Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher By Juanita Havill


3.5 I loved the theme and the lesson that it is ok to make mistakes. I liked that the moral dilemma was something kids could relate to. Juanita Havill Not the best of the Jamaica books, but still a solid school story. Ages 5-7. Juanita Havill

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Jamaica likes the substitute teacher right away. Mrs. Duval is very nice, and she thinks of interesting things for the class to do. When the kids have to hunt for a hidden object, it's Jamaica who solves the clues. She figures out all the answers to the math puzzles, and Mrs. Duval praises her reading, too. But when it's time for the spelling test, Jamaica realizes that she is not prepared. Wanting so badly to please Mrs. Duval, she makes a poor decision. What will Mrs. Duval think of her now? In this new story about a favorite character, Juanita Havill and Anne Sibley O'Brien depict a small but significant crisis with tact and sensitivity. Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher

When the substitute teacher Mrs. Duval said, I plan for us to work hard, but we'll have fun, too. Jamaica gave a thumbs-up to her friend Brianna. This secret gesture is a sign of Jamaica's “approval” of the new teacher, and also reflects the friendship between these two girls. She can't hide the excitement and expectation on her face. But she is also a normal girl who makes mistakes sometimes, but the most important thing is to be honest, and correct them. Mrs. Duval accepts her students as who they are and teach in engaging ways. I also like the diversity of their classroom. Juanita Havill This one was didactic AND boring. Imagine. And the pictures were hideous. Juanita Havill Kindergarten-Grade 2 SLJ
multicultural school experiences, African-American, cheating on a spelling test, honesty, admitting to cheating, being special, nice substitute teachers
1st-4th? Juanita Havill I have read most of the Jamaica series by Juanita Havill and illustrated by Anne Sibley O'Brien. Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher presents a learning situation with a moral dilemma that Jamaica has to work through, reflect on, and then internalize. In each book of the series Jamaica struggles with concepts of right and wrong and Jamaica's moral compass grows via her interaction with others. Like in Jamaica's Find the book captures moments of growth in children's lives that all children can relate to and emphasize with. Jamaica really likes the substitute teacher and goes to far in order to be the perfect student. Anne Sibley O'Brien's illustrations capture Jamaica's emotions and thoughts. The composition and sensitivity of the illustrations expand on the text and help the reader connect with the characters.
Jamaica and her family are African-American and her childhood experiences in this series are universal. This also is a good lesson in and of itself.
Age Range: 4 - 7 years
Grade Level: Preschool - 3
Lexile Measure: AD380L Juanita Havill This is a great book that can help students learn that they can be wrong sometimes. They don't have to be right all the time. This book is about a little girl who loves her substitute teacher instantly. She tries to impress the teacher by cheating on a Spelling test to make sure that she gets every word right. Juanita Havill