as he stole Blyss’. I love the way this author develops her characters, they feel so real and I can imagine running into them on any street. I loved that Blyss made Owen work hard to overcome the perception of his past history and earn her heart. Of course, getting thrown together in the midst of a dangerous investigation gave him plenty of opportunity to show her his love and devotion. The author was able to put so much emotion into so many dangerous situations in this book and I absolutely loved it! Once again, the author kept me chained to my seat right until the very end. I don’t know where she is planning on taking us to next, but I cannot wait to read all about it.
Kindle Edition Heart pounding suspense & heart racing love scenes!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a great escape for a few hours! I giggled & squealed in delight while reading this book. I’m a huge Susan Stoker fan & I thought the author did a great job of staying true to Susan Stoker’s characters. As a deep East Texas girl, I thought the author did a wonderful job with the descriptions of Texas & Louisiana along with the distinct cultures of the two. It felt like I was home - it wasn’t fake & full of city slick cowboys. It was the real deal and quite refreshing. Blyss was a badass heroine as a Texas Game Warden! I really appreciated the balance the author maintained between Blyss being a badass in her own right and her being able to lean on her man - without her being a damsel in distress. She was simply a strong woman drawing extra strength from her strong man during a difficult time. This book is a keeper for sure! Kindle Edition


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