Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1) By L.A. Pepper


I read most of this in the car and it really kept me entertained. It was a super short yet cute read about two best friends and how they find a way to be even closer than they already are. From the fierceness of Isabella to the charming Cole, it was hard not to love them.

I did have my issues with Rafe (Isabella's brother) being a right pain in their bum and being so judgementally overprotective, but given what he was going through at the time, I also give him the benefit of the doubt. 🙄

Overall I found the story very well written. It was super cute how they had such a solid friend circle and I love how well everyone (especially Isabella and Cole) openly communicated. They communicated very maturely and just in a way I so rarely see in rom-com books nowadays. It usually is always drama first, talk later.

It did feel a little draggy near the end when it was more about Rafe's overprotectiveness than how Isabella and Cole were slowly forming their relationship. Because I remember at one of the last, if not the last, sexy scenes they suddenly dropped the love bomb and it was like okay?! I mean it's a given because they've been friends for so long but also... what happened in between!?

I also thought the ending was super random with the sudden introduction of an actual creep and Rafe suddenly turning a new leaf. Maybe it would have made more sense if all the main drama didn't happen at the very end with only about 20 pages for everything to unfold and be resolved. I also felt like the ending focused a bit more on Boz in the end, when he was more or less a missing character for most part... so it did leave me wanting more. Which I suppose makes sense since the book is a series. Welp, I guess I just have to read the rest. 😉

All in all a very sweet and easy read! I enjoyed it. :) Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1) This was a great friends to lovers romance. Forbidden because Cole was best friends with Isabella's brother. Years ago it put her on the 'forbidden list'. The attraction was always there but he never crossed the line out of respect for his friend. Chemistry has a way of taking over so eventually he wasn't able to risk Isabella's seduction. Plenty of drama as they try to keep their relationship secret from her brother. Secrets, deception and more drama as the story plays out. Fake dates and one especially dangerous one only add to the danger and drama. The characters were likable and they were made for each other. I enjoyed the story but thought it drug out a little long before they confessed to their 'affair'. Was sweet to see such a close knit group of friends who supported and nurtured each other. I read a free book via Booksprout and voluntarily chose to review it. A happy ending with no cliffhanger.
Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1) 🎁 FREE on Amazon today (5/31/2021)! 🎁 Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1) I enjoyed Cole & Isabella's book. Good characters. It was an entertaining read. I received a free copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion. Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1) More Than Just a Nap

4.5 stars - A mostly lighthearted start to a series. Isabella has almost everything a girl could desire. Her best friends either live with her or in the apartment below. She has a job she likes. What she's missing is her brother, whose marriage to that shrew of a wife has put a rift between them, and a man of her own. The old adage of being careful what you wish for comes to dance a bit in this as Rafe leaves the shrew and takes up residence with their best friend, Cole, in the apartment below. What she doesn't realize is that Cole may be one of their best friends but his feelings for her are far from platonic.

I love the brother-sister rivalry, even if they go a bit overboard on occasion. It is charming and full of love... usually. I also loved getting to know a little about each of the other characters and watching Isa go from strictly friendly feelings to full-on love for Cole. By the end of the book, we learn who all of the tenants are (although we don't meet them) and little tidbits about each. Oh, and then there is Mr. Abrams. Kudos to him on many levels!

As for the not-so-lighthearted event, it's a bit scary but let me just say, every girl needs a friend like Mina. She's fierce and loyal and will take on any threat without hesitation! While Cole may have saved the day, her reaction was priceless!! I am REALLY looking forward to the next book. I'm voluntarily leaving a review of the ARC for this book. Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1)

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This was a fun story. The characters were exciting. While I wasn’t able to connect with the heroine in the start, I started appreciating her more throughout the story. The hero was amazing. They both had flaws but were the best versions of themselves with each other. I liked how this story set the scene for the books later in the series.

This story follows Cole and Isabella. They have been platonic best friends ever since their meeting factor got married. Rafe is Isabella’s brother and one of Cole’s best friends. He made Cole promise to never fall in love with Isabella when he was 20. Now Cole has been in love with Isabella for ten years. It doesn’t help that Isabella is his neighbour. Now Rafe is back after ten years of a toxic relationship. Isabella starts feeling something for Cole and decides to take the matter into her own hands.

I wrote this voluntary review in exchange for an ARC copy. Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1) 🌀🌀ONE EXCELLENT ADVENTURE🌀🌀
Ripping rafters reggie! Pepper just rang my bell, cranked my tractor and blew my boat clean out of the water with this dazzling dynamo, grabbing your heart from the start and holding steady till the end, jetting this hot little rocket to new heights. Escapades and serendipity are stalled as secrets revealed, tempers flare and stunning realizations discovered as pulverized perimeters and crossed lines solidify while limitations are stretched and dissolved, raising the stakes, calling the shots and boundaries crumble, blasting this sizzling sweetness to life beautifully. The attraction and chemistry ignites with such intoxicating intensity, showcasing boundless emotions and infinite affection, kicking this jewel into a tailspin with mind-blowing results, uniting them to one another perfectly. The characters are complex, genuine and realistic with traits and qualities that balance and blend, with amazing depth and diversity, adding enough spice for an extra punch. Throw in 100% on point realism, painting graphic scenarios so colorfully descriptive with vivid detail its like you're living it with them instead of on the sidelines, feeling everything the characters feel. Remarkable job Pepper, thanks for sharing this awesome little gem with us. Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1) This was a great love story! Right out of life. Isabella and Cole are best friends and Cole is in love with her since ages. So is Isabella with Cole. To simplifie and complicate this situation they are living in the same appartement building with four of their best friends. Then her brother Rafe is getting divorced and comes to live with Cole and Sebastian. Her very protective brother and Coles best friend comes to live with them!
So when Isabella and Cole are finally admitting their love to each other the bro-code comes in between them... let the games begin...
Such lovely characters in this story! Everybody from the dry cleaners to the inhabitants of the house.
The dry humor is wonderful. I had to laugh loudly several times about Coles thinking about Rafe, the elevator and live as such. He is simply adorable!
With hope to hear about Rafe and Bea soon I am leaving you with a very very good read which really is worth it.

I received a free copy of this book from the author via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1) Isabella Sterling lives at Sterling Place with a core group of good friends. They've crafted a family that is supportive and caring, compassionate and kind. Isa has loved her friend Coleson Bellamy for a long time. The only problem is, Cole is also her brother Rafe's best friend. Throughout the book we get to know bits and pieces of all the friends--Sebastian, Mina, Teddy, Cole, and Rafe--but mostly we learn about Isa and Cole's friendship and the secret love they have for each other. I was expecting a little more fireworks when Rafe discovered the two were a couple, but it was overshadowed by another event in the book. I also expected a little more with the proposal since these two have been pining for each other for years. At any rate, for me this story was more about how Isa and Cole's relationship was built on a solid foundation that will last. I can't wait to see who comes next in the series...it's going to be a series, right? I need more about Sterling Place!

I received an advance copy of this book at my request and voluntarily left this review.
Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1) The wealthy Sterling siblings, Rafe and Isabella, were very competitive even though they were, two years apart. Isabella always did want to, be like her older brother. Rafe had always been the studious geeky kid, out of his element kid. But he had been terribly in love with, his sister’s girlfriend, Bea from across the street, she never noticed him. So, he thought. But, he has two great friends, Cole and Sebastian (Boz), who help him forget her by, getting him to meet new girls, in college.

However, Isa never does take to her, warning Rafe she’s a gold digger. Of course, he doesn’t want to listen. At this time, they are all living in the apartments that their father had bought for them, in NY. Isa had her three bedroom, and Rafe had his. In Isa’s there was Isa, Bea, and Teddy along with her twin, when she is in town, Mina. In Rafe’s apartment there is Rafe, Cole, and Boz. Cole fell in love with, Isa the first day he saw her. Rafe must realize this, and puts in place, “the hands off my sister policy.”

From that day on, he became Isa’s best friend, Rafe however, bailed on all of the for ten years. His wife, Margaret, didn’t want him around them, or visa-versa. When Rafe shows up out of the blue, ten years later, expecting to dictate the floor plan for, Isa’s love life, it has her seeing red. How long can she really keep it a secret, and is it worth it?

There are a few twist, and turns. This is quite funny in many parts, and in other parts witty. There is a part that can trigger, unwanted emotions toward the end so, be aware. I did want to say, pretty fun characters. Free on Kindle Unlimited. Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1)

L.A. Pepper á 7 Free read

sabella was my best friend’s sister-- forbidden. But someone forgot to tell her the rules.
I was a billionaire, rich, handsome and powerful with women panting after me…but the only woman I wanted was untouchable.

I promised her brother I would NEVER break the Bro code.

She was my neighbour, my PLATONIC best friend and totally off-limits.

When her brother moved back in after his divorce, everything changed.

Our friendship was making her brother suspicious.

I forced myself to move on and find another girl, any girl, or at least make all my friends THINK I had another girl

Suddenly, Isabella jealous-- This wasn’t platonic at all. We could never work..

I could get my happily ever after, or ruin everything. Just My Brothers BFF (Sterling Place #1)